Friday, September 28, 2012

Rompers and Ruffles Giveaway Winner!

It took 2 takes but we FINALLY have a winner!

First, I wrote everyone's names barely legibly on some snazzy yellow construction paper.
Not the best photo but if you look closely, you may see your name there if you entered! 1 entry for commenting, 1 for following the blog, 1 for "liking" Rompers and Ruffles on facebook.
On Take #2.... we found a winner!

Congratulations, Lauren H (Lauren Malcolm). I'll email you to get your order!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! Once I'm done with all these fall orders, maybe I"ll feel generous and do a Christmas giveaway! 

If you do ever want to purchase a shirt or onesie, please feel free to contact me at OR visit the Rompers and Ruffles facebook page! :)

*Side note.... The powdery white substance on Avery's shirt and face is leftover Sweet Sixteen goodness. Avery and Parker both slept through the night and a well rested mama was feeling extra generous at the grocery store this morning. If I thought bribing them with daily powdered doughnuts would buy me restful sleep, they would be in my cart every visit.

** Side Note #2... Parker doesn't always look like he's never met a hair brush. He's having a lazy, "slightly under the weather day" so he gets a pass.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

And then I found $5....

Ok it wasn't $5 but I did find 5 cents. I remember using that phrase at least 20 times a day in middle school. It was pre- "that's what she said" and all the cool kids said it. Or I thought they did so I said it to be cool but was really just hanging on the outskirts of the cool kid's circle un-welcomed. Oh middle school... my 3 least favorite years.

Back to $.05....

Today I took the kids to the pediatrician. Avery was up at 1am, 2am and from 3am-5am crying so by 8:01, I was on the phone getting an appointment. When they asked me what was wrong I answered  "I'm miserable." That's a symptom, right?! I actually got Parker the appointment because I was being too cheap to get them both seen for the same symptoms and I figured he was "patient 0" since his symptoms started first.

I find it oddly satisfying to shower and not wear yoga pants to the pediatrician... I wouldn't want them to think I didn't have it all together, right?!  So here I am, feeling pretty good about myself in a sea of make-up less, yoga pant adorned, frazzled moms. I may FEEL like that on the inside with 3 hours of sleep but my outsides say "I've got this under control." ...the shaved legs were the icing on my confidence cake.

Avery fell asleep in the car so I strapped her in the Ergo carrier. Not a minute after I walk in the door, Parker and I both "had to go." I let him go first then I, wearing Avery in the Ergo, went as well. Talent... I know... Gross... Yep... but you do what you gotta do. While washing my hands, I start to feel drips down my leg only to discover I had let the strap to the Ergo fall in the toilet and peed all over it. Classic.
I couldn't help myself....
Feeling a little less awesome about myself, I tuck the wet strap in my skirt. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Once in the examination room I convinced the doctor to see both kids on the DL. Parker was a trooper until the throat culture but otherwise a champ. He kept telling the doctor "I'm clean. My ears are clean. My mouth is clean. It's not dirty."  He was trying everything he could to convince the doctor not to look at him as if he's inspecting his cleanliness. Parker's verdict: Allergies... he'll get better in the winter and we'll revisit this next year and talk about allergy shots... G-R-E-A-T...

Avery's turn. I wanted him to look at a small patch of bumps "down there" so I stripped her to her diaper. And then we found $.05. Yes. The child had a nickle chillin' out in the lady area. I can only assume that after our shower this morning and she was running around in her diaper she found that and put it in her diaper. It wouldn't be the first time I found treasures in her diaper but it totally burst my "I've got it together bubble!"Avery's verdict: Allergies, Teething and mild diaper rash, I'm sure not exacerbated at all by a little dirty metal hanging out in her diaper.

Motherhood... never a dull moment! Silver lining... today I saw my 3rd choice pediatrician since my 1st and 2nd choice were doing hospital rounds and off so unless our little nickle on the hooha incident is now in her medical record, my "I've got it together" facade should still be in tact. WHEW!

