Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midweek Confession Link Up!

Y'all... I'm typing this alone.... in sweet, blissful silence. Parker is playing at a friend's house, Liam is "napping," and Avery actually is napping. HUZZAH! I should be putting up dishes and other housewifey chores but instead I'm taking some "me" time. E, at E, myself and I is hosting a midweek confession link up and you know I can never pass up a good midweek confession link up!

Here we go!

1. I often find myself watching Antiques Roadshow. Sadly, I find it super entertaining. I don't own a single antique. In fact, I don't really like antiques but I am SHOCKED at what some people's crap is worth! It almost makes me want to become a hoarder.. cause you never know what you're aunt's step father's best friend's carved horse pipe might be worth! In the head to toe Dale Earnhart fan's case on the last episode I watched, it would be worth $25,000. Yes, you read that right.

2. I think my computer is an alcoholic... this week alone it has had a glass of wine and a margarita. I'm gonna have to have a talk with it... or its user.

3. I LOVE my life... but once in a blue moon, I'm envious of my sister's lack of responsibilities. My younger sister lives in NYC. I live in the suburbs of Charlotte. These are our lives.
Note: I would want her life for 1 day (and night and until noon the next day so I could sleep in) ...  and then I'd want my chaotic but blessed life back!

4. I've never owned a pair of Toms. Apparently I'm the only person who hasn't jumped on this bandwagon. I hear camo shoes are SO in this year so I finally tried on a pair of Tomish shoes (they're Steve Madden brand) and I'm in love. I've got not a clue what I'll wear with them but they're like little clouds on my feet.

5. There is a spelling mistake on Avery's preschool "what I did today" report. It bothers me... a lot. I can misspell things all day but when someone else does, it irritates me. #doublestandard

6. I don't have a twitter account but I LOVE to hashtag. Over hashtagging, however, is obnoxious. Keep it to 2... 3 max, friends!

7. Today, I abandoned a cart. {GASP} I NEVER leave a shopping cart in the parking lot. It's rude and lazy. There may be 2 types of people I dislike more than cart abandoners.... 1. terrorist. 2. child abductors. In my defense, Avery and I parked at one end of the shopping complex but the weather was so nice that we walked all the way to Target on the other side. Then, Target happened and I couldn't carry all our treasures to the car. So really, it was Target's fault... or maybe the weather's fault. I still feel guilty.

Well the little miss has woken and is now back asleep in my lap which means I should really spend this time catching on up the DVR and sniffing her. Please tell me you also smell your sleeping babies so I don't sound so strange.

Anyone want to join me? Confess away here or on facebook!


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