Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello from my iPhone!

Daniel brought home an iPhone for me a month or so ago because he's awesome... And because we've been married almost 5 years and I was still on my parent's account. I know... Cut the umbilical cord, right?!

Anyways, I've not really had time to figure out all the nifty features yet but I sure am enjoying instagram and words with friends! Anyways, tonight I found blogger on the app store! I've always wondered how people upload instagram photos so I'm giving it a swing!

I'm not quite sure how to comment underneath each of then so here's a brief explanation of the totally random pics to follow probably totally in the wrong order but you're smart and I'm sure you'll figure it out :

Our new house! The backsplash that was installed today and a close up of it. Avery's cute hiney post bath. Parker getting his mullet cut (our most successful trip yet!). Avery sitting nicely while brother got his hair cut in her precious smockadot whale outfit. The kids riding in style at the Starbucks in the mall. Clearly it was nap time and they look less than thrilled to be at the mall but any photo of the kids in the same picture is worth publishing!

Ok. Hitting submit! Let's see how it works!


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