Monday, April 11, 2011

I am NOT that miserable pregnant lady

I will NOT be that miserable pregnant lady. I will NOT be that miserable pregnant lady. I will NOT be that miserable pregnant lady.... man, not complaining about aching ALL over, swollen feet and exhaustion is tough! BUT since I'm NOT that miserable pregnant lady, I will pretend to be super happy to be this gigantically huge and paste a smile on my face! :) In all actuality, I am THRILLED to be pregnant. I am OVER THE MOON to be carrying what looks like a full term baby. I am grateful she hasn't come while Daniel and my family are out of town. I'm appreciative to have more time to finish projects/get ready/spend special time with Parker before Avery comes. And I'd have to say, all those things do overshadow the aches, pains, gut kicks and exhaustion. 

Parkerman has been a super snuggler recently. Maybe he knows Miss. Avery is on the way soon? I actually do think he knows "something" is up but I'm 100% sure he has no idea what it is. He's told several people he's getting "a dog" when they ask if he's going to get a little brother or sister. He does know "Avie's" room and her things but obviously has no idea who "she" is. He finally started pointing to my belly and saying "baby" but then he smacks it... hard... we're working on that!

At the end of last week, we went to my parent's house. I was on week #2 of having Parker and the dogs alone and was in major need of a mental break! Daniel is working his butt off so he gets time with Avery when she's born and unfortunately, it's been out of town. BOO! Thankfully, my parents are MORE than willing to take us in and give me a break! In fact, I got so much of a break, Parker started calling my mom "nana mommy." At first I was kinda offended because obviously I want to be his only mommy but I know he means it endearingly and I'm so glad he has a special bond with my mom. Here are some pictures from our visit:
Monkey bars with nana!
My beautiful parents!
Airplane hunting!
Happy slider!
Little man loves the park!
Speaking of that little fella.... he woke up at 10:20pm covered in spit with his shirt soaking wet. I'm thinking 2 year molar? We're currently snuggled watching "Dabo" aka... Barney until the motrin kicks in! Mama's sleepy but duty calls!


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