Thursday, September 6, 2012

Midweek Confessions - It's YOUR turn!

I'm a day late but Thursday is still mid-week, right!?! Time for some mid-week confessions!

1. I cannot for the life of me do those "make sure you're not a robot" things where you have to type in jumbled letters and numbers. Seriously. It took me no less then 10 tries today to post "she's so cute!"... I almost gave up. Some times I click the handicap/hearing impaired button... because apparently while not hearing impaired, I am handicapped... or at the very least "special."

2. Last night I forgot to put Parker's sheets in the dryer so they weren't dry in time for bed. I convinced him because he was "so good today" he got to sleep in his tent. Do you like that spin?! Mommy fail.

3. I started couch to 5K last night after stepping on the scale and confirming my 6.8 pound weight gain this summer isn't magically falling off itself.... it was embarrassing. I was sure I could skip to week 2.... yeah not so much. I have no intentions of running a 5k and I'm almost never on my couch so I'm going to call this operation "flowy dresses to skinny jeans."

4. I"m still *gulp* nursing Avery. Well technically, she is still nursing me since I can't remember the last time I offered "it" to her.... she just takes it... literally. For example, last night after my wun (walk/run), I was doing crunches and she walked up to me, laid on the floor next to me, pulled my tank top and sports bra to the side and self served. After she was done with that side, she announced "done!" and crawled across me to the other side. When she was done with THAT side, she said "thank you" and walked away... it has gotten THAT bad. I have decided to throw my hands up in defeat until turtleneck season. I sure hope they're in style this fall. 

5. I signed up to be room mom for Parker's class and I hope no one else checked "the box" on the volunteer sheet sent home this week. I seriously REALLY want to be room mom. It's my 1st step to being PTA president one day. Type A?  No. not me! 

6. My high school English and yearbook teacher reached out to me this week about doing a "where are the outstanding seniors of the 1st graduating class now" post. Yes, at one time, I was outstanding at more than  online baby clothes shopping and ... (is it bad I can't think of anything else I'm outstanding at? husband answered "making soup" YIKES!) Anyways, I went to email her back and immediately felt a huge rush of anxiety. Did my subjects and verbs agree? Does a comma go there? What is the actual use of the "..." I love so much? It took me forever to write her back and in the end, I don't even think it sounded like me. I'm STILL trying to please my teacher... from 10 years ago. And to think I was offended by winning  "biggest brown noser" as my senior superlative.

SO... week after week I air my dirty laundry (speaking off.... the mountain is back in epic proportion) and I always write "your turn!" at the end of the post; however, no one has EVER even shared a teeny, tiny, not-so-bad confession back so this week I'm expecting REALLY good ones! (mega run-on sentence!) 


Your turn and make 'em GOOD!


  1. I let Hayden eat a cupcake as half of his breakfast one day this week, because I honestly believe it was the only way we were going to make it out the door without tears.

    1. A cupcake is almost a muffin so I think it's totally ok!

  2. After months of enduring smelly guy at the gym I couldn't tolerate it anymore and had to let him know he smells REALLY bad. I haven't seen him in the gym since. PS. This is the gym in our building at work so guaranteed I will see him again at some point. I feel only a little bad.

  3. Oh let me see,I still let both of my boys fall asleep in my bed bc I still can't let them cry it out. I haven't made any play dates because I am still embarrased that my car isn't shiny and new. I let my son eat snacks for lunch one day this week just so I wouldn't have to listen to him whine and cry. And Im OCD about being a good parent.

  4. Have play daes! If your car were clean we'd be wondering what you're doing wrong! Haha my car looks like the bottom of a bag of goldfish crackers most days!

  5. (i know i am way late, but just caught up and sat down for the first time in a long time)

    my almost 3 year old is not even remotely potty trained. as in, if i can force FORCE her to take her diaper off (which she never wants to do even when it's full of poop) and not put one back on (against her screaming "I WANT MY DIAPA OOONNNNNNN!!!!!) she will pee and poop in the potty. but that never happens for the very reason that i am 32 weeks pregnant and too irritated/tired/overstimulated with move stuff to care. i have to keep telling myself that she won't go to kindergarten in diapers, but honestly, i'm not so sure.

    whew. it feels good to get that out. =)

    1. haha! Parker is 3 and a half and doesn't really have pee pee accidents any more but continues to poop in his pants daily.... sometimes multiple times a day! UGH! You might as well wait with Bella and have her give her diapers to the new baby and start then. They often regress with new babies in the house so when she's ready, tell her she's the big girl now and the new baby is the baby now and she needs Bella's diapers and Bella gets to go to the store and buy big girl underwear and a prize she would like for peeing on the potty. ;) Good luck!