Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pampers and Pampered Chef

Ya'll.... today I got the BIGGEST surprise. Begrudgingly, I showered at 11:30 to go to a 12pm Pampered Chef Party. I was TOTALLY not into it. You know me enough by now to know I DO NOT COOK and thus, the need for overpriced kitchen utensils is just not up my alley. HOWEVER, my dear friend, Holly sounded super bummed when I told her I didn't want to come and if I did, I was ordering a spoon to support her and leaving SO I drug myself there. WEARING.... black daisy duke maternity shorts that are too small, a red long sleeve t-shirt and my hair half hot rolled. Yes, that's right, I hot rolled the bottom, decided it was taking too long, and put the top in a barrette. It's a good thing these friends love me regardless. My husband was in on this and he might be sleeping on the couch tonight for not suggesting that maybe I spiff myself up a bit more!

I was SOOO out of it, I didn't even notice that everyone already seemed to be at the party even though I was there at 11:58... always punctual, people! I walked in and it didn't hit me until I noticed Holly in tears and large amounts of pink balloons. I believe my first reaction was to tell Holly she was an asshole.... MOSTLY because she let me come to my shower in black daisy dukes. I'd love to post pictures BUT since it was a surprise, I didn't have my camera!

This was THE BEST SHOWER EVER (minus the how big is Taylor's belly game...seriously, who likes to see a GIGANTIC piece of measuring tape NOT fit around their waist! I joked that I was offended when someone cut her piece and wouldn't you know, she won!)! It was a diapers and wipes shower... BIGGEST BLESSING EVER!!!!!!! Avery now has diapers until she's in size 3 AND they're my favs.... Target brand!!!!!!!!!!! I need a storage unit for all of her diapers! I also had to put her 9months+ clothes in the attic because all of her clothes don't fit in her closet. Can we say BLESSED?!

The food.... OMG. I called a friend to thank her today and she said "you'd do the same for any of us" and I can honestly say, no I would not have! They went ABOVE AND BEYOND! Lobster and crab dip. pizza with fancy stuff on it, cheeses that I don't know the names of, cake balls, cookies with Avery's initials, grapes in some delish white stuff with nuts and sugar maybe? I don't even know because it was classy stuff. I would have been just as pleased with a fruit tray from Harris Teeter, cheese its and frozen pigs in a blanket but they went ALL out!

I was and still am COMPLETELY blown away by my friend's generosity! Holly, you were an AMAZING host! You are the only person to EVER surprise me and I am SO sorry that I was such a sour puss about coming to your Pampered Chef party (which I still didn't stay for but did place an order for a pancake batter bowl that I'm sure I'm going to love). Kelly, thank you for helping Holly and for my gift card! I love you to pieces and I know you skipped sky diving to come today and that means SO much! Mom, seriously, you flew from NYC just to come... that's love. Parker loves the pink sleep bunny and he and Avery are apparently going to have to share it. Everyone else, thank you for the amazing food, gifts and fun! I am blessed beyond words to know each of you! I'm STILL in shock!

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  1. Taylor, don't forget what a good friend you are to people too! you threw me a "tailgate" shower even after we had not spoken in over a year! :) You made me feel so special, and i'm sure you do the same for all your other friends!