Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A hodge podge of subjects

What a BEAUTIFUL week! I have loved the chilly, pumpkin spice coffee worthy mornings and sidewalk chalk in shorts afternoons! Of course, this weather doubles my laundry which we already know I'm ALWAYS behind on. The mountain is back.... or maybe it never left. 

Update on my last post: The Dr. called and I'm still cancer free!!! WOO HOO! My remission date is officially 1/31/2013 so get ready for a party 2/2/2013! I may already have a pinterest board dedicated to it. God is SO good!

Parker is STILL sick.... worse, in fact. Even though he's 3, those preemie lungs still struggle to ward off any sickness. What starts as a little cough, ends with 2 weeks of congestion that lands in his lungs. Welcome back, RSV season. :/ I kept him home from school this week because we're scheduled to go to the Great Wolf Lodge Wednesday and Thursday. Thankfully, despite his coughs, he still feels pretty well so we're still going. (Sorry other parents... I HATE to be THAT mom but he's had it for 2 weeks, no fever.... at least he'll be around chlorine).

Avery is now only getting up once a night which is a HUGE improvement from the 4-7 times she was getting up the last 2 months. I'm starting to feel like a new woman. 

Today was picture day at Parker's school so I did swing him by to snap a shot then we skedaddled. (I've never typed that word before... I kinda like it). Afterwards, we went to early vote which apparently the rest of Waxhaw also decided to do so we once again SKEDADDLED (I promise I won't use it again this post... but seriously.. such a fun word). We'll try again tomorrow morning on our way to GWL with daddy in tow to help wrangle the lovies. 

{Quick jump on a soapbox} Go vote... I won't tell you who for... just do it. It's it's a privileged many of us take for granted. Local friends... you can vote early almost any day of the week so NC, local friends.... no excuses not to! {Off soapbox}

Because Avery is sleeping at night, she's having a hard time with naps (Heaven forbid she do both) so we headed outside to walk the trails in our neighborhood with camera in tow. Parker forbid me to take his picture politely so I respected his wishes (sort of) "No pictures, please, mommy." So here are a few cute shots of Little Miss who is, despite taking a walk, still fighting her nap in her crib. She will loose but she'll put up a good fight. Feisty little red head!

Love them! I'll be back soon with a Great Wolf Lodge update!

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  1. so SO glad you're still cancer free! Praise God! :)