Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bad Little Blogger

I admit, I have been a bad little blogger! I've been reading them but haven't been doing much writing. It's not that I've had nothing blog worthy to write about but I've been super busy going and doing! :) With Avery's arrival getting closer, I've tried to plan fun activities for Parker that will be substantially more difficult once the little Miss is here. We've been to Discovery Place Kids, Friendly's to eat ($5.99 for a drink, meal and sundae... yes, please!), the park, Splash Planet and Plaza Fiesta! WHEW! Parker also spent the night with my mom and dad on Wednesday so that Daniel and I could go on a date! We had our stereotypical Cheesecake Factory date and it never disappoints!

Today the weather was A-MAZ-ING and we strolled to the park and played. We met a new Canadian family and bless their hearts, they were sweating, covering their kid in sunscreen and complaining that it was unbearably hot. I had to snicker in my yoga capri's tank top and light jacket for when it was breezy. Today was simply fantastic and I'm loving that the windows are still open and the sun is still shining! Granted, Daniel and Parker's noses are running from allergies but I tossed them each a benedryl and told them to get over it :) Tough love.

The Little Mister's 2nd birthday is next Monday! I can't believe it! Parker and I are heading to ATL Wednesday-Sunday so the party must be fully planned before we leave. I'm pleased to announce that I'm 99% done and excited for his party! Should be fun! Pics definitely to come of that!

Lastly, the business has really taken off and I'm still so excited about it! I'm loving having something for "me." I find it really gratifying to create these precious items of clothing and I love it even more when I see pictures of other kids wearing them! Don't forget to get any orders in before Avery comes since I'll be taking a little time off after her arrival! Easter Shirts are currently on sale so get your orders in soon! The Easter shirts are on sale at my etsy shop but be sure to check Rompers and Ruffles for our full line! My business partner has started making adorable headbands to match the Easter appliques so be sure to check those out too!

I'll try to be a better blogger after Parker's party!


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