Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy birthday to ME!

It's my birfday! I am 21 for the 7th year in a row! Weird right?

We've really been celebrating all month. I gifted myself my kitchen tile backsplash in early February which i love! I also used birthday money to buy kitchen barstools. On Sunday, we met my family at a delish hole in the wall Mexican restaurant for margaritas, chips and queso and ice cream cake. Fun times had by all!

On Wednesday, my parents watched the kiddos so Daniel and I could go out to dinner. We ate at the cheesecake factory and I had my usual jambalaya pasta. It is insanely tasty! Daniel gifted me the BEST present EVER! Consuela, my robot vacuum. She is my new best friend and works amazingly! Well she did... She suffered a fatal wiring defect and consuela 2.0 is being shipped. I don't even care... I love her. Seriously. I am now a believer. (mine is a neato, not roomba because that brand worked better for my needs) I miss her already and I've only been without her 1 day. She makes the most beautiful carpet lines. I heart carpet lines! ... Enough to have posted a picture... See below.

Today I hosted a fun play date and everyone brought me PRESENTS which was so not my intentions but I'll never turn down a Starbucks gift card! We played at the park this afternoon and tonight after dinner, Daniel gave me another dairy queen ice cream cake. So basically for my birthday, I got tile, barstools, a vacuum and 5 extra pounds!

Here are some pictures from our festivities!

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  1. O fun! I totally believe in a birthMONTH nut just a birthday. :)