Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Crazy week, people! Avery's upcoming arrival has been more and more top of mind recently! I've been in nesting mode. Not so much "cleaning the house" nesting but finishing her room, buying last minute stuff, putting up Parker's winter clothes (which this week I'm regretting!)... that sort of nesting. If she came today, I'd be ready. Her bag is packed, mine is out but not yet packed and I have plans for Parker if she were to make her arrival. It feels good to be prepared this time around since Parker's birth was such a surprise! Have I ever told you I drove myself to Parker's birth, I hadn't showered and my leg hair was close to braidable? No? A different story for a different day!

Ahh.. Parker is stirring... shortest nap ever... ok.... hypertyping time!

Sewing has been overwhelming. I think I'm going to have to close my etsy store for a bit. I have so many projects which I'm SOO thankful for but I want to make sure I'm not overdoing it. I also need to make sure I get them all done before Miss A comes and there are some personal projects I'd like to get done before she comes as well. I've taken a lot of custom orders via facebook and email and I've really enjoyed sewing for friends/family but it's time to scale back a bit so I can make sure I get it all done before Avery is here. My new, larger machine came in and it was broken which set me back a few days. The new one should be in soon and I'm excited to get it set up so I can knock these projects out!

My new addiction to the show Army Wives hasn't exactly helped my sewing along but hey, a girl needs a break! Doctor's orders actually..... gotta prop the feet up and rest at least 1 hour a day but since I'm an overachiever, most days I "allow myself" 2. haha

Lastly, have you ever actually eaten one of those lunchables that you probably feed your kids? OMG... if you haven't, try one..... and you'll NEVER GIVE THEM TO YOUR KIDS AGAIN! I haven't gone grocery shopping in FOREVER. We had food, I just didn't want to eat any of it so I'd buy more. Well, this week, I threw out a garbage bag full of expired food and I felt TERRIBLE about it. SO I committed to eating everything that made a meal before buying more. I basically ate absolutely nothing that was appetizing to me for 1 week and officially ran out of edible food today at lunch time. I resorted to eating a pizza lunchable. I gave half to Parker and ate half myself. Poor kid had one bite and asked for a waffle. I couldn't blame him. We made an immediate run to the HT and I bought apples, strawberries and stuff that was actually edible. P and I shared a whole carton of strawberries when we got home and I felt that negated our lunch of nitrates and preservatives. Of course, the bag of cooler ranch Doritos and fridge pack of Dr. Pepper I also purchased (and subsequently consumed some of) probably put me back in the "red" on my "trying to eat decent for the baby" meter. It's a good thing my friend, Jamie is bringing me salmon for dinner.... baby needs those Omega Fatty Acids. Question is.... to eat or not eat the molten lava cake dessert? One of those tough life decisions......  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parker is 2!!!!

Parker is officially 2 years old. I thought I'd be WAY more emotional like I was when he turned one but I'm pleased to announce I didn't shed a single tear yesterday (his birthday). Maybe it's because I'm slightly overwhelmed with sewing projects, a messy house and the sudden "Oh my gosh, Avery will be here soon" errands/anxiety. I enjoyed his party VERY much and really felt like I "lived in the moment" which is something I honestly struggle with. 

Today was Parker's 2 year well check.  He started crying the moment we pulled in the parking lot. The Barney "A doctor is a friend of mine" DVD I played in the car on the way to the office apparently didn't sink in. Thankfully, half way through his well check, he stopped screaming and performed a few tricks so the doctor could make sure he's on track. Parker is one consistent little dude! He's in the 48th% for height, 51st% for weight and 78th% for head circumference. His height and weight has been around the 50th%  since he was about 9 months.  The doctor gave him a clean bill of health, he's right on track (even though I feel his speech is slightly delayed, the doctor promises me he's right on track with other boys) and he said he's "smart." WOO HOO. Apparently, he's reserved, observant and a survivalist. I'm not sure how he decides all of these remarkable qualities in 10 minutes, but I'll take it!  He was not a fan of the shots but I can't blame him. Thankfully, suckers cure "shot tears."