Don't forget today is the last day to enter the Rompers & Ruffles giveaway! Click here to enter to win a appliqued and monogrammed shirt!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mental Notes

Today my mind is completely jumbled. I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with getting up with Avery 9 .... yes 9.... times last night. I have NO idea what was up but lets just say if it starts to happen again tonight I might accidentally miss place the monitor and sleep with my door closed and a sound machine running. I say that but you know I can't... God gave me these freakish mom ears to make up for my horrible eyesight. A blessing by day... a curse by night.

Is your mind ever so busy that you can't actually accomplish anything until you write it down? Yep. That's me. Since typing is quicker than writing (and who keeps pens lying around these days with the handiness of iPhone "notes") I thought I might share my mind. Prepare yourself.

1. I'm pretty sure Parker is close to being kicked out of school. He's doubled the amount of potty accidents they're allowed for the year.... in the 1st month. I really need to start sending cuter accident shorts since he seems to be wearing them daily. I'm beyond frustrated. Close to tears. He KNOWS to pee in the potty but he's too reserved to ask to go. That has to be mortifying for him and I feel like the BIGGEST mom failure! If he's kicked out, I'll totally understand... I'm a pool rule follower. It was in "the handbook!" He NEEDS school. I need school for him and I feel like he'll be SO far behind if he has to sit this year out. AHH! Major source of mom anxiety...... that I know the answer to yet still stress about. Give it to God. If he's kicked out, then he's kicked out. It won't be the end of the world. I'll find a preschool circulum or pinterest loads of educational games and workbooks until he's ready to go back. I'll  be SO sad at first but I know God's got it. Who knows... maybe privately funding the school treasure box will buy him some extra accidents.

2. I called my husband to vent.... He offered solutions.... when will men learn we just want to hear "I'm sorry. I know that must be frustrating for you. I love and appreciate all you do." Done. Problem solved. Confidence boosted. Maybe my question should be "When will I learn to just call a girlfriend instead?!" Moving on....

Notes to Self:

3. Find new chicken recipes. Limit said pinterest search to 10 minutes and DO NOT meander into "DIY crafts section..." It is the death of me and my productivity.

4. Find a new place to store deodorant. Avery has eaten chucks out of it 3 mornings in a row.

5. Buy more tampons. Avery shot them off like rockets all over the bathroom and you're out of rockets... I mean tampons. Also add to grocery list that will be promptly emailed to hubby: Spot Shot and "clicker." Can you tell I've been doing some accident clean up and fall candle burning?

6. Call Otterbox and Neato Customer Service... maybe after a glass of wine.

7. Discipline Avery more.... she's running you ragged. No means NO even though she's cute.

8. Remind everyone of the Rompers & Ruffles GIVEAWAY! Which you've probably scared everyone away from entering because now they all know you're a loon.

I promise I'm not a crazy person... just a busy mama whose head is usually in 10 places at once.You can probably relate... or maybe not.. and if not... please share your secrets.

Don't forget to go back 1 post (or click HERE) and enter the Rompers and Ruffles giveaway! It ends Thursday! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rompers and Ruffles Giveaway!

Hey guys! Sorry this post is going up so late. Life happened... like preschool, hip hop dance class, grocery store, playing sidewalk chalk kind of life. The kind where one neighbor facebooked me to say she could hear my kids laughing from way up the street! ... THE BEST KIND OF LIFE!

Here's the deal... Rompers and Ruffles is a business I started with my best friend, Tabitha. She currently lives in Charleston, SC but is moving 2 doors down from me! YAY! It's gonna be like sister wives but without the sleeping with each others husband's part. That part grosses me out a bit. But I may have daily visions of waiving to the kids from my front porch as they skip down the sidewalk to aunt Tabitha's house so I can grocery shop alone... or shave my legs without toddlers in the shower trying to help me. Doesn't that sound glorious?! 

