Saturday, February 25, 2012

Park play

Yesterday we woke up to 72 degrees and sunshine! It was glorious! Knowing the rain was coming, I threw shorts on my unshaven legs, put on a hat and tossed the kids in our wagon! We had a nice hour or so playing in the woods by the stream and on the swing set before the wind kicked up and brought the rain. Despite having a totally shattered screen (mega sad face) my iPhone caught some sweet pictures of happy babies playing outside. Side note: yay for phone insurance! My new precious (I mean phone) will be here Monday!

Happy weekend! I know I sure am! The hubs volunteered to take the kids and let me sleep in until 9:30! I feel like a half of my day is gone but it sure was wonderful!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy birthday to ME!

It's my birfday! I am 21 for the 7th year in a row! Weird right?

We've really been celebrating all month. I gifted myself my kitchen tile backsplash in early February which i love! I also used birthday money to buy kitchen barstools. On Sunday, we met my family at a delish hole in the wall Mexican restaurant for margaritas, chips and queso and ice cream cake. Fun times had by all!

On Wednesday, my parents watched the kiddos so Daniel and I could go out to dinner. We ate at the cheesecake factory and I had my usual jambalaya pasta. It is insanely tasty! Daniel gifted me the BEST present EVER! Consuela, my robot vacuum. She is my new best friend and works amazingly! Well she did... She suffered a fatal wiring defect and consuela 2.0 is being shipped. I don't even care... I love her. Seriously. I am now a believer. (mine is a neato, not roomba because that brand worked better for my needs) I miss her already and I've only been without her 1 day. She makes the most beautiful carpet lines. I heart carpet lines! ... Enough to have posted a picture... See below.

Today I hosted a fun play date and everyone brought me PRESENTS which was so not my intentions but I'll never turn down a Starbucks gift card! We played at the park this afternoon and tonight after dinner, Daniel gave me another dairy queen ice cream cake. So basically for my birthday, I got tile, barstools, a vacuum and 5 extra pounds!

Here are some pictures from our festivities!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Recap in iPhone pics!

Happy President's day! I have been having so much fun with these 2 munchkins lately! We've had the weirdest weather here the last 4ish days. It will be 68 and sunny one day and 40 and rainy the next day! We spent the weekend playing outside one day and snuggling inside while it rained the next day!

As always, the iPhone doesn't stray far from my hands and thus lots of cute new pics to share! In totally random order, enjoy this dose of preciousness!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Playing Around

Parker and Avery have been playing SO well together lately. Now that she power crawls and stands, Parker finds her much more entertaining to play with. On Valentine's Day, I snapped a few pics of the kids just playing around the house after naps. Nothing extraordinary but just sweet memories that make me smile.

Don't text and drive, Avery!

Parker request that I photograph his toys and then he immediately wants to see the picture.

Avery loves to play with wipes boxes. I mostly just posted this photo because she looks like a doll.

Belly tickles by daddy

Play room fun

Going grocery shopping

More pictures of Buzz and Woody flying

Does she not look like a mini Chris in this picture (for those who know my dad?!)

Funny face!

Avery loves to crawl through tunnels!

TIGER face!

Playing catch with daddy

Parker in his Buzz jammies

I could take pictures all day long of these two!

Zoozy Zoo

For those of you whose children are/were Barney enthusiast I bet you're now singing the "What did we see at the zoo? What did we see at the zoozy zoo" song. No? You weren't? Parker has seen the "Let's go to the Zoo" episode a gazillion times and could watch it a billion more. He LOVES "aminals!" His preschool has been learning about zoo animals this month so I figured it was a perfect time to go. I told him yesterday before bed that we MAY go to the zoo and when he woke up the first thing I heard over the monitor was "MOMMY, it's a zoo day! I see elephants and lions roar!" It was 68 and sunny so it was a great day to go even though the rest of SC apparently thought so as well and it was PACKED!

Parker was most excited to see the lions, tiger, elephants, giraffes and zebras but left the zoo talking about the cow and meerkats. haha. Parker was really good for the most part and walked with me the whole time. Avery slept the whole way there and back. While we were there, she was just along for the ride in the stroller. It was almost as if she knew this day was for brother and she was just content to ride around and site see. Minus two brief meltdowns and my inability to fit the stroller into any of the bathrooms so I "held it" ALL DAY LONG, we had a wonderful Parker, Avie and Mommy day at the zoo!

Here are some pictures of our day!
Classic Parker face! He was afraid of the birds flying overhead.

...Avery on the other hand tried to pet the bird multiple times and enjoyed her up close encounter. EXCUSE my puffy, non-eyelined eyes. Clearly the "sleep training Avery sleep deprivation" has caught up to me!
Checkin' out some "aminals"

"Mommy, MEERKATS!"

This was the grumpiest, fattest meerkat! All of the other meerkats were running around and making the crowd laugh. Clearly this guy needed some happy pills and Jenny Craig.

Standing like a Flamingo

Hmm.... I love that sweet face!

Precious Avery feeding herself. Like I said, she was just along for the ride today and SO easy going!

LOVE THIS FACE! Parker has mastered the art of eye rolling. The elephant was pooping and this was his reaction.

Love her.

Another of my sweetest girl!
Fun day at the zoo! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Self photography

I always get a kick out of Facebook photos taken of oneself by oneself. They're almost NEVER good! I've done a few in my day but mostly just to send a picture to my hubby or close friend of a new hair style, top, etc.

Tonight I left my phone on my bed while I put Avery to sleep. Parker was hanging out in my bed catching a pm edition of curious Jorge. I returned to 46 self portraits! Almost all of them had the same expression. Totally classic Parker move. Too cute not to share a few!