Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! This is the 1st year I can ever remember not going to church on Easter. It kinda bummed me out BUT I'm 10 days or less away from delivering Avery so I can't risk any of  us getting sick. Instead, we got up, gave Parker his Easter basket/Thomas take n play rock quarry (huge hit), then headed to my parent's house. They were at church but we spent the morning playing at the park and cooking with Daniel's mom and her boyfriend. When my dad and sister returned from church, we had lunch prepared, ate and then said goodbye to Daniel's mom. They headed back to Myrtle Beach and we hit the lake! The weather couldn't have been more beautiful!

Parker is amazingly wonderful on the boat and was on major duck patrol today!  We had to stop the boat to feed each of them at least a handful of goldfish crackers. I was hoping a bumpy boat ride would help Avery along a bit but no such luck! Oh well! Here are some pictures from the boat. I didn't take my camera to the park but I did take some with my mother in law's camera which I don't have so that isn't very helpful :(

P-man and aunt Kelly. He stole my hat but it was way too cute on him to take it back!
Helping poppi drive the boat
Daniel and his mini me!
Though it wasn't our traditional Easter, it was still wonderful! Ive been jamming to "Glorious Day" by Casting Crowns which I really feel sums up the Easter story PERFECTLY! If you haven't heard it, it's on their newest CD (or YouTube!). Definitely worth checking out! Happy Easter, everyone! He is risen!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4/20 National Taylor and Daniel's Wedding Anniversary Day

4/20 is a date well known for many different reasons.... national marijuana smoking day, the anniversary of columbine and Hilter's birthday to name a few. Thanks to my amazing ability to see 4/20 on the calendar as April 20th with no subtext of why this is probably not the best date for a special occasion... I choose it as my wedding date! Thankfully, I feel WAY less dumb about that knowing 3 other upstanding couples who share the same anniversary.

Today Daniel and I have been married for 4 years! (Insert wedding photos here) I totally would but I don't have them on my computer and I tried to save them from FB and upload them here and facebook won't let me steal my own pictures. CRAZY. Here is the link to some wedding pics if you'd like to take a looksy. I'm kinda fond of the day! :) If the link doesn't work, check FB and scroll down about 50 albums or so and you'll find it. It's the one of me in the large, puffy white dress. Hard to miss! :)
This year, Daniel and I went to our favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory for our anniversary dinner. It is seriously so good. I've never had anything there that wasn't amazing. My mom watched Parker for a few hours and I loved the pictorial she texted me throughout the night so I wouldn't worry. Next, we did what every couple who has been married for 4 years and has a 2 year old and soon to be newborn would do.... we went to Gymboree and bought a hat for Parker then sunglasses for Daniel at the mall kiosk. Next, we deposited a check in the bank and made a quick stop at Lowe's Home Improvement for new hose splitter. It was one heck of a sexy evening. We capped the night off cuddling on the couch while watching Extreme Couponing, wondering "what is that lady going to do with 93 bags of croutons?"

For those of you who AREN'T married or are newlyweds, you must think this was the worst anniversary ever. No cards. No flowers. No pom and circumstance.... but it was perfect. It was us. Low key. Quick. Early (Dinner was served by 5:45) and we were home in time to put our freshly bathed little man to bed. We wouldn't have it any other way! :) Well... I would have... spending it in the hospital, birthing this not so little lady would have been preferable BUT cheesecake, a new hose splitter and extreme couponing is a close 2nd! :)

Speaking of the not so little lady growing inside of me... I've decided her birthday should be 4/24. It fits my schedule and how perfect is this: Our anniversary is 4/20, Parker's birthday is 3/21, Daniel's birthday is 12/22 and my birthday is 2/23. Get it? 20, 21, 22, 23.... since we've already missed the 19th, she must be holding out for the 24th.  :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet 16's, Peanut Butter Cookies and Ice Cream Sandwiches

.... that is what I bought at the grocery store today. I have officially decided that I am done being pregnant and if Avery would jump on board, that would be fantastic. haha. The house is clean, the clothes are all packed (and the hamper is empty!), the car seat is in the car.... timing is perfect... for me at least! I hear babies come in their own timing... ugh... so inconvient!

You know what else is inconvenient? That Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays. It's literally THE ONLY DAY of the week I want Chick-fil-a. Today, I NEEDED a shake. I settled for Baskin Robbins only to find out they were out of the ONLY flavor I wanted. So I went to the grocery store and came home with Sweet 16 doughnuts, Peanut Butter cookies and those M&M cookie ice cream sandwiches.... none of which I now desire to eat. I'm all about spending a day with your family and totally get and respect Chick-fil-a giving their employees Sundays off. I'm just maybe suggesting only having 1 worker on Sundays. He/she can run the drive thru and only make shakes. Is that too much to ask? They can rotate and they'd only have to work like 1 Sunday every 4 months. They can even open at noon so they can go to early church. I may have to email that request to Truett Cathy. Problem solved.

