Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Playing Around

Parker and Avery have been playing SO well together lately. Now that she power crawls and stands, Parker finds her much more entertaining to play with. On Valentine's Day, I snapped a few pics of the kids just playing around the house after naps. Nothing extraordinary but just sweet memories that make me smile.

Don't text and drive, Avery!

Parker request that I photograph his toys and then he immediately wants to see the picture.

Avery loves to play with wipes boxes. I mostly just posted this photo because she looks like a doll.

Belly tickles by daddy

Play room fun

Going grocery shopping

More pictures of Buzz and Woody flying

Does she not look like a mini Chris in this picture (for those who know my dad?!)

Funny face!

Avery loves to crawl through tunnels!

TIGER face!

Playing catch with daddy

Parker in his Buzz jammies

I could take pictures all day long of these two!


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