Monday, October 8, 2012

Oak Island

I power blogged in September and have since dropped off the face of the earth! Sorry! I, once again, over committed myself with sewing orders and needed to complete 24 orders in 5 days.... which I didn't manage but I came close! I was time crunched because on Thursday morning the kids and I headed to Oak Island, NC with my parents for a long weekend. Daniel joined us late Friday night after work for a fun, family beach day Saturday.

We had never been to Oak Island and were pleasantly surprised with how pretty the beach was. The sand was clean and there were pelicans and dolphins everywhere! It was really wonderful for the kids. I was worried that the kids would time out quickly on the beach but they proved me wrong by staying on the beach from 10 to 3:45 on Saturday! The town was quaint but a bit sleeper than we're used to. Thankfully, we were looking for R&R anyways so it worked out.

Speaking of rest... little miss slept fantastic on Thursday night, terribly Friday night and for 2 hours Saturday night. The only way to keep her from crying was to hold and sway her so I held her and swayed her from 10:30pm to 4am so she wouldn't wake everyone up. I'd sway her to sleep, lay her in the pack n play and she would immediately scream. WHEW. Eventually I got so desperate, I curled up in the pack n play with my feet hanging over the side. She laid on my chest for an hour sleeping and I spent the 2nd hour sitting up in the pack in play with her curled next to me like a cat. It pretty much sucked but I now understand why kids hate pack n plays and probably won't bother bringing one next time. You would think she would have slept the whole way home... not so much. 1 hour.... Vacationing with kids is really more like changing scenery for a few days because I usually come home needing a vacation from vacation. During the day was SO fun.. the night... not so much.

We toured the island and really enjoyed playing at the inlet during low tide. Parker was in his element making endless tracks in the sand for Thomas and Percy to forge while Avery ran the beach and met new doggie friends. The beach was dog friendly so A was in heaven! A fishing tournament was going on while we were there and apparently sharks liked the bait used to catch spanish mackerel. The fishermen would slit the sharks they caught and throw them back in so Saturday morning the shore line was covered in dead sharks. As morbid as it sounds (and it really is sad) it was so national geographic to touch and get up close to the sharks. Parker kept shhing us.... apparently they were napping. Sweet, innocent boy!

Daniel and I went on a dinner date Saturday in our Clemson spirit wear. Thankfully, we ate with the senior citizens so we were home in time to watch the most exciting parts of the game! So proud of my Tigers!

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend on a beautiful beach. It's always fun to explore new places but it's also wonderful to be home in my own bed (and Avery's own crib!).

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  1. looks like a great time!
    Luke and I just had a night very similar to what you described-- up the second you lay them down, asleep once you're swaying and snuggling. I think we managed about four hours for the night, and I'm crossing my fingers this is a quick phase!