Friday, January 4, 2013


I know! I know! I've been a bad blogger again! We've had a nasty case of the "Oh my gosh! How much more snot can you possibly have left in you?!?" yuckies. All 4 of us.... I fought it off for 6 days before my tired body just couldn't take it anymore. {Sniffle}

While everyone has been sick, I've been doing some serious snuggling and DVR/amazon prime streaming TV catch up. I believe we've seen each episode of Super Why at least 3 times and I've got some riveting insights to share but I won't bore you with those. Except for 1... I have confirmed the dog's name is Woofster... not Webster which I think is WAY cuter and makes much more sense.... I mean, he is the character with dictionary power after all. OK, I lied... 1 more.... Phil Collins does not, in fact, sing the theme song to Super Why but someone should call his agent. He certainly had me fooled.

Speaking of amazon prime... I am LOVING it! Daniel's company gave us a Roku media player for Christmas so we linked it to our amazon prime account to stream movies and shows. It has a ton of kid's stuff and Thomas' we've never seen so that alone is worth it! I've recently become a Parenthood addict. I watched the 1st season when it came out but I'm now up to the end of season 3 thanks to multiple sleepless nights rocking Avery in the recliner. What did moms of sick kids do all night before DVR and streaming TV?!

I haven't taken any photos on my camera since Christmas since we've all looked like death but I do post the cute/funny ones to instagram so feel free to find me at "taylorwise" for an overload of awesomeness.

Lastly.... I am jumping on the "yearly word to live by" blog train. I've enjoyed reading everyone's with a cute graphic button or picture with the word eloquently scribed on their framed chalkboards but I'm on a time crunch to power blog during nap time! I'm going with "unbalanced." You're tilting your head to the side right now and going "what?" Let me explain.

I often find myself feeling inadequate... whether it be as a wife, as a mother, house keeper, meal cooker, friend, tiny business owner. I feel like I fall short a lot. I say "no" almost never and often find myself not quite drowning but barely treading water. I've always like to excel. I like being good at something. I can be a wonderful mother, a great wife, an adequate cook, clean enough to not get ecoli but straightened enough for company to not know the difference kind of woman but not at the same time.

So... this year. I will strive to be unbalanced. My kids and husband are weighted the heaviest... 1st priority. Parker goes to preschool 4 days a week in September and Avery 2 days a week. This is my last year to have them home this much and I want to soak it up! Laundry will get done after I chuff Percy to the wash down with Parker. Dishes will get done after Avery's baby dolls have been sufficiently strolled around the house in the wagon. Last year, I would have played trains for 2 minutes then run off to fold 2 shirts then come back to play with Avery then back to fold 2 pairs of pants. Everything is getting done but none of it well or efficiently. I want my kids to know I love them by the time I dedicate to them because if I've learned anything with the recent tragedies in CT, it's that we aren't guaranteed anymore days or minutes than the ones we are currently living. So, motherhood/great wife are the things I've chosen to be good at this year and everything will get done when it gets done.

Health comes next on my list. This includes being more active personally as well as continuing my path to healthier eating as a family.... and sometimes when Parker is in school... having a brief but delicious affair with a Qdoba queso burrito.

So yes... UNBALANCED. A year of weighting my priorities. A year of putting off things until nap time and bed time if my kids needs me more.

What word would you pick to represent how you want to live in 2013?