Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life at a slower pace!

Life is finally calming down at the wise household! We're totally in our new house and loving it! The kids are adjusting well and 99% of the boxes are unpacked. What's left are little things like hanging towel bars, curtains and shower curtains. The only outstanding furniture to be delivered is the couch, bar stools (which I'm so glad my dad and I found and in an awesome avocado color at pier 1) and a mirror over the mantle which I've yet to find but when I do will jump on it! Anyone seen a large circular red mirror anywhere?

We still have what feels like a contractor a day here but lately they've been doing outside stuff so I don't feel so obligated to stop my day to chit chat regularly as to not seem rude. I appliqu├ęd 3 shirts yesterday for Parker and have hopes to do a coordinating one or two for Avery today... Once I finish other household chores of course!

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos the last few days for your viewing pleasure! (iPhone post so excuse me if the pics are all out of order and anything below looks out if whack! I'm still trying to figure out this phone and have come to the conclusion that it is smarter than me)

Parker coloring on the chalkboard wall.

Princess avie on our family walk.

Hugging in the tub. Recently Avery has preferred showers (weird, I know) but since she's been congested is getting a bath at night And a shower in the morning to reap the benefits of steam

Wandering the neighborhood trails

A picture of the kitchen with the table. Imagine a pretty centerpiece, avocado bar stools and something cute over the fridge... They're coming!

In other exciting wise family news, Avery now takes naps in her crib and sleeps a large portion of the night in her crib. We're making strides! ... And Avery's new love of showers allows me to have time to shave my legs! For real! Moms of mobile 9 month olds who refuse containment, you'll appreciate that tidbit!

That's life at the wise household! Stay tuned for the kids valentine's day cards to be posted soon! Preciousness on a 4x6 piece of glossy paper!


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