On to fun stuff... his birthday party! We had it at Splash Planet and 8 of Parker's best buddies came. Everyone seemed to have a blast in the water! The kids were so ready to swim, many of them forwent the cupcakes....including Parker! Everyone brought toys for the Levine Children's Hospital and we are SOO excited to take them next Thursday! I made hooded towels with the kid's names on them for his favors and I was happy with how they turned out! I wish I had gotten a picture of the kids in their towels but they were ready to get in the water! Group shots at age 2 seem more of a hassle than a good idea! Here are a select few (I took 400!) pictures from the party!

Parker's Cupcakes. I got the cupcake toppers from Dimple Prints off etsy.
Nana, poppi and Parker
My dad throwing Zury
Brooklyn and Piper
Smiling Logan
Parker LOVED to slide!
Having a blast!
Shooting hoops! Look at that follow through!
The birthday boy being thrown!
Ana and Parker... future cheerleading stunt partners?

Flying squirrel!

Our attempt at a family picture. Parker refused to look and I refused to get wet!
Officially 2 and NOT ready to leave his party!
Now lets see if the newly 2 year old will be a good boy and take a SUPER long nap! ...as in like a 3 day nap because I've got about that much stuff I need to fit in while he sleeps! haha! Here's to hoping!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blogging while Embroidering = Failure

Parker and I are heading to Atlanta tomorrow after my doctor's appointment so we are down to the wire on his 2nd birthday party preparations. I know I'm paying to have it at Splash Planet so that I don't have to worry about bringing all the extras but I can't help it! The closer I get to Avery's birth, the more I want to do special things JUST for Parker (even though he'll never remember it or care!) I think I'm basically doing it for myself with him in mind. How fun does this place look? We go a lot on tot Mondays and Parker loves it! I don't so much enjoy getting my hair wet or being cold (it's a bit chilly) but I do it because I love the little booger.
Splash Planet
I wasn't thrilled with Parker's shirt I made him because I was silly and did it in red and turquoise instead of red and royal blue.... what was I thinking, I know. But I'm currently up (past my bedtime) making him a new one... because silly things matter to me. Food, on the other hand.... ehh... whatever.... haha. I bought a GIGANTIC box of goldfish, pretzels, ELFudge cookies (we'll see if they make it to the party... I think that was more of a pregnancy purchase), bottles of water, capri suns and I'll make (more likely buy) a fruit tray Monday morning. My girlfriends and I will bake cupcakes Sunday morning (funfetti of course). Since the kids don't actually care about my polka dot bucket, pinwheel centerpieces, I bought them each a $.99 beach ball, markers and a poster board to color while we wait for everyone to arrive.... VIOLA.... 2nd birthday party success. Pics to come after his party on Monday!

In other WAY less exciting to you but SUPER exciting to me news.... we filed out taxes today and boy did that feel good. Regardless of whether you pay or get back, just having them DONE is SOOO nice! 2 years ago, we were stupid and waited too long and we had to do them while Parker was in the NICU... we rushed through them.. made mistakes... the IRS apparently had a bit more critical eye than we did and made sure to let us know. Thankfully, since then, with me not working our taxes have been easy breezy with a nice little present at the end in our bank account! WOO HOO! Thank you, Jesus! PS- When did I become old? Discussing taxes and insurance makes me feel like such an adult when I really just think I'm still young and playing house.

