Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pumpkin Painting

Where did September go? Well, wherever she went, I welcome October with open arms! I love all things pumpkin, crunchy leaves and fall! I couldn't wait to buy pumpkins for the kids to paint! I always have these grand mommy moments in my head about how fun these activities will be... and then someone eats paint. That perfect vision quickly vanishes and I panic because one kid's eating paint and the other is painting herself but that's life with 3 toddlers! 

We grabbed some pumpkins on sale at HT ($5 for these big pumpkins! Holla!) put on some mismatched play clothes and got to painting... or eating it if you're Liam ;) 
We're working on some tactile issues with Parker so I thought we'd give finger painting a whirl. The pumpkins weren't the prettiest but he surprised me with how willing he was to try it, even if it was a messy project.

Avery is ALL about some art! She loves to paint. She painted her pumpkin for twice as long as the boys. 

Liam didn't understand. I mean, the paint was on a plate... obviously it means it must be eaten, right?  Thankfully, it's crayola washable non toxic paint ;) But goodness gracious... those eyes!

After our pumpkin painting, the kids stripped off any paint covered clothes and played in the backyard. If you don't have a nice Tonka truck for outside, buy one! All the kids love this dump truck!
Liam LOVES the dogs! He enjoys chasing them around the backyard. When he runs and is excited, he closes his eyes which works out for him about 0% of the time. Bless his heart. Check out how tall he's getting!
 Even though my visions of Pinterest perfectly painted pumpkins wasn't exactly reality, it was still a fun activity! Also a plus, using washable paint means I can clean them off and we can go it again as many times as we want :) 

Happy Fall Y'all!


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