Back to R&R... we applique and monogram mostly T-shirts and onesies but can do other things upon request if given to us. I'm excited to announce I'll be giving away a long sleeve appliqued and monogrammed  T-shirt or onesie to the winner of this giveaway!

There are 3 ways to be entered to the Rompers and Ruffles giveaway:

1. Comment below with your email address and what applique you think you might choose! (You aren't bound to this.... it's just for fun!)

For additional enteries...

2. Follow my blog and comment letting me know you joined in on the fun that is The Wise Family. :)

3. "Like" Rompers and Ruffles on facebook. You won't regret it! We run sales most Fridays that you don't want to miss! Make sure to leave a comment below letting me know you did this so I put an extra entry for you in the pot!

That's 3 ways to get entered into the giveaway! Since I posted this SO late we're going to run the giveaway until Thursday and I'll pull the winner Friday. 

These are stock photos from sites where I buy the designs but the photo quality is much better than the ones I've taken with my cell phone!
Pumpkin Truck!

Ghost Scallop

Pumpkin in a Wagon

Plump Pumpkin

Turkey (We can add a bow for a girl or use pink chevron)

Witch Hat!

 My kids may or may not have each one of these shirts already made and hanging in their closets! I LOVE these designs!

Ready! Set! Giveaway!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Parent Rap and a GIVEAWAY announcement!

Sometimes parenthood is just down right funny...

I find myself saying sentences (usually in frustration) that before having children I never thought I'd utter. These include but are not limited to:

"Avery, how many pieces of dog food do you have in your mouth?" ...because let's be honest... there IS an acceptable amount.

"What did you put in the toilet this time?" Knowing full well poop isn't going to be the answer.

"Avery, please don't drink the syrup." A hazard of having one child who can open doors and one who just learned how to unscrew bottle tops and happens to have a sweet tooth.  Already learning to double team me....

"We don't stand on top of the kitchen table!" ... a sentence I unfortunately say more than once a day to my 16 month old wild monkey child.

"Please don't poop on (insert whatever character is on his underwear that morning)" .... as if telling Parker that he's not to poop on Buzz's face is going to matter.... I know better but still say it EVERY day.

Oh life with toddlers.... never a dull moment!

 I ran across this short video the other day that I thought summed up parenthood pretty well. I hope it gives you a nice chuckle:

I don't know about you but despite having 2 kids, not 4... I can totally relate!

Now on to the GIVEAWAY! It's been more than a year since I hosted a giveaway. I use this blog to document our family. Our pictures. Our stories. Our struggles and our joys. I decided when I started this blog that I wouldn't be doing a bunch of giveaways of products I didn't use or believe in for financial gain.... not that with 65 followers anyone is blowing up my inbox anyways but you get the point. 

Many of you know I started an applique and monogram business, Rompers and Ruffles, with my best friend, Tabitha. While I've ebbed and flowed in and out of the business due to the stage of life I'm in with the kids, I never quit taking orders from friends. This has surprisingly kept me as busy as I ever thought Rompers and Ruffles would. People like appliqued and monogrammed shirts more than I expected! 

So... tomorrow I'll start a 3 day giveaway for a FREE long sleeve appliqued and monogrammed t-shirt! You can enter once from Monday-Wednesday and I'll announce the winner Thursday. I'll leave all of the details for tomorrow's post but get excited! :) I am! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

3 1/2 Years Old!

Parker Alexander Wise, you are 3 1/2 years old! You have grown up so much in this half year! The biggest change is in your speech. You are still quiet in public and sometimes at school but you're a chatterbox at home! You LOVE to reenact. Misty Island Rescue (Thomas the Train) is your favorite movie and you have to watch it with all of your trains in tow. Once the movie is over you run to your train table and word for word recite the movie. Your memory is impeccable. You remind me of myself when I was in school. I think you'll easily take to Bible memory, spelling words (through memorization, not phonics), remembering what you've read and will probably be a pit of useless facts you've seen. This will be great in school but if you're like me, you'll struggle in college to actually learn instead of memorize. 