Ehh... I just made a mistake on Parker's birthday shirt because I was trying to multitask and blog. Hmm.... Let's see if I can cover and it and maybe no one will notice. Nope... definitely not fixable. I suppose I should pay attention now except I'm tired so I guess he'll just wear his bathing suit to his pool party.... duh... appropriate and easy. Until next week, blogger buddies!
OH WAIT... one last piece of exciting news... I'm getting a new embroidery machine next week! WOO HOO! It's big and pretty and nicer. SO now I can supersize the designs and make l...o...n....g names (ah hmmm... Holly C.) not so tiny! All that to say, now I can do larger shirt sizes, bigger designs and longer names so don't forget to put in your orders prior to mid-late April as I'll be taking a little time off when Avery comes. All Easter designs are currently on SALE in my etsy store and the full product line can be found on Rompers & Ruffles! (Don't forget Wednesday night's R&R mystery sale on facebook!)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bad Little Blogger

I admit, I have been a bad little blogger! I've been reading them but haven't been doing much writing. It's not that I've had nothing blog worthy to write about but I've been super busy going and doing! :) With Avery's arrival getting closer, I've tried to plan fun activities for Parker that will be substantially more difficult once the little Miss is here. We've been to Discovery Place Kids, Friendly's to eat ($5.99 for a drink, meal and sundae... yes, please!), the park, Splash Planet and Plaza Fiesta! WHEW! Parker also spent the night with my mom and dad on Wednesday so that Daniel and I could go on a date! We had our stereotypical Cheesecake Factory date and it never disappoints!

Today the weather was A-MAZ-ING and we strolled to the park and played. We met a new Canadian family and bless their hearts, they were sweating, covering their kid in sunscreen and complaining that it was unbearably hot. I had to snicker in my yoga capri's tank top and light jacket for when it was breezy. Today was simply fantastic and I'm loving that the windows are still open and the sun is still shining! Granted, Daniel and Parker's noses are running from allergies but I tossed them each a benedryl and told them to get over it :) Tough love.

The Little Mister's 2nd birthday is next Monday! I can't believe it! Parker and I are heading to ATL Wednesday-Sunday so the party must be fully planned before we leave. I'm pleased to announce that I'm 99% done and excited for his party! Should be fun! Pics definitely to come of that!

Lastly, the business has really taken off and I'm still so excited about it! I'm loving having something for "me." I find it really gratifying to create these precious items of clothing and I love it even more when I see pictures of other kids wearing them! Don't forget to get any orders in before Avery comes since I'll be taking a little time off after her arrival! Easter Shirts are currently on sale so get your orders in soon! The Easter shirts are on sale at my etsy shop but be sure to check Rompers and Ruffles for our full line! My business partner has started making adorable headbands to match the Easter appliques so be sure to check those out too!

I'll try to be a better blogger after Parker's party!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Glee or Not To Glee?

Picture this. There's a largely pregnant girl sitting... no propped up awkwardly... on the couch with her feet up. She has a bowl of coffee ice cream with sprinkles, rainbow of course, and her maternity jeans unbuttoned and she's a little ashamed of that. Her left foot is getting a Charlie Horse within the minute the previous one lets up and her baby is apparently trying to escape or is taking cardio funk inside of me. I'm betting by now, you've guessed that's me.

I have nothing of merit to discuss tonight other than the fact that I need to be sewing but instead I'm watching Pretty Little Liars and Glee until Daniel is done talking to "George Michael" from India (I'm lovin' the "American name" this dude picked!) Pretty Little Liars was, as usual, awesome and my teenage guilty pleasure (although I feel like it's better suited for people in their 20's)! Glee, on the other hand, I'm struggling with!

I can't decide if I'm being a prude or if my feelings that this show has recently made a point to idolize teen sex/drinking... A LOT...  is wrong. I love the songs and many of the story lines but tonight's episode is killing me! Morally, I know right from wrong when it comes to these topics Biblically so I guess there's my answer, right? So then why do I find this show entertaining and continue to watch it?! If I cut out every show that included teen sex/drinking that would basically leave me 19 Kids and Counting and PBS. Half of the Disney channel and Nickelodeon shows would even be out. Don't even think about ABC Family! Ideally, I wish Glee could still sing and dance to fun songs without making Christianity look uncool (grilled cheesus), promote teaching teens to be sexy and idealize teen drinking. Is that too much to ask?! Then I wouldn't have this moral struggle to DVR or not to DVR!

