Thursday, April 7, 2011

Come on FedEx Truck!!!!

You know the saying "A watched pot never boils?" Well apparently "a watched FedEx truck never arrives." I've been waiting horribly impatiently for WEEKS for my new, bigger, better embroidery machine. The first one came in and it was a LEMON! AH! So I had to send it back. The second one is coming from Brother which makes me feel better except they've taken over 2 weeks to send the darn thing. According to my tracking number, it comes TODAY! The only problem is I was planning to have all of my orders done by now and I was heading out to get my car worked on etc today. Essentially, we had plans. Those plans are still in place but are being pushed back dramatically as the minutes pass and the FedEx truck hasn't arrived. I heard one this morning at 8:30.... I JUMPED to the front door.... it was UPS bringing Daniel a package for work... MAJOR BUMMER... especially since yesterday FedEx came at 1:30pm and UPS came at almost 6pm.... not that I've been stalking them or anything...

SO I wait and write super boring blog posts about FedEx trucks... Now that we're nearing nap time, the question becomes.... to put Parker down for a nap and risk having to wake him up (he's NOT a happy waker upper) OR skip the nap and risk a rough 5-7:30? Decisions Decisions.


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