Your best friends are Max, Cameron, Jonathan (who you call Jon-a-pa-than), Colby and James. You're happy to play with just about anyone but those are the people you talk about most.  You're a gentle friend and I can't remember the last time you were nasty to a friend (excluding your sister, of course!.

You really love school now and your teacher, Ms. Monica, is very patient with you. Together we're working on your fine motor skills and overcoming some of your tactile issues. You know all your colors, numbers to 30, alphabet and can identify them all, shapes and you're learning to write with purpose. You're not really into art right now but when I give you a crayon, you usually just make crazy "circles." We're working on straight lines to prepare you for letters. 

When asked what you want to be when you grow up, you still answer "cow" like you did on the 1st day of school. You like animals and really enjoy the zoo. While you still like zebras, giraffes (girappes as you call them) are your favorite now. 

You really like to walk the dogs and insist on holding Moses' leash. You don't ever drop it which is nice. You're back into Thomas the Train and pretty much don't play with anything else except your train sets and climbing mountain. I'm hoping you get back into Buzz Lightyear before Halloween because we already have that costume! I am happy; however, to have a break from Toy Story movies. There are a lot more Thomas the Train videos than Toy Story for mama's sanity. 

Like most 3 year olds, you're in a bit of a food rut. You still love fruit snacks and milk but we've weaned you a bit from both. You like apples, blueberries, grapes, strawberries and watermelons. The rest of your diet consist of things I'm not so proud of like chicken nuggets and mac n cheese. You'll eat a peanut butter or cheese sandwich but only if it's cut with a cookie cutter in the shape of a duck. 

Speaking of odd quirks, you've got a few but we love you anyways. You're a freak about dirt. You'll get dirty but want to be clean immediately. You request to be washed probably 8 times a day. If your crocs are dirty, you whine until I wash your crocs and your feet.... so lately I've been making you wear tennis shoes.  You insist that I need to take a shower because my moles and freckles are "dirty."  We struggle with public bathrooms because until Wednesday, air dryers scare you and you cannot use the bathroom if one is blowing. Certain textures wig you out and lately you've requested most tags to be removed. I've started buying t-shirts without tags. You're terrified of construction equipment, motorcycles, most lawn equipment and anything that makes loud noises (including real trains that actually toot). You're extremely cautious in public and don't like to try new things if it seems like an unnecessary risk. (like your mama). When you get hurt, you want a bandaid but you just carry it around. You won't wear it (neither would I as a kid). When you hurt your hand, you held it in the air for 3 days. By the time you quit, the scratch had healed. You will not eat "broken food."  If I break a nutrigrain bar in half to share with your sister, you won't eat it. When I send pretzels to school, you only eat the whole ones and the "broken" ones are returned for your sister to eat. It's a bit frustrating sometimes but we love you in spite of your quirks. We're working on them. :)

You've grown up so much but the thing that still makes you seem little to me is how you twirl your hair. At my 16 week ultrasound, you had your hand on your head and every ultrasound afterwards you were playing with your head. Since birth you have patted your head or twirled your hair to fall asleep. It's my tell tell sign that you're sleepy. You sleep from 7:30 at night to usually 7-8 in the morning. Every now and then you have nightmares but for the most part you sleep straight through the night. For a while we woke you up at 10:30pm to use the bathroom but now we don't and you're still accident free! :)

You're a sweet big brother unless Avery is messing up your train tracks. You will tell me "Avery is tired. Please put her in her crib." What that really means is "Avery is annoying the snot out of me. Please remove her from my presence."  Your favorite things to do together are climb on the mountain, take wagon rides (you dictate who sits where), wrestle and blow raspberries on my bed, take bed sheet rides across the carpet and play trains when she's any train except Thomas. You usually give her some obscure train I've never heard of and am not sure where we acquired it but she doesn't know the difference yet so it works out. Avery adores you and gets so excited to pick you up from school or wake you up in the morning!

