Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Parent Rap and a GIVEAWAY announcement!

Sometimes parenthood is just down right funny...

I find myself saying sentences (usually in frustration) that before having children I never thought I'd utter. These include but are not limited to:

"Avery, how many pieces of dog food do you have in your mouth?" ...because let's be honest... there IS an acceptable amount.

"What did you put in the toilet this time?" Knowing full well poop isn't going to be the answer.

"Avery, please don't drink the syrup." A hazard of having one child who can open doors and one who just learned how to unscrew bottle tops and happens to have a sweet tooth.  Already learning to double team me....

"We don't stand on top of the kitchen table!" ... a sentence I unfortunately say more than once a day to my 16 month old wild monkey child.

"Please don't poop on (insert whatever character is on his underwear that morning)" .... as if telling Parker that he's not to poop on Buzz's face is going to matter.... I know better but still say it EVERY day.

Oh life with toddlers.... never a dull moment!

 I ran across this short video the other day that I thought summed up parenthood pretty well. I hope it gives you a nice chuckle:

I don't know about you but despite having 2 kids, not 4... I can totally relate!

Now on to the GIVEAWAY! It's been more than a year since I hosted a giveaway. I use this blog to document our family. Our pictures. Our stories. Our struggles and our joys. I decided when I started this blog that I wouldn't be doing a bunch of giveaways of products I didn't use or believe in for financial gain.... not that with 65 followers anyone is blowing up my inbox anyways but you get the point. 

Many of you know I started an applique and monogram business, Rompers and Ruffles, with my best friend, Tabitha. While I've ebbed and flowed in and out of the business due to the stage of life I'm in with the kids, I never quit taking orders from friends. This has surprisingly kept me as busy as I ever thought Rompers and Ruffles would. People like appliqued and monogrammed shirts more than I expected! 

So... tomorrow I'll start a 3 day giveaway for a FREE long sleeve appliqued and monogrammed t-shirt! You can enter once from Monday-Wednesday and I'll announce the winner Thursday. I'll leave all of the details for tomorrow's post but get excited! :) I am! 


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