I've been watching MUCH less TV since I've started sewing and I'm loving it! I feel better about what I'm doing with my time, more productive and definitely less filled with trashy facts about reality TV starts! I've basically wrangled my weekly TV viewing habits (excluding Barney and Thomas) to just Pretty Little Liars, Glee, CSI, Bones, the Office and Parks and Rec. WOW. That's still a lot when you write it down.

So, am I being a prude or do I have a valid moral dilemma here?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tigers go pee pee... in case you didn't know.

Parker's very favorite Barney episode is "Let's go to the Zoo." Lately he's become quite good at his animal sounds so we figured it was time to make a trip to the zoo before Avery comes and it gets hot! We risked the chance of rain and even drove through rain to get there but we had perfectly overcast skies without a drop of rain!  It was ideal weather for a Saturday because the chance of rain kept the crowds away! 

Daniel and my favorite part was the bird feeding. $2 VERY well spent! Parker's favorite part?.... oh goodness.... I can't tell you how many times Parker has told me today "ROAR go pee pee!" So I'm assuming his favorite part was watching the tiger (ROAR) go pee pee! Such a boy! We stopped at Hobby Lobby on the way home and Parker informed 2 ladies in the bathroom that "roar go pee pee." Precious boy!

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Riverbank's Zoo in random order since blogger uploads whichever it feels like it first:
Loving/slightly freaked out by the birds flying at my face
Parker was literally dry heaving by the flamingos. He LOVED them last year and this year he yelled "EWW" and started gagging. It got so bad I held him over the fence twice thinking he was going to puke!
His spirits rose when we saw the lions!
"Hey Parker, what does a monkey say?" PS- These monkeys were SOOO loud! It was kinda awesome, actually.
Me and my buddy!
I couldn't decide which was cuter so you get the viewing pleasure of both :)
Taylor "Don't get Parker too close to the bird. It may bite" Daniel waiving his finger in front of the bird's beak "Look, it doesn't bite!" This was true with fingers; however, they apparently love $6 Target sunglasses.
Parker was a bit apprehensive of the bird but so was I for a while! I'm just glad he didn't try to chase the bird or hit it!
This giraffe was pregnant and the ONLY one of the giraffes still eating at this point in the day. I feel ya, girl!
How cute is that face!? Parker's... not mine... I'm clearly in my own world.
Taylor, the bird whisperer. Don't judge the hair! I HAD to walk in sprinkles to get my SBUX... but it was worth it even if my hair paid the price.
Look, Avery... you were there too. I love how many people now comment like "Wow.. soon you'll have two!" like I'm not aware OR my favorite comment of the day from someone I saw at the zoo that I know but I haven't seen in years "Well look at you, you're just popping kids out, aren't you?!" Bahaha.... men.. they make it sound so simple! I'm kinda loving the belly this pregnancy and I'm totally cool with 99% of comments but some make me really laugh!
I wish I knew what was going on in his head. Preciousness probably.
Parker was totally captivated by the Tiger... who literally stood up, peed on a rock and laid back down.
"ROAR go pee pee!!!!!!!!!!"

Overall, a very successful trip to the zoo! I love doing these family outings! Today, I couldn't help but notice how many moms had babies in Baby Bjorns or strolling in their infant car seats. That will be us in just 2 months! I'm getting super excited and feeling more prepared in recent days for that to be our "new normal." 

Parker managed to stay awake the entire car ride home but crashed in my arms on the couch within 10 minutes of walking in the door. 3 hours later, Daniel woke me up and asked me what was for dinner.... to which I replied "Whatever you cook, dear." 1/2 an hour later, I was woken up with a plate of Totino's party pizza slices. Great way to wake up, if I do say so myself! Another successful Saturday in the Wise household!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Park Days!