I love that you're still snugly. It's true that boys love their mamas. You love for me to lay in bed with you and twirl your hair. You must love me a lot because you let me be Percy and sometimes Thomas when we play trains! When I pick you up from school you always ask me "Did you have fun at school today mommy?" It makes my heart smile. You're so thoughtful. 

You are such a joy to your father and I. We love watching you grow and become the sweetest little boy. I look forward every night to your sweet prayers. You sing "God our Father" at each meal and your sister is learning it from you. We love watching you be a good example for her. I think it's precious when I hear you say "Thomas is going to church!" and then you chuff him to "church" and sing "My God is so Big!"  We feel so blessed that you go to a Christian preschool where you learn about Jesus. You also enjoy church now which makes taking you so fun! If only your sister felt the same! We love you SO much and are SOOO proud to call you our son, Parker Wise!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Riverbanks Zoo Highlight Reel

Yesterday morning the kids and I packed up and met my parents for a day trip to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. I suggested we meet at Starbucks... shocker... then head south. The kids really enjoyed going to the zoo with nana and poppi who had never been there before. My dad's favorite part of the zoo was the bird exhibit with nectar. I always really enjoy this part too.

My mom and dad
Parker FINALLY liked the birds after our 5th visit here!
Note the 2 birds on my mom's shoulders. One is biting her ear and the other is biting Avery's bow off her head.
Parker really enjoyed the carousel... both kids rode elephants. This was a huge deal because usually Parker wants to ride it but right as it starts, freaks out and we end up in the "sleigh" that doesn't move... total waste of $2! This time, he rode it and liked it! 
Another "big to me" breakthrough he had today was using the air dryer in the bathroom! Parker has always hated those and yells "What's that sound!?!" but today he did it by himself and it gave me a glimpse of light in this slightly neurotic tunnel I'm in with Mr. Parkerman. More to come on that in another post...

What's a zoo without a cow? Who would have thought this would be one of the highlights of our trip? Parker keeps looking at these pictures saying "I was makin' the cow pee pee!"
A bit too excited to milk a cow!
She's a pro.... I feel for you, poor fake cow!
Sissy's favorite part of the zoo was definitely feeding giraffes! You can pay for lettuce or you can be cheap like us and grab pieces that were dropped on the ground. Avery saw other people doing it and had no fear to try it herself.
Check out the giraffe's tongue!
She fed the giraffes at least 6 or 7 times and giggled every time it would lick her hand. Watching her do this was probably my favorite part of the trip too! Parker enjoyed watching them up close but didn't want to feed them. Maybe next time!

There is also an aquarium, albeit not very large one. It's a little misleading because it says "aquarium" on the building but you pass through about 60 snake habitats first. My mom HATES snakes so I made a point to take pictures with my phone of all the creepiest ones with their tongues out or heads poking up. I think I'll text them to her randomly to be evil.

After seeing all of the animals, we took the tram up the hill to the Botanical Garden. I LOVE the gardens and wish the kids would have been in picture taking moods! By this time both kids were tired but the gardens are too beautiful to miss!
Parker LOVED the tram especially since he's majorly back into Thomas the Train mode!
Avie and I thought it was pretty fun too!
There is the most precious cottage in the garden for kids to play in. I think we need one in our backyard but I'm pretty sure no amount of convincing is going to make Daniel agree! The kids got the biggest kick out of putting their heads out of the window.

