Friday, September 6, 2013

That time Parker wore Tinkerbell panties on his head in public

Just another day at the Wise household! 

This morning, I loaded up the swagger wagon and headed to Birkdale where we met my mom for some fun! I packed a super healthy picnic of Chick-fila goodness and we enjoyed lunch by the splash pad. The kids scored some Starbucks cake pops from a random man who accidentally decked Avery when she came out of the potty. He felt SO bad that he bought her a cake pop to make her stop crying. It worked. Parker looked him in the eye and said "I'd like a pink one" so he obliged and bought him one too. I wish more people would knock Avery over in Starbucks if it meant free cake pops!

At first, the kids didn't seem too interested in playing in the splash pad but that didn't last long!
Liam enjoyed batting at the water and rummaging through other people's bags for snacks. Clearly, the chicken nuggets, fries and applesauce I fed him just weren't enough. Kid can eat... so much so that we have to monitor his eating so he doesn't over eat.  Golden Corral Syndrome (GCS for short.... it sounds more like a real medical condition then) is the worst feeling!
Miss. Avery was much more interested in the flowers and birds today. I just adore having a little girl! She makes me stop and appreciate my surrounding much more than I normally would.
In the process of changing Avery into her swimsuit, Parker discovered Avery's Tinkerbell panties and spent the next 15 minutes like this:
Here's the funny thing... Parker doesn't wear underwear. EVER. It's part of his tactile issue but apparently it's completely acceptable to wear on your head. One day he'll be totally grossed out that he wore his sister's USED panties on his face but today, he thought it was great fun! Thankfully, the other patrons at the splash pad were good sports about it. I'll spare you the other 15 pictures I took but they're equally as adorably funny.

OK, I lied.... one more.
This 20 month old boy kept looking at Parker like, "Something is just not right about you!" haha
 We had a rare moment where all 3 kids were still and I heard my mom yell "Grab your camera!" I snapped 8 pictures continuously. It's rare to get all 3 kids close enough to be in the same camera frame, much less {kinda} looking! 
We got back in our play clothes, ate some chocolate TCBY with M&Ms and strolled Birkdale. So basically, to sum our day up... we ate junk food all day and enjoyed being outside. I FINALLY found a pair of tennis shoes that I like at Dick's so I picked those up while we were shopping around. What's with all tennis shoes being florescent these days?!

I feel so blessed looking in my rear view mirror at my car full of sippy cups, smashed goldfish and Iron Man clad kiddos!
Enjoy your weekend!


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