Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Post for Parker

Sometimes I feel like I write a lot about Avery because she's SO all over the place, she offers up a lot of good writing material.... such as climbing onto our kitchen table and practicing her gymnastics by hanging off the kitchen chandelier. It happened...Pray for us.... whew.

Then there is Parker. He is focused. He finds one thing he's really into and pours himself into it. His daddy is the same way. They're loyal. We went through an ONLY Toy Story phase, then Cars, then back to Toy Story and now we're ONLY into Thomas and Friends. I say "we" because it is a family affair. I can't tell you the last time he watched Toy Story or played with those toys with the exception of wearing TS pajamas and the day we went to Disney on Ice.

He role plays with those trains ALL DAY LONG and recreates movie scenes. Today I was James and I shunted Henry to safety no less than 15 times. Sir Topham Hatt was cross with me when I lost my "coal special" but Henry saved the day and found my tender of coal in the abandoned mine. He makes his trains apologize to one another, puts them in time out when they've been "naughty" and always uses "please," "thank you," and "you're welcome" in his conversations between the trains. I like to think he treats his actual human friends the same way. Sweet, sweet boy.

My boy has the most compassionate heart. Lovie asked me to snuggle him Sunday night (when he should have been in bed) but how do you say no to that?! I laid on the couch with him on my chest like you would a newborn and we watched football. When someone would get tackled he would declare "Oh no! Are you OK?!" You need to say you're sorry!" "Go to time out!" He would get concerned when a player would come off the ground dirty and tell me, "He is dirty! He needs soap!" Daniel and I have accepted that Parker will not likely be a football player in the future but I sure enjoyed hearing his deep concern for the players.

With the exception of leaving the Disney store toyless, when Avery Godzilla's the train table or when she is mean to him, he is a really, really sweet boy. We're out of the tantrum phase (Praise the Lord), he sleeps 12-13 hours nightly at our house or away now and no more night terrors (mega answer to prayer)! What a difference a year makes!

Parker, this post is for you. I ALWAYS want you to know how VERY special you are to me. You told me today "you have 2 babies but I was 1st." I love that you still view yourself as my baby.... because you are and always will be. I love you because of your compassionate heart, your sweet words of encouragement, how you treat your sister and friends and your loyalty. You are literally the sweetest and most thoughtful 3 year old I've ever known and your father and I love you all the way to God's house and back, Parker Wise!


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