Parker was pretty much done after we forced him to leave "Parker's pink house" but sis still had a little life in her to swing.
I really recommend Riverbanks if you're looking for a day trip. It's easy to get to, clean, mostly shaded, affordable and beautiful. The food is priced less than you would think for a place like this ($6.75 + .99 for 3 chix tenders, fries and a soda) and where else can you eat nachos while watching orangutans swing? Feeding the giraffes is a MUST as is the bird encounter. Absolutely worth $2 to feed but beware... they are birds and they do nibble (it doesn't hurt) and poop... just ask my dad. Most of the animals are really easy to see which is great for kids but probably not so much for the animals. But I'm paying to see animals.... not enclosures. Taking the tram to the Botanical Gardens is worth the trip but I'm not sure walking it would be unless you REALLY wanted a great hiney work out. I've done it before and once you get to the top you're no longer in picture taking shape!

 Bottom line... my kids loved it and we'll be back before it gets too cold!
Both kids slept the entire way home and Parker was still asleep for a few hours after we transferred him into the recliner. This is the international mom sign of a successful day!

Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Fall Y'all!

OK, technically it isn't fall BUT football has started, Starbucks has pumpkin spice lattes and the grocery store is selling Honeycrisp apples, albeit at $2.99 a pound. Chicken is cheaper per pound here than apples! More on that later...

My mom came to visit on Wednesday and so I had some time to get stuff done around the house. Recently on Pinterest I found some really cute printables. I had some printed for my laundry room and then decided to take an 8x10 frame I had my favorite wedding picture in and transform it to a seasonal decorative frame. Sorry hubby, I still love you and our beautiful wedding... but I'm feelin' crafty. I put all of my new seasonal printables in a binder with sheet protectors (nerd alert!) for easy access each season/holiday.
Christmas and Thanksgiving Printables!
Here is the console table in my {I don't know what room it is technically considered in}... my house has a very open floor plan. Basically, somewhere between the foyer dining area and playroom?
I just noticed the pumpkin spice jar candle is in front of the printable but you can kinda see it's the Fruits of the Spirit... very fall. I also added a little leaf garland.
Next, I decorated the mantle. I struggle with mantles. It's a tough balance between different heights, colors, pictures? No pictures? Too junky? Too sparse? If you're a decorator, please feel free to help a girl out!
Whole den shot
Mantle... please help me.... I think I'm not liking the scarecrow.
We have 2 side tables and a behind the couch table. All are usually totally empty thanks to "the great re-locator" AKA Avery but I did attempt to throw a little fall on the back of the couch table.
Green frames are from Hobby Lobby, purple alligator textured frames from Target and the metal pumpkin is also from Hobby Lobby. Love those 40% off coupons!

Picture of the whole table
My couch came with the paisley pillows. Let's be honest, the couch is nothing amazing but the pillows and ottoman sold me on this couch! The couch also came with some hunter greeny turquoisish pillow.... I have ignored them and their odd color. Target had these awesome sweater pillows in the most perfect orange. I splurged on them (I definitely didn't NEED them but man, are they fun!). I pile them in the corner daily so the kids don't pick them.
 Lastly, I have an awkward space in my kitchen. The builder didn't put cabinets over the fridge so I had to figure out what to do with that space.
The clock and twigs are from Hobby Lobby (another 40% off coupon purchase!), the vase from Homegoods and the triangle basket from Pier1. Add some leaf garland and VIOLA.... fall.
Fall is my FAVORITE season! I love the cool mornings, warm afternoons, fall smells, hay rides, pumpkin patches, football, women's fall clothes (they're "my color"), baking.... I love ALL things fall except the allergies but even that I'll tolerate for a pumpkin spice latte!

I'm BUSY in the fall! Between Parker's preschool, Avery's tumbling, Parker's hip hop class and all of the  fall outdoor activities I try to cram into September, October and November... we've got a full schedule! My crock pot pretty much lives on my counter top in the fall. I'll never pretend to be a good cook. I pretty much cook to sustain life but there are a FEW things I make that I'd consider a step above simply edible. My new favorite crock pot meal is perfect for fall BBQs and tailgates! Chicken is only $1.99 per lb at the Harris Teeter meat counter so not only does it make a yummy meal, it's also really affordable!