I've genuinely been a happy preggo and I am still enjoying it. I promise. It's just I'm starting to get anxious. Not so much about the birth but about leaving Parker for 3ish days. I thrive on schedule and routine. Not knowing when Avery will come totally throws off my ability to plan. I suppose this could be seen as a control issue... I see it more as being a "responsible mother." It makes me feel better to justify my need to know my future and schedule my life by spinning it in such a positive light. :) Wouldn't it be nice if once the house is clean, laundry is done, bags are packed and childcare is available we could just flip a switch and BAM... labor. I wish.........

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Musings from the bathroom floor

Parker brought me the big poster board I let him color on but REALLY wanted markers instead of crayons. I'm in the "pick your battles" stage with him right now so possibly against my better judgment I put them on the tile floor, striped him to his diaper and let him go at it. Well... he also went at himself and thus, he's in the tub and I'm blogging from the bathroom floor. I took pictures of his body art with my crappy point n shoot Canon but my computer isn't reading that SD card right now so you're out of luck on those precious pics! BUT because I know how much you're DYING to see pictures of Parker in the tub and me blogging from the bathroom floor, here you go... pics taken still from the same crappy Canon BUT with a functioning SD card :)
My 2nd fur baby, Moses the pug playing lifeguard. Parker fed Ellie a sour patch kid right before I put him in the tub so I'm pretty sure she's still hanging around the water bowl!
Hello cutest boy in the world! I was so excited to get a picture of him looking at something other than his pee pee. We're having a little "pee pee love" problem lately. This picture was followed with "Mommy, say hi pee pee!" while waiving at it. According to google and parents forums, this is normal and I'm supposed to ignore it... kinda tough but okie dokie.

This picture is in response to the question I get multiple times a day, "How do you feel?" haha. Well... other than fat, tired, bloated, crampy and nauseous... fabulous!  Seriously, I don't know if I have a stomach bug or this is normal for the end of pregnancy (I wouldn't know!) but I want to throw up constantly and I have no desire to eat anything. Do I have the yucks or is this normal?
While Parker is obsessing over "pee pee"... I am obsessed with the song "Glorious Day" by Casting Crowns. Parker and I are jamming out to it now via You Tube.
Meanwhile, it's an excellent time to design appliques. Here's a sneak peak of one I'm doing tonight. Yes, it's upside down because this is the way I plan to hoop it.... it will be right side up on the garment.  A tiara for a special little lady... obviously named Zury (this is probably ruining the "birthday surprise" I'm delivering tomorrow. Oh well, act surprised!)

Well... Parker has declared "Out, all done!" So I guess it's time to wrap this up, jammie up the little man and get him to bed... albeit an hour late. Can you tell today has been a fly by the seat of our pants, laid back day?! Not usually my forte as I'm a lover of schedules and plans but somedays ya just gotta let loose, right!?!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I am NOT that miserable pregnant lady

I will NOT be that miserable pregnant lady. I will NOT be that miserable pregnant lady. I will NOT be that miserable pregnant lady.... man, not complaining about aching ALL over, swollen feet and exhaustion is tough! BUT since I'm NOT that miserable pregnant lady, I will pretend to be super happy to be this gigantically huge and paste a smile on my face! :) In all actuality, I am THRILLED to be pregnant. I am OVER THE MOON to be carrying what looks like a full term baby. I am grateful she hasn't come while Daniel and my family are out of town. I'm appreciative to have more time to finish projects/get ready/spend special time with Parker before Avery comes. And I'd have to say, all those things do overshadow the aches, pains, gut kicks and exhaustion. 

Parkerman has been a super snuggler recently. Maybe he knows Miss. Avery is on the way soon? I actually do think he knows "something" is up but I'm 100% sure he has no idea what it is. He's told several people he's getting "a dog" when they ask if he's going to get a little brother or sister. He does know "Avie's" room and her things but obviously has no idea who "she" is. He finally started pointing to my belly and saying "baby" but then he smacks it... hard... we're working on that!

