Thursday, September 22, 2011

2 1/2 YEARS OLD!

Parker-man, you are 2 1/2 years old as of yesterday! Do you know what that means? You are half-way through the terrifically terrible twos! I like to call them that because some days you are terrifically wonderful... so fun... snuggly... preciously adorable. Other days are simply terrible; spent whining over frustrations, rolling on the floor, occasional tantrums, etc. I believe most of your whines/tantrums are because you're trying to express something to me and don't have the words (or I don't understand them at least!). HOWEVER, since you started preschool, I've noticed you saying a few new words everyday! I think we're well on our way to verbal freedom!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of school... you started preschool this month. You have gone for 4 days and each day has gotten better. You still cry every day when I drop you off but since sending in a picture of our family and packing Woody, you've done much better! Your teachers are Ms. Monique and Ms. DeeDee and I think they're both wonderful! When I ask you to point to your best school friend on your "I made new friends" picture, you always point to Noelle. She is the girl in the boy/boy/girl triplet set in your class. 

Lily, Logan, Zury, Brooklyn. Piper, Ana and Jett are probably your closest buddies. We have many play dates (including this morning!) and you guys play fairly well together. A few squabbles over toys but nothing too major. 

You are still the sweetest big brother. You adore Avery. She likes it when you play with her exersaucer toys. Now that she likes to play with toys, occasionally she'll get a hold of one of yours and as long as it isn't Woody, Buzz or Jessie, you share. You like knowing where she is at all times and your school teachers often have to reassure you that "mommy and Avery will come back." You still rarely hold her but multiple times a day you tell her that she's "cute." 

2 nights ago in the tub you said your longest strand of words to date. And in true boy fashion they were.... "Where did my pee pee go? It hides. Bye Bye pee pee. There it is. Boo. Hi pee pee." You played peek a boo with your little man for about 20 minutes in the tub. I've read that I'm not supposed to make a big deal out of that so I ignore it but it's SOO hard to ignore/not die laughing over. Your vocabulary is slowly getting better and I'm seeing the light at the end of our miss- communication tunnel that we've been in for a while. 

You still like to cuddle. Especially before bed times. Nana got you into the habit of reading books before naps/bedtime. At first I REALLY disliked it because it makes bed/nap time much more difficult for me, especially when Avery needs something. BUT you seem to like it (and now will NOT go to bed without books) so we read two books and sing a song or two. Currently, your favorite song is "Baa Baa Black Sheep." I have no idea why but you love it! You call it "baa baa blacks." You continue to sleep with weird things. Every night you collect things you have to sleep with. Currently you sleep with an empty box of fruit snacks, Buzz, Woody, Jessie, a duck and at least  books.

You also still like ducks (especially white ducks), thomas the train toys, cars, anything toy story, nana, bobby, Curious George. going fast in the car, singing songs, fruit snacks, cake without frosting and football. 

We adore you and are having so much fun watching you grow and become a little man!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mega Photo Dump!

Due to my mega blog slacking and completely random picture taking, this post will be a lovely array of random photos from the last 2 weeks! :)
Look! A picture of BOTH of my kids in the same shot!

On our way to Parker's 1st day of preschool!
Clearly thrilled to be in school

Parker, the messy artist.

Praying over his soup.

Jessie and Woody are tucked in and Parker is ready for prayer time. So sweet!

Parker is being sweet to Avery.... poor baby girl!
Lovin' this SUPER girly outfit

Their faces are priceless!

She barely ever sleeps on me anymore... cherishing the moment!

My little Clemson cheerleader!

Go Tigers!

Parker's innocence is precious. They were all "riding a pony"

Cowboy duck enjoyed some peas for dinner
Ready for the Panther's game... until... note the diaper area. BLOW OUT by 9:15am!

Happily covered in poop.

Smiley Girl!
I hope you enjoyed my 2 weeks worth of random photos! When I leave my camera on the counter top instead of putting it where it ACTUALLY goes, I end up with a plethora of random, smiley Bumbo shots. :) Each one special in its own way!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Target Tantrums

I've been on a blogging hiatus because by the end of the day lately my brain no longer functions. I'm having difficulties putting full, eloquent sentences together in my usual charming whit. I. am. exhausted. 

Moms, I am needing some wine help/advice/empathy/encouragement... really anything other than "my child acted like that until he was 6" or "wait until he turns 3! It gets worse!" 

"Acted like what," you ask?

This is Parker screaming on the floor in Target. There was also a little jumping, rolling and kicking... it was just lovely. This particular tantrum was over me not buying him another Woody doll. I'm sure you're thinking "why did you take him to the toy section, crazy lady!" ... I didn't. We were in the baby section buying tights for Avery and he made a mad dash for the toy section. He was given time out on the end cap until I was too embarrassed to sit there any longer with him screaming. Target at 5pm on a Friday is a mad house and of course I saw a bunch of people I knew... and did my very best to ignore. I was embarrassed enough already. I wanted OUT!

The poor check out girl couldn't have been a day over 16 and was commenting about how cute Avery was (in the stroller with a big ass bow and huge grin on her face)... Parker was under my arm flailing and screaming... the sweet girl asked "Ah... cute kids! Do you just love being a mom?!" In my frustration, I answered "no" and told her I'm a big fan of absence. sigh. Do you ever say things and immediately wish you could take them back? This would be one of those times. 

I'm just beside myself. I know this behavior is normal but it isn't "my Parker!" He's sweet and has small meltdowns but for the last 3 weeks we've had full out inconsolable tantrums. He also cries 2-3 times a night for extended periods of time and has started getting up during naps. Check this out... instead of napping yesterday, he pulled out every toy he could find and all of his clothes:
I just don't know what to do anymore!?! I feel So frustrated, completely defeated, exhausted...and like I'm failing him. I feel like I must be doing something wrong for him to think he can act like that. Or maybe he's acting out for attention? Reacting to change? Growing pains? Teething? Possessed? Pushing his limits? Tired? Frustrated over his inability to communicate? I just don't know and that upsets me. I want so badly to make it better but I just don't know what "it" is!

