Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Fall Y'all!

OK, technically it isn't fall BUT football has started, Starbucks has pumpkin spice lattes and the grocery store is selling Honeycrisp apples, albeit at $2.99 a pound. Chicken is cheaper per pound here than apples! More on that later...

My mom came to visit on Wednesday and so I had some time to get stuff done around the house. Recently on Pinterest I found some really cute printables. I had some printed for my laundry room and then decided to take an 8x10 frame I had my favorite wedding picture in and transform it to a seasonal decorative frame. Sorry hubby, I still love you and our beautiful wedding... but I'm feelin' crafty. I put all of my new seasonal printables in a binder with sheet protectors (nerd alert!) for easy access each season/holiday.
Christmas and Thanksgiving Printables!
Here is the console table in my {I don't know what room it is technically considered in}... my house has a very open floor plan. Basically, somewhere between the foyer dining area and playroom?
I just noticed the pumpkin spice jar candle is in front of the printable but you can kinda see it's the Fruits of the Spirit... very fall. I also added a little leaf garland.
Next, I decorated the mantle. I struggle with mantles. It's a tough balance between different heights, colors, pictures? No pictures? Too junky? Too sparse? If you're a decorator, please feel free to help a girl out!
Whole den shot
Mantle... please help me.... I think I'm not liking the scarecrow.
We have 2 side tables and a behind the couch table. All are usually totally empty thanks to "the great re-locator" AKA Avery but I did attempt to throw a little fall on the back of the couch table.
Green frames are from Hobby Lobby, purple alligator textured frames from Target and the metal pumpkin is also from Hobby Lobby. Love those 40% off coupons!

Picture of the whole table
My couch came with the paisley pillows. Let's be honest, the couch is nothing amazing but the pillows and ottoman sold me on this couch! The couch also came with some hunter greeny turquoisish pillow.... I have ignored them and their odd color. Target had these awesome sweater pillows in the most perfect orange. I splurged on them (I definitely didn't NEED them but man, are they fun!). I pile them in the corner daily so the kids don't pick them.
 Lastly, I have an awkward space in my kitchen. The builder didn't put cabinets over the fridge so I had to figure out what to do with that space.
The clock and twigs are from Hobby Lobby (another 40% off coupon purchase!), the vase from Homegoods and the triangle basket from Pier1. Add some leaf garland and VIOLA.... fall.
Fall is my FAVORITE season! I love the cool mornings, warm afternoons, fall smells, hay rides, pumpkin patches, football, women's fall clothes (they're "my color"), baking.... I love ALL things fall except the allergies but even that I'll tolerate for a pumpkin spice latte!

I'm BUSY in the fall! Between Parker's preschool, Avery's tumbling, Parker's hip hop class and all of the  fall outdoor activities I try to cram into September, October and November... we've got a full schedule! My crock pot pretty much lives on my counter top in the fall. I'll never pretend to be a good cook. I pretty much cook to sustain life but there are a FEW things I make that I'd consider a step above simply edible. My new favorite crock pot meal is perfect for fall BBQs and tailgates! Chicken is only $1.99 per lb at the Harris Teeter meat counter so not only does it make a yummy meal, it's also really affordable!

Get out your pen and paper for this... it's complicated.
Crock Pot, BBQ sauce and Chicken... yep that's it.
Literally all you do is put some BBQ sauce in your crock pot (I like Sweet Baby Rays), lay your chicken in it and then put more BBQ sauce on top. I used this entire bottle of BBQ sauce but only because I made 4lbs of chicken. I packaged half of it up and gave it to a family that just had a new baby. Cook it on low for 4-6 hours. My crock pot seriously power cooks so I have to check it every now and then. Pick a breast out and pull it apart. If it's white inside and shreds easily, it's ready.
shred the chicken with forks
After the chicken is shredded, I spoon out some of the sauce from the crock pot and mix it in to taste. I serve it on hamburger buns. For sides, I made green beans and roasted potatoes (the recipe is on the back of Lipton Onion Soup mix which you'll need anyways). It was delicious and even the kids liked it! SCORE! You could also do this with pork tenderloin but add some apple vinegar to tenderize the meat. :)

What are your favorite {EASY} fall recipes? I'm always looking for another way to crock pot cook!


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