At the end of last week, we went to my parent's house. I was on week #2 of having Parker and the dogs alone and was in major need of a mental break! Daniel is working his butt off so he gets time with Avery when she's born and unfortunately, it's been out of town. BOO! Thankfully, my parents are MORE than willing to take us in and give me a break! In fact, I got so much of a break, Parker started calling my mom "nana mommy." At first I was kinda offended because obviously I want to be his only mommy but I know he means it endearingly and I'm so glad he has a special bond with my mom. Here are some pictures from our visit:
Monkey bars with nana!
My beautiful parents!
Airplane hunting!
Happy slider!
Little man loves the park!
Speaking of that little fella.... he woke up at 10:20pm covered in spit with his shirt soaking wet. I'm thinking 2 year molar? We're currently snuggled watching "Dabo" aka... Barney until the motrin kicks in! Mama's sleepy but duty calls!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Come on FedEx Truck!!!!

You know the saying "A watched pot never boils?" Well apparently "a watched FedEx truck never arrives." I've been waiting horribly impatiently for WEEKS for my new, bigger, better embroidery machine. The first one came in and it was a LEMON! AH! So I had to send it back. The second one is coming from Brother which makes me feel better except they've taken over 2 weeks to send the darn thing. According to my tracking number, it comes TODAY! The only problem is I was planning to have all of my orders done by now and I was heading out to get my car worked on etc today. Essentially, we had plans. Those plans are still in place but are being pushed back dramatically as the minutes pass and the FedEx truck hasn't arrived. I heard one this morning at 8:30.... I JUMPED to the front door.... it was UPS bringing Daniel a package for work... MAJOR BUMMER... especially since yesterday FedEx came at 1:30pm and UPS came at almost 6pm.... not that I've been stalking them or anything...

SO I wait and write super boring blog posts about FedEx trucks... Now that we're nearing nap time, the question becomes.... to put Parker down for a nap and risk having to wake him up (he's NOT a happy waker upper) OR skip the nap and risk a rough 5-7:30? Decisions Decisions.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pampers and Pampered Chef

Ya'll.... today I got the BIGGEST surprise. Begrudgingly, I showered at 11:30 to go to a 12pm Pampered Chef Party. I was TOTALLY not into it. You know me enough by now to know I DO NOT COOK and thus, the need for overpriced kitchen utensils is just not up my alley. HOWEVER, my dear friend, Holly sounded super bummed when I told her I didn't want to come and if I did, I was ordering a spoon to support her and leaving SO I drug myself there. WEARING.... black daisy duke maternity shorts that are too small, a red long sleeve t-shirt and my hair half hot rolled. Yes, that's right, I hot rolled the bottom, decided it was taking too long, and put the top in a barrette. It's a good thing these friends love me regardless. My husband was in on this and he might be sleeping on the couch tonight for not suggesting that maybe I spiff myself up a bit more!

I was SOOO out of it, I didn't even notice that everyone already seemed to be at the party even though I was there at 11:58... always punctual, people! I walked in and it didn't hit me until I noticed Holly in tears and large amounts of pink balloons. I believe my first reaction was to tell Holly she was an asshole.... MOSTLY because she let me come to my shower in black daisy dukes. I'd love to post pictures BUT since it was a surprise, I didn't have my camera!

This was THE BEST SHOWER EVER (minus the how big is Taylor's belly game...seriously, who likes to see a GIGANTIC piece of measuring tape NOT fit around their waist! I joked that I was offended when someone cut her piece and wouldn't you know, she won!)! It was a diapers and wipes shower... BIGGEST BLESSING EVER!!!!!!! Avery now has diapers until she's in size 3 AND they're my favs.... Target brand!!!!!!!!!!! I need a storage unit for all of her diapers! I also had to put her 9months+ clothes in the attic because all of her clothes don't fit in her closet. Can we say BLESSED?!

The food.... OMG. I called a friend to thank her today and she said "you'd do the same for any of us" and I can honestly say, no I would not have! They went ABOVE AND BEYOND! Lobster and crab dip. pizza with fancy stuff on it, cheeses that I don't know the names of, cake balls, cookies with Avery's initials, grapes in some delish white stuff with nuts and sugar maybe? I don't even know because it was classy stuff. I would have been just as pleased with a fruit tray from Harris Teeter, cheese its and frozen pigs in a blanket but they went ALL out!

