Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Watch out McKayla Maroney.... here comes Avie

Avery had her 2nd tumbling class this morning and once again, it was pure preciousness. I wasn't planning to take pictures so I left my camera at home but I couldn't resist! iPhone to the rescue! How could I miss this?!
I'm having visions of Avery standing on a podium in a pink glittery leotard, holding pretty flowers biting a gold metal.... of course if that vision ended like the picture below I'd probably have to slap her with her metal.
Seriously.... this was so embarrassing to me! She won a SILVER metal in the OLYMPICS! She's an AMAZING gymnast and I was SO proud of our USA gymnast performances but her attitude and body language killed me! I digress...
Back to my one year old's "tumbling class" which is really more like a free for all with equipment I don't own. Don't get my wrong, they have activities and planned obstacle courses but Avery is more into creating her own obstacle courses. Whoops. Clearly she needs more practice in taking direction!
Avery is the queen of relocation. She wasn't pleased with the placement of the cones
This blur is Avery running around under the parachute. This is her 1st experience with a parachute and she absolutely loved it.
She still loves the trampoline!
She's SO advanced! haha. Performing a graceful head dive off the mats.
Peanut loves the game, splat, that they play with the wedge mat. I got a quick 6ish second video of her. Smallest line backer ever?

One of the many reasons I love this class is that she's napping HARD by the time we drive out of the parking lot. Today we went to the mall until it was time to pick Parker up and I got to shop in PEACE. 
Wiped out and enjoying a stroll around the mall!
If you have a YMCA in your area, I definitely recommend this toddler tumbling class for kids 1-3ish! I really enjoy the one on one time it allows Avery and I to have. I did Gymboree and MyGym with Parker which were a blast but really only worth the money if you can also do free play. We don't live super close to either facility and I'd have to bring Parker and let him watch his sister play which seems terribly cruel so this YMCA class while P is in school is perfect! 


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