Sunday, October 28, 2012

Neighborhood Halloween Party

This is our 1st Halloween in our new neighborhood! We were excited to go to the Halloween party and haunted trail the social committee put together Saturday night. They went ALL OUT! Parker dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Avery was a fairy. I was hesitant to buy her a costume in case she wouldn't wear it so I just got fairy wings and everything else I found in her closet. I thought she was SO cute! Parker was happy to be Buzz but as usual, not happy to have proof on camera.
I think she looks 5 in this picture. So grown up!
What did I think would happen if I gave her a wand? Straight to the mouth!
This wagon has been worth its weight in gold! Best mode of transporting kids around a neighborhood ever!
Avie eventually jumped ship and pulled her brother. Strongest 17 month old EVER!

We have amazing walking trails through the woods and the social committee converted a small portion of it into a haunted trail. They let the little kids come through at 7 and didn't spook them (even though it was still pretty creepy!) and then ramped it up with zombies and people jumping out at you at 8. 
Parker staring at a "dead" kid.... like I said... still a bit too scary for the little kids! Whoops! We didn't know. Thankfully, no nightmares!
After the haunted trail we all went to the clubhouse for yummy food and one of the Charlie Brown movies. Parker and his friend, Jonathan, sat for the entire movie but Avery... not so much. We decided she must have thought she was dressed as a social butterfly instead of a fairy because girlfriend worked the room over and over! 
Parker and Jonathan were content to watch the movie together
I'm not sure if you can see Avery's face but it is CLASSIC. She was pretty excited to see "A DOG!" (Snoopy) 
The kids had a great time and we were really impressed with the detail that went into planning the party. I'm so glad we took the kids to this because actual Halloween night is supposed to be in the high 40's! BRRR!!!! Plus it's a Wednesday and who really wants to keep their kids up late and sugared up on a school night anyways? I think Halloween/trick or treating should always be the 4th Saturday of the month of October. Who's with me?!
I hope you all have a fun Halloween week filled with pumpkins, costumes and candy... but only the good stuff worth blowing all those calories over!!!

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  1. They look adorable! I love our neighborhood and the great people in it! We are blessed to have the Wise family as friends!