I was and still am COMPLETELY blown away by my friend's generosity! Holly, you were an AMAZING host! You are the only person to EVER surprise me and I am SO sorry that I was such a sour puss about coming to your Pampered Chef party (which I still didn't stay for but did place an order for a pancake batter bowl that I'm sure I'm going to love). Kelly, thank you for helping Holly and for my gift card! I love you to pieces and I know you skipped sky diving to come today and that means SO much! Mom, seriously, you flew from NYC just to come... that's love. Parker loves the pink sleep bunny and he and Avery are apparently going to have to share it. Everyone else, thank you for the amazing food, gifts and fun! I am blessed beyond words to know each of you! I'm STILL in shock!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Family Not so Fun Day

Family Fun Saturday started this morning at 7:00 (for Daniel and Parker) and 8:20 for me (WOO HOO!). Man, has the end of the 3rd trimester hit me like a ton of bricks! Anyways, once I was up and moving, we put on what we THOUGHT were warm enough clothes and headed to Carowinds. Brr... windy! I don't have any pictures because we were only there long enough to watch other people ride the rides as our child sobbed hysterically in my arms. How my husband, the Marine, has a child who is afraid of life is beyond me but MAN was he terrified! I rode the carousel and Parker clung to Daniel like a koala bear standing next to me. Done and done. We left and went to the mall where Parker and Daniel played in the kiddie area while I shopped for a few items. We actually enjoyed that.

Next, on to Harris Teeter (chicken is on major sale, friends!) and then home for what we were hoping was a nice nap for Parker... didn't happen. SO we dressed him in obnoxiously bright plaid pants and a yellow top and took him to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. He stared at us like "someone spilled some colored eggs, mom." The concept of gathering them and putting them in his bucket seemed beneath him but Daniel finally convinced him to picked a few up... 3 to be exact. I don't think a career in Easter Egg Hunting is anywhere in his future. Here are some pictures of the event:

I believe these are the 3 eggs Parker collected :)

Doesn't Daniel look really excited to take a picture with the Easter Bunny? I'm just excited that we got a picture without Parker in hysterics like we did last year.
The tears were starting to well here.... The Easter Bunny touched him....and we were done!
Looking at the bunnies in a pen perched in the safety of Daniel's arms. You know 3 week old bunny rabbits can be super scary. haha.
OK, so if you can't tell by now. I'm in kinda a sour mood. I REALLY wanted our family fun day to go well! I know that our days of a family of 3 are numbered and I wanted so badly to do fun things with JUST Parker before Avery comes. You know, make memories... take videos, pictures etc. I want him to experience these things knowing we'll slow down here for a few weeks. Today just didn't go as planned.... Parker's fear was paralyzing today and he was just, in general, wimpy. He wouldn't ride any rides, he wouldn't collect Easter eggs, let the Easter bunny touch him, etc.... I'm not sure where all these fears came from but it really put a damper on the day! I'll get over it... but I'm bummed. I hope the rest of our last few "family of 3" days go better than today!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Something's Gotta Give

You know those super moms... the ones you wonder "How in the world do they do it all?" I'm pretty sure the answer is that "something's gotta give" but they will NEVER let you know what it is exactly that's "giving!" Well, here's mine..... meals. This week, I've been doing the single parent thing. Of course, I'm only telling you this now since my hubby is now HOME from his week away on business because Lord knows there are some crazies out there who I definitely don't want knowing when I'm alone! Back to the meals... my friend, Jamie made me a healthy meal on Tuesday and since then, I made one vat of tortellini, ate out and consumed massive amounts of goldfish crackers. YUM... goldfish... the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.

Me and the little man have had a really good week overall. Only one 2 year old meltdown which was SOO funny. It was bedtime and he was trying to drag his basketball hoop to bed with him. I told him he couldn't sleep with the hoop and in protest he wrapped himself around it. I pried him off it and let him sleep with the ball but holy cow were there some serious tears, kicks and screams! It was hard not to laugh....bless his heart...the kid loves his hoops! I will tell you, I think 4 days with Daniel gone is my limit. Today was day 5 and I had to walk to the mailbox twice today even though I'd already gotten the mail. My tolerance for the "whines" obviously ends at day 5. Thankfully, having a buddy over for a few minutes snapped him out of it and we're back to smiles! In fact, before bed, he was dragging around my calendar (of him) talking to "baby" which is actually pictures of him from last April. He has NO clue it's him. Precious.

I leave you with exclusive, non facebook posted, pictures. They aren't actually from this week but we laid low this week so I didn't snap any pictures. With Daniel gone and my parents in and out of town, we certainly didn't want Avery coming this week so I didn't do much that could spur on labor! Instead, I sewed, shot crazy amounts of hoops on the toddler goal, watched way too much Army Wives and ate terribly. Something's gotta give, right? I plan to make a large amount of something healthy Sunday so that we have healthy meals for next week. Maybe I'll even start freezing a meal or two a week from now until when Avery comes so we have a little stash for after she comes! :)

OK, OK...enough
Parker's new bike... he LOVES it!
Launching himself down the slide
That soccer ball is like his "Wilson"
Parker sliding with his ball
Look at that face!!!!!!!! How can you resist it!?!