Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Photos Flash Back

Almost loosing my pictures in the great computer crash of 2012 has seriously got me emotional. My tech savvy hubby spent hours in his office trying to retrieve them. By the time I went to bed, I felt ill that I had lost SO many photos of the kids and hundreds of dollars in applique designs. Thankfully, this morning, I awoke to a very proud hubby who had YouTubed videos and retrieved 52,000 files from my fried computer!!!!! They were all promptly backed up and will continue to be daily from here on out! Lesson learned!

Immediately after thinking I'd lost all my pictures, I pulled out my CDs of professional photos and started uploading them to shutterfly in case I loose the disk. That way I have the ability to print them, put them in books or even blow them up on an afghan if I ever desire to have an afghan of my face. You never know.... I just may.

In the process of uploading last year's fall session I came across these jewels. Our photo session for this year's fall pictures which I plan to use as our Christmas card picture is November 2nd. I can't believe how much has changed since then! Avery looks totally different and Parker still enjoys having his picture taken about this much:
Avery actually looks like a chunky baby here. My guess is that she weighs the same now as she did then... she's just leaner! I think the spit up running down the dress is classic. You should also know she's sitting in a huge blow out poop.... I can't say I miss the spit up and constant blow out poop phase. A is still so much of a baby to me despite being 17 months now. She's still about this size, she can just run, climb and jump now!
 If you've read the blog while, you probably know I'm forever trying to get a great picture of all 4 of us... A huge blow up on a big canvas worthy shot! Our photographer, Alicia Sutton with Alicia Sutton Photography, has tried everything short of doing back flips to make it happen for us but usually someone just isn't cooperating. Can you tell who that was this time?
Oh Parkerman, is it really THAT hard to smile for 10 minutes? But how cute does Avery look in her daddy's lap!?!?!

We did come out with a few cute ones I'm not sure I've shared before and if I have, it's been a while.
We may not be able to get a fantastic whole family shot but we usually get fantastic daddy/son, mommy/daughter shots! I treasure these!

And I leave you with one to make you giggle.... How do I top this?!

This year, I've decided we're going for some candids at our photoshoot. We'll try a pose or 2 as a group but realistically, we're a roll in the leaves, chase each other around kind of family at this stage of life. What should I expect with a 3 year old and 1 year old, right?! And lastly... how is it already the holidays?!?! Wasn't it JUST Christmas like 4 months ago?


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