Get out your pen and paper for this... it's complicated.
Crock Pot, BBQ sauce and Chicken... yep that's it.
Literally all you do is put some BBQ sauce in your crock pot (I like Sweet Baby Rays), lay your chicken in it and then put more BBQ sauce on top. I used this entire bottle of BBQ sauce but only because I made 4lbs of chicken. I packaged half of it up and gave it to a family that just had a new baby. Cook it on low for 4-6 hours. My crock pot seriously power cooks so I have to check it every now and then. Pick a breast out and pull it apart. If it's white inside and shreds easily, it's ready.
shred the chicken with forks
After the chicken is shredded, I spoon out some of the sauce from the crock pot and mix it in to taste. I serve it on hamburger buns. For sides, I made green beans and roasted potatoes (the recipe is on the back of Lipton Onion Soup mix which you'll need anyways). It was delicious and even the kids liked it! SCORE! You could also do this with pork tenderloin but add some apple vinegar to tenderize the meat. :)

What are your favorite {EASY} fall recipes? I'm always looking for another way to crock pot cook!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Midweek Confessional!

I'm SO glad some of y'all participated in the confessional last week! It's therapeutic, right!?! I'm expecting to see some more juicy confessions in the comments section here and on facebook! You know you have some you want to share! Let's jump on in!

- I ran out of body wash so I used my husband's shampoo that morning instead... gross? Piece of advice... do NOT use head and shoulders if you run out of body wash. You will burn... in places it is not enjoyable to burn... for days.

- As you know, Avery has some sleep issues. I finally got to a point where I was D-O-N-E so I took matters into my own hands after months of debating it and drugged her with melatonin. No one at Earth Fare was able to help me figure out the correct dosage and I was too embarrassed to call the pediatrician so I googled it. I couldn't find toddler dosages (probably means I shouldn't give it to her, right?!) but I did find doggie dosages. Yes... I drugged my daughter based off dog breeds. Night #1 I went with "Yorkie" since she's little and she was up 3 times (better than 6 times the night before). Night #2 I bumped it up to "Jack Russell Terrier" and she was up 2 times. Last night I forgot to give it to her and she only woke up once which leaves me debating.... did it work? Is it a coincidence?

- Avery has sleep issues, Parker has poop issues... so he's a skid marker. He holds it in ALL day until he can't anymore and runs in a corner and poops in his pants almost every day... since April. All day long he skid marks... like 5 pairs of underwear a day. It's becoming an issue at preschool so I decided to mix miralax in his milk on non-school days to clean him out and to make it softer so it doesn't hurt/scare him to poop. (TMI, y'all... I'm sorry but this is important to my point so hang in there) Today was day #1.... I gave it to him, he walked away with the cup, I did dishes and then Avery walks past me drinking it. My child who poops 4-5 times a day normally drank miralax.... tomorrow will be a long day. Apparently Parker did, in fact, drink some.... because he did the unthinkable in the tub tonight and I gagged.... he's 3 1/2.... sigh. That stuff works... I'm just sayin'

- I LOVE shutterfly photo books! I got a promo code for a free book and decided to make one of my iPhone pics. I quickly discovered that I have WAY too many inappropriate pictures.  Half are of my kids naked, in the tub, peeing on shrubs, etc. Lets hope my iPhone is never stolen because whoever steals it might turn me into social services for the amount of nude baby pictures on it. I can't resist taking pictures of baby tushies!!!

- This weekend my BFF ironed my entire laundry pile. It took her hours and I was mortified but I got over that really fast... I hate ironing THAT much. She's a blessing... and I'm now taking applications for friends who like to sweep.

