Friday, April 1, 2011

Something's Gotta Give

You know those super moms... the ones you wonder "How in the world do they do it all?" I'm pretty sure the answer is that "something's gotta give" but they will NEVER let you know what it is exactly that's "giving!" Well, here's mine..... meals. This week, I've been doing the single parent thing. Of course, I'm only telling you this now since my hubby is now HOME from his week away on business because Lord knows there are some crazies out there who I definitely don't want knowing when I'm alone! Back to the meals... my friend, Jamie made me a healthy meal on Tuesday and since then, I made one vat of tortellini, ate out and consumed massive amounts of goldfish crackers. YUM... goldfish... the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions.

Me and the little man have had a really good week overall. Only one 2 year old meltdown which was SOO funny. It was bedtime and he was trying to drag his basketball hoop to bed with him. I told him he couldn't sleep with the hoop and in protest he wrapped himself around it. I pried him off it and let him sleep with the ball but holy cow were there some serious tears, kicks and screams! It was hard not to laugh....bless his heart...the kid loves his hoops! I will tell you, I think 4 days with Daniel gone is my limit. Today was day 5 and I had to walk to the mailbox twice today even though I'd already gotten the mail. My tolerance for the "whines" obviously ends at day 5. Thankfully, having a buddy over for a few minutes snapped him out of it and we're back to smiles! In fact, before bed, he was dragging around my calendar (of him) talking to "baby" which is actually pictures of him from last April. He has NO clue it's him. Precious.

I leave you with exclusive, non facebook posted, pictures. They aren't actually from this week but we laid low this week so I didn't snap any pictures. With Daniel gone and my parents in and out of town, we certainly didn't want Avery coming this week so I didn't do much that could spur on labor! Instead, I sewed, shot crazy amounts of hoops on the toddler goal, watched way too much Army Wives and ate terribly. Something's gotta give, right? I plan to make a large amount of something healthy Sunday so that we have healthy meals for next week. Maybe I'll even start freezing a meal or two a week from now until when Avery comes so we have a little stash for after she comes! :)

OK, OK...enough
Parker's new bike... he LOVES it!
Launching himself down the slide
That soccer ball is like his "Wilson"
Parker sliding with his ball
Look at that face!!!!!!!! How can you resist it!?!


  1. it's hard cooking for one, so i freeze meals! you should try it! I have tupperwear stacked in my freezer! I take my lunch to work so I also save money on eating out! :) Works for me!

  2. Do you have any good suggestions for meals that freeze well? You know I'm clueless in the kitchen!

  3. spaghetti sauce, just cook the noodles right before eating. crock pot soups & stews are wonderful for this. I just recently made a pork tenderloin, sliced in small pieces and now make sliders for lunch! (just remember to freeze the meat separately or you won't be able to pull them apart). mac n cheese and potatoes do well in the freezer. meatloaf. ummm... I seriously freeze everything I make! ha! can you tell?

  4. oh... casseroles are wonderful as well! and I did this right before i had coleman and it was wonderful not having to cook! If you need any recipes, ask me! i have tons!! :)