Parker and I spent Wednesday up at my parent's house about 45 minutes north or where we live. I don't think we were there for 10 minutes before Parker b-lined to the park across the street. He's SUCH as outside boy! We literally spent ALL DAY at the park and didn't even stop for a nap (bad mom, I know!)
It's amazing to see how much he's grown physically in the last few months but also in his ability to scale the entire jungle gym by himself!
He went down all of the slides but preferred the corkscrew slide. I think he likes to play peek a boo coming around the corner!
 Hey, cute shirt, right? You can pick one up for your son/daughter at www.rompersandruffles.com!
 There's not much more precious than a boy and a dog (even if it is my parent's dog and not technically his). Parker tried so hard to get that frisbee from Peyton but Peyton wasn't too thrilled to give it up!
 I think this is Peyton begging an adult to throw the frisbee further than 3 feet.
Good try, Parkerman!
This picture was taken pre-chalk! He found rainbow sherbet colored chalk and boy was he a sight! His shirt was just lovely and looked like a Tide commercial. Thankfully, it washed right away!

This picture cracks me up. 1. Because I look like a boat 2. Clearly non maternity shirts just look like "Hey, she's pregnant and trying to squeeze herself into a non maternity shirt"... and it isn't working for me. and 3. Because Parker looks like he's about to head dive out of the swing.  He really wasn't, I swear. 

We had a blast up at nana and poppi's and can't wait for more warm, park days! I kept thinking, I could do this with a newborn. Some days seem like I have no clue how I'd manage and other days seem like Avery would fit so seamlessly into. Today and yesterday were days I felt like I'd love to have her with me. She's made sure to remind me multiple times of her immanent arrival with lots of Braxton Hicks and movement. I've loved watching my belly roll from one side to the other. I think she's head down, feet up and little butt is right at my belly button. I can feel her shift from one side to the other and watch it too. It's crazy.

Well Parkerman is FINALLY stirring from his 3 1/2 hour nap (which I spent ironing... yuck!) and I have a feeling we're going to have to head back outside to "wee" before it gets dark!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Take that sock eating dryer monster!

I have a sock eating dryer monster. I believe I have mentioned him before. I counted how many singletons I had hanging out in my piled high "it doesn't have a partner" sock box tonight when Daniel complained that he couldn't find matching socks this morning...  47.... yes... you read that correctly... 47 random socks. A few COULD be put together and you'd have to really look hard to notice but, at the end of the day... they do not, in fact, match. And if you know me.... you know I have an obsession with matching. I think I cried the day I learned matchy-matchy was out and it was ok to wear red color shoes with just about anything or that your purse doesn't have to match your shoes... I could go on. I prefer to stick with the classic, belt matches the shoes which also matches the purse and coordinates with the outfit kinda look. I digress.... back to socks.........

SO... what to do with all these socks? I stumbled across the cutest idea tonight while blog stalking!
SOCK SCARVES!  Check out this cute blog! (Well, don't.. read mine 1st and then go to hers and see how to make them!) She originally made glove extension thingys but in the South, it's just not a need I have. A cute scarf; however, I'm all about!

My mind ran wild... Daniel's random brown dress socks would look super cute with a cream or white shirt, dark skinny jeans tucked into brown leather flat boots with the side buckle. Brown pom poms on the end of the scarf would make it complete! (are you envisioning it?) My fun, random, striped and polka dot socks would be really cute for Avery (when she's 3ish like the girl below)! The athletic socks... should probably just be trashed as they are stained, holey and ugly. Parker socks could make a hamster scarf but that seems like a waste of my dwindling free time so we'll skip that idea. BUT if your hamster is in need of a scarf, you are so welcome for that idea. .. OK... having problems envisioning a sock scarf... check out this cutie (I stole this picture... sorry!)
It doens't take a genius to see that the pink and orange argyle socks match and totally could have been saved but I have a feeling these were purchased in the dollar section of Target for the tutorial because who really wants to show their dirty socks to the world in up close pictures online?

Take that, sock eating dryer monster! When I'm done making what seems like a million appliqued and monogrammed hooded towels, this little project will definitely be added to my list!