Well that's enough dirt for today! Your turn! Get confessin'!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Watch out McKayla Maroney.... here comes Avie

Avery had her 2nd tumbling class this morning and once again, it was pure preciousness. I wasn't planning to take pictures so I left my camera at home but I couldn't resist! iPhone to the rescue! How could I miss this?!
I'm having visions of Avery standing on a podium in a pink glittery leotard, holding pretty flowers biting a gold metal.... of course if that vision ended like the picture below I'd probably have to slap her with her metal.
Seriously.... this was so embarrassing to me! She won a SILVER metal in the OLYMPICS! She's an AMAZING gymnast and I was SO proud of our USA gymnast performances but her attitude and body language killed me! I digress...
Back to my one year old's "tumbling class" which is really more like a free for all with equipment I don't own. Don't get my wrong, they have activities and planned obstacle courses but Avery is more into creating her own obstacle courses. Whoops. Clearly she needs more practice in taking direction!
Avery is the queen of relocation. She wasn't pleased with the placement of the cones
This blur is Avery running around under the parachute. This is her 1st experience with a parachute and she absolutely loved it.
She still loves the trampoline!
She's SO advanced! haha. Performing a graceful head dive off the mats.
Peanut loves the game, splat, that they play with the wedge mat. I got a quick 6ish second video of her. Smallest line backer ever?

One of the many reasons I love this class is that she's napping HARD by the time we drive out of the parking lot. Today we went to the mall until it was time to pick Parker up and I got to shop in PEACE. 
Wiped out and enjoying a stroll around the mall!
If you have a YMCA in your area, I definitely recommend this toddler tumbling class for kids 1-3ish! I really enjoy the one on one time it allows Avery and I to have. I did Gymboree and MyGym with Parker which were a blast but really only worth the money if you can also do free play. We don't live super close to either facility and I'd have to bring Parker and let him watch his sister play which seems terribly cruel so this YMCA class while P is in school is perfect! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Yeah, I signed my son up for dance class

Hip Hop dance class that is... because Parker is so gangsta!  
Have you ever seen 2 boys more "hip hop" than Parker and Max? They're ready to be the next Channing Tatums circa Step Up! 
Our morning started at 4:45am after both kids had ROUGH nights! Parker was up twice with nightmares and ended up sleeping in our bed. Avery woke up 4 times and the 5th time was up for the day after much effort to get her back to sleep! She woke Parker up so our morning started at o-cock-a-doodle-do! After preschool, he sat on the floor to watch Misty Island Rescue (Thomas the Train) for the 196th time and literally fell asleep sitting up then slumped over. This is how I found him when I went to change him for hip hop class.
Yeah that's not what I sent him to school in. Those would be his accident pants.... Oh Parker and his poop problem but look at that sweet face.
After wrestling him into the most hip hopish clothes he owns, we were off to class!  Avie and I stood behind the window where we could see him but he couldn't see us and got to witness this preciousness:
Dancing to "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes"
Starting their routine
Attempting to clap under his leg
At the end, the kids circle up and do individual freestyles. Parker grabbed his ankles and booty popped.... I guess he's more of a hip hop dancer than I thought!
He really enjoyed the class and I look forward to taking him back next Monday. I have to say, I'm pretty excited about the recital that Daniel makes me call "dance revue" in May. Seriously... they learn a routine, have costumes, the works! 

I know signing my son up for dance may be slightly controversial but I don't think it should be. This class is a lot about following direction, listening and  rhythm not to mention burning some energy! I was worried when I first signed Parker up what other moms might think about my son in dance but he likes it and that's good enough for me. There are 4 boys in the class so it's not like he's the only one. Ahh... I have to get better about not caring what other moms think about my parenting decisions.

We ended the evening with a LONG walk around the neighborhood walking trails. The kids walked the vast majority of it in effort wear them OUT and in desperate hopes of getting them both to sleep through the night! Prayers would be MUCH appreciated for a good nights sleep for everyone! We could ALL use it! Especially this exhausted mama!