Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parker is 2!!!!

Parker is officially 2 years old. I thought I'd be WAY more emotional like I was when he turned one but I'm pleased to announce I didn't shed a single tear yesterday (his birthday). Maybe it's because I'm slightly overwhelmed with sewing projects, a messy house and the sudden "Oh my gosh, Avery will be here soon" errands/anxiety. I enjoyed his party VERY much and really felt like I "lived in the moment" which is something I honestly struggle with. 

Today was Parker's 2 year well check.  He started crying the moment we pulled in the parking lot. The Barney "A doctor is a friend of mine" DVD I played in the car on the way to the office apparently didn't sink in. Thankfully, half way through his well check, he stopped screaming and performed a few tricks so the doctor could make sure he's on track. Parker is one consistent little dude! He's in the 48th% for height, 51st% for weight and 78th% for head circumference. His height and weight has been around the 50th%  since he was about 9 months.  The doctor gave him a clean bill of health, he's right on track (even though I feel his speech is slightly delayed, the doctor promises me he's right on track with other boys) and he said he's "smart." WOO HOO. Apparently, he's reserved, observant and a survivalist. I'm not sure how he decides all of these remarkable qualities in 10 minutes, but I'll take it!  He was not a fan of the shots but I can't blame him. Thankfully, suckers cure "shot tears."

On to fun stuff... his birthday party! We had it at Splash Planet and 8 of Parker's best buddies came. Everyone seemed to have a blast in the water! The kids were so ready to swim, many of them forwent the cupcakes....including Parker! Everyone brought toys for the Levine Children's Hospital and we are SOO excited to take them next Thursday! I made hooded towels with the kid's names on them for his favors and I was happy with how they turned out! I wish I had gotten a picture of the kids in their towels but they were ready to get in the water! Group shots at age 2 seem more of a hassle than a good idea! Here are a select few (I took 400!) pictures from the party!

Parker's Cupcakes. I got the cupcake toppers from Dimple Prints off etsy.
Nana, poppi and Parker
My dad throwing Zury
Brooklyn and Piper
Smiling Logan
Parker LOVED to slide!
Having a blast!
Shooting hoops! Look at that follow through!
The birthday boy being thrown!
Ana and Parker... future cheerleading stunt partners?

Flying squirrel!

Our attempt at a family picture. Parker refused to look and I refused to get wet!
Officially 2 and NOT ready to leave his party!
Now lets see if the newly 2 year old will be a good boy and take a SUPER long nap! ...as in like a 3 day nap because I've got about that much stuff I need to fit in while he sleeps! haha! Here's to hoping!


  1. Looks like fun, Happy Belated Birthday to Parker! Owen will be 2 on June 2!

  2. We had a blast! Thank you! Happy early 2nd Birthday, Owen!