Friday, October 19, 2012

Peace of Mind and Pumpkins

Since finishing my last round of chemo for Hodgkin's Lymphoma on January 31, 2008, I am no stranger to the oncologist office. Thankfully, as time passes I'm able to go less frequently. I'm down to just 2 visits a year which is both exciting and terrifying. There is something comforting about having CT scans. I know in my heart that I am healed from cancer but I treasure a piece of paper confirming it. I wish I had the faith to TOTALLY put it behind me but I'm human and I'd be lying if I didn't admit to thinking about the "what if's" ... particularly around the time I see "Dr. Hellner 9:30" on my calendar. Yesterday was the day!

I'm SO close to being considered in remission (January 31, 2013) that instead of having my usual CT scan, my oncologist agreed to a chest x-ray instead. It's a happy/sad for me. I just assume have a PET scan that would catch any little bit of cancer but the risk are higher and its a lot of radiation.... and $8,000. Have I ever mentioned how much I loved having PET scans?! They wrap you up in warm blankets like a burrito, give you a zanex, place you on a tiny table in a circular machine and play chirping birds while you stare at the ceiling painted with cherry trees and birds overhead. Its so relaxing that I usually fall asleep.

The x-ray was quick, less radiation and WAY less expensive so we went that route this time. I'm sure if anything looks questionable, they'll perform a CT scan but I am pretty excited to be moving closer to my remission date even if it does mean less check ups (aka... medical peace of mind). I know God will use this time for me to find more peace in His healing and less in a piece of paper with images I don't understand anyways.

My mom and Avery joined me while Parker was at school and Daniel was at work. I LOVE taking my miracle babies to the oncologist office! Avery was such a little ray of sunshine in a typically less than cheery place. Miss A ran around the office making people smile while I had blood work, a check up and my x-ray.

My appointments are usually a family affair. We've all come to love Dr. Hellner. If you ever end up with cancer (which I pray you don't!), I encourage you to look up Dr. Hellner with Levine Cancer Institute. She's been a real God send.

Afterwards, my mom, Avery and I did a little shopping, had lunch and picked up my new laptop from Best Buy. I am SO thankful Daniel was able to retrieve my files but the hard drive was DEAD. It was such an old netbook that it made more sense to buy a new computer than a new hard drive so here I am... typing on my new HP! It's twice the size of my netbook so it's taking some time to get used to but I'm really liking it!

We picked Parker up from school then headed to Hall Family Farms to enjoy some outdoor time on a GLORIOUS day! The kids enjoyed a hayride, getting dirty in the sand box and picking a pumpkin! Parker picked the biggest and most expensive pumpkin left in the patch... he is MY son... he's got nice taste.

Parker is a bit under the weather so I brought him home, put him in his PJs and laid him on the couch. I put on Beauty and the Beast and was SO pleased he wasn't begging me to put on Thomas! Come to find out, he fell asleep 5 minutes into the movie but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to enjoying it. I still knew EVERY word to EVERY song. Watching it got me a little excited for Avery to enter the Disney princess phase as long as the princess sass doesn't come with it. Girlfriend is sassy enough as it is!

I don't have my x-ray or blood work results back yet but I'm sure they're fine. I have peace in my heart about the results but my human mind is looking forward to the "you're all clear" phone call. Only 3 more months and I'll be considered IN REMISSION! Which I will be celebrating by throwing myself a party!

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  1. Good for you Taylor! God is so wonderful! Hope you throw a HUGE remission party!