Have any of you been through something similar? How do I get my happy boy back?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hilton Head Wrap Up

We're back from Hilton Head, unpacked and have successfully re-destroyed the house. There is something about coming back from vacation to a clean house that is just relaxing. Of course, the moment we brought all of the bags into the foyer and released the tornado Parker, it was a disaster once again in minutes. Parker got a bug at the beach so when he pooped and then proceeded to throw up on top of his blow out poop (on the carpet in the den) it was a QUICK reminder that we were back to reality!!!! Welcome home, right!?!

I'm betting tomorrow's mail will include our CD full of Alicia Sutton's photos from our family (+Woody) beach session. Despite a fussy baby, whiny toddler and insane wind she got some GREAT shots! All things considered, from the 19 pictures I've seen so far, I'm thrilled. I'll make sure to do a post with some of those soon!

I think I did the 1st post mid week so here are some pictures from the 2nd part of the week. Parker was fairly wiped out at this point but he did rally a few hours a day. He's been pretty anti-camera lately unlike Avery who smiles when I pull it out. Parker did that at this age too so I'm sure in 2 years all of my pictures of Avery will be of the back of her head too!

Parker and Woody on a bike ride
I L-O-V-E this hat that Tabitha made Avery. I clipped her 6.5 inch bow to it and it was perfection!

Avery was allowed to "babysit" Woody while Parker was in the pool

I love holding both of them! I know I won't be able to do it long!

Oh to be in the mind of a 2 year old.

I wish I had gotten video of Parker playing golf. Anytime he got the ball in the hole he'd say "in da hole!" haha PRECIOUS!

We found a pond of vacation ducks! Parker was thrilled! The ducks actually ate out of our hands! This picture doesn't show the ducks... but I think my husband is handsome.

This photo makes me laugh. It looks like Avery is basking in the sun... she's actually gearing up to scream. Love bug wasn't a fan of the ocean breeze.

Don't you just love good action shots!?! I love capturing moments when I'm playing with the kids and they're happy!

Nana love!
It's always so fun to go on vacation but we were ready to come home. THEN when Parker pooped and puked on the floor, I was ready to go back again! Check back soon (aka... whenever the kids nap at the same time or go to bed at a decent time) for the professional pics! Can't wait to share them!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Poolside Blogging

I think this is my favorite place I've ever blogged from... poolside in Hilton Head, SC! It's naptime (BLISS!) Poppi is on "listen for Parker duty" and nana is on "attempt to get Avery to nap duty." Kelly is crying reading "Heaven is for Real," poolside with me and Daniel... well Daniel had a (as in 1) margarita and he's currently unavailable. haha. Poor guy has the alcohol tolerance of a 12 year old girl. Fingers crossed he makes it to dinner.

The weather has been less than "summer beach vacation" worthy but it is wonderfully relaxing! We're hoping this tropical storm zooms past us overnight and sunny days are ahead! The gray skies aren't keeping my little fish out of the pool or my little princess out of her wardrobe of swimsuits! Here are a few pictures so far! Excuse me if they're awful. The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds and I suddenly can't really see my screen so I'm just going to randomly upload some and hope they're keepers!

Post margarita.... I believe he's still there... on the floor... in then den ;)
Parker the fish jumping in!
Bathing suit #1.... L-O-V-E

Doing "cartwheels" on the beach

Daddy/daughter + Kelly pool fun

We can't keep Parker out of the water!

Modeling bathing suit #2.

All smiles

Poppi and Parker post sand castle destruction

My little tactile freakazoid. He loves to play in the sand but when he's done, it must come OFF!

Avie buglet

Couldn't resist

If you've gotta kiss a few frogs to find your prince, I guess you've gotta kiss a few turtles to find your princess.
Love from Hilton Head!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bowtastic Day!

I think we all know I'm a sucker for hairbows! BIG, beautiful, perfectly loopy hairbows! Avery has no shortage of them. (well actually she does... she still needs aqua, turquoise and a new red one... I lost hers!) BUT you get the point. I love hairbows. She has a lot of them. Over 85 to be exact.... and no... I don't feel it's excessive. A girl needs options. It's kinda her "thing." She told me so.

I get 2 questions asked VERY frequently when out in public.
1. Where did you get her car seat cover? (Answer... babycovers2010 on etsy)
2. Where do you buy her bows?

Answer: Lots of places!

Hobby Lobby. Hairbow Depot on etsy. MissyPrissyBowBoutique on facebook (etsy has thousands!).... I've also made some but I've found a site where you can actually buy them cheaper than you can make them! I present you:

Their bows are $3 and under! CRAZY CHEAP! Now through September 5th, they're offering 20% off their already silly cheap prices with the promo code laborday20! I seriously have no idea how this company is making money but I'm thrilled to have found it! I love their bows, headbands and corkers. I'm now in love with the nylon headbands instead of the crocheted ones. This website sells them for $1! Insane. I've stocked up and will definitely be ordering more... those 6 1/2 inch bows (see the 1st picture) are ADORABLE! I'll admit, they're a bit too big for Avery right now but at the rate she's growing, she'll grow into them in now time! They are; however, a PERFECT size to clip to hats! (see below)
At $1-$3 per bow, you too can have an 85+ bow collection! I'll warn you... they're addicting and you too will be back to order bigger ones once you see how precious they are! :)

Have a bowtastic day!