Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Lovin'...


I will admit I am NO fashionista. I try to get the biggest bang for my buck which usually means boring clothes I can mix and match to make different outfits and adding a necklace or scarf. Now that I'm out of the itty bitty baby phase and I'm able to shower and occasionally shave my legs, it's time to step up my game. I refuse to be the mom in yoga pants while her daughter wears smocked dresses and more expensive shoes than my own. Which happens... and I'm out of excuses as to why other than LAZINESS. I've focused this season on buying myself some "out of my comfort zone" clothes. So far, I'm feeling sassy in my colorful skinny jeans and funky shoes!

I've started using chevron in some of my appliques... particularly in this turkey and I'm LOVING it! So are customers because we're running out of this material FAST! 

I have some yellow skinny jeans that I thought gray would look fantastic with but I'm really trying to buy printed tops so I immediately thought of a gray and white chevron top Lolly Wolly Doodle had on sale recently. Of course, I haven't seen it sold since I've had this epiphany but if they do, I'll grab it! I was unable to find a picture on google but it was cute... really cute... non- buyers remorse cute.

That got me thinking... which can be scary... but it got me thinking that chevron is a print without it being too crazy of a print so it's just outside my comfort zone but not too far that I feel silly.

I bit the bullet and bought my first chevron piece.... this dress for Clemson games that received rave reviews on facebook!

Compliments fuel the fire so now I'm all about this trendy new "print"! I've done a little research to round up some pieces I'm lovin' for your viewing pleasure:
I am DYING over this! I can't find it anywhere in a store but I LOVE it!

This one is OUT of my comfort zone because of the bright colors but I love it on her... and her skinny body.  If you're skinny and 21... go buy this dress and that belt!

This is the MudPie dress I bought in purple and orange. They have so many cute colors for gameday! (non Southerners.... in the South, we dress up for football games. It may sound crazy but it's some ladies FAVORITE part of the college football experience!)

So cute for summer and early fall. I love the skinny belt and cut of the top.  Once again, couldn't find it in stock but I may have to hunt for it this spring!
LOVE... it's cream and black and I want it. This is from   Of course, it too is out of stock but I may be on a "notify me when it comes available" list. This I can totally do. Classic colors. Defined waist. Some sleeves for warmth. I hope it comes available soon!
We can't leave out the kids. How precious is this gray and white chevron dress that was on Smocked Auctions recently?! I didn't buy it because of Avery's hair color and skin tone (yes I think about these things with my 17 month old) but it would be adorable with a yellow or aqua monogram! I'd be all over it if the dress were aqua chevron or pink chevron for Miss. A!
This fun little number is from Lolly Wolly Doodle. It's obviously too bold for an adult but it's too cute on this elementary school girl!
Whatcha think? Cute, right?! I know there are some crazy colors in the mix and other than for game day (which is clearly Clemson colors) I'm not quite ready for the bold color chevron dresses YET but that cream and black one is screaming "TAYLOR, BUY ME!" Have you found any fun chevron pieces this fall? If so, post the link in the comments section!


  1. AGREED! LOVE IT!! The sleeveless one is so you, especially with the cardigan! BeautiFUL! I die over the long sleeve ones. I even love the neon one, sans belt, (who cares if you're not 21! ;) I also love the black and cream one. GREAT taste my dear!!

  2. Do you have a link to the first picture you researched? The one with the yellow cardigan. Also I saw various chevron (but not crazy bright chevron) in the Ivy & Leo store in uptown in founders hall so you might want to check it out. I think they have a store location in southpark too.

  3. Emily, the first dress was from a fashion blog:

    She bought it from Modern Vintage Boutique but its not in stock anymore! :/