Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mommy Fail

Do you ever have days where things are just funny... or SO wrong but still worth laughing at? I feel like that's been my last 24 hours. Full of mommy failures that thankfully aren't bad enough to be defining moments in their precious lives (at least I hope not) but that sure make me giggle. I suppose this is sort of along the lines of my confessions from yesterday which always seem to be the most popular blog posts. I'm starting to feel like y'all like to read about my failures.  The good news is, I usually get a fun facebook thread going of yours too which makes airing my dirty laundry SO worth it!

I'll start with last night....

5-7pm are the witching hours.... can I get an amen. The hubs had to work late which meant I was home alone to make dinner, applique 4 shirts by the next morning, pack lunches, bake cookies, get the kids in the tub and to bed alone. I can do it but usually not gracefully. Last night a sweet friend dropped by unannounced to bring me my tastefully simple order.... a bucket of margarita mix.... so clearly she was welcomed with warm hugs and an invitation in.... to find my son in his pajamas eating "breakfast for dinner" aka.... fruity pebbles while playing on the iPad. A fine moment indeed... but it gets worse. Avery spent half our conversation eating her dinner sitting on the kitchen table while I chatted with my friend by my kitchen island which looked like a small sewing sweat shop. Only until she left did I also realize my outfit for the day... bra and undies included were on my counter top  (hold judgement).. because... I tried on a prom dress for my husband in he kitchen while he was rushing out the door for work. It's the truth... I promise... but I can only imagine what she must be thinking.

This morning I went upstairs to start a load of laundry and left Avery (big mistake) downstairs stacking blocks like a baby genius in a cute little Mud Pie outfit. When I returned, I found her pantsless, with the fridge door  open, chowing down on a hot dog. Who doesn't love a cold hot dog at 9:30am? It was one of those "the deed is already done" moments so of course, I snapped a picture... and then confiscated her hot dog... by giving it to the poor dog who waited so patiently for her to drop it.

I turned on a DVRed Curious George episode while I did a fridge clean out. Apparently that was unacceptable viewing material because I later found she had changed the channel to a Jerry Springer episode entitled "I'd rather have sex with her." Whoops. I counteracted it with a quick showing of "Praise Baby.... My Father's World." Obviously the later stuck because when we were at lunch she sang her prayer with great delight and screamed "YAY Jesus!" for all of Qdoba to hear.

Which brings me to my next failure... Avery and I ate Qdoba 2 days in a row for lunch. I unbuttoned my jeans in the process of polishing off my queso burrito. In my defense, I'm wearing my "boots jeans." You know, the pair that makes your legs and butt look GREAT but they may cause mini muffin tops so you wear jackets and tunics to hide that and still look cute? Yeah.. that pair... so I unbuttoned the top button and haven't buttoned it back yet but once again the burrito was life changing and totally worth it. Also life changing is this bag of popcorn from Trader Joes which I've hidden in my house away from the kids. FACT.

Picking up Parker from school can cause me serious anxiety. Lets just say the teachers have been receiving a lot of Starbucks gift cards lately and I've been doing a lot of post-school laundry. Today while in the pick up line, the Christmas Shoes song came on and I immediately changed it. That song is to radio as The ASPCA commercials are to TV... you change it or end up a tearful mess and out $20 from your donation to the first charity you come across. I changed the station to the next button on my preset, picked Parker up, chatted with the teacher about how he's in the pants I sent him to school in (PRAISE the Baby Jesus!) and pulled up to the "buckle up" section.... which is when I realized the lyrics to the song playing were something along the lines of "your Sex is like a paradise." I didn't get the whole gist because I flung myself into the front seat from the back seat to quickly change it back to "Christmas Shoes" but the damage was done... I picked my son up from his Christian preschool at a church to a song about sex.... Fabulous. 

Since I have been totally rocking out motherhood in the last 24 hours, this afternoon will be filled with lots of "Jesus loves me," Pinterest sensory bags and a home cooked meal prepared in a family heirloom apron.... except not really.

My sister and I enjoy texting each other funny pictures... Here is todays:

Got any good mommy fails to share?!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Midweek Confessional

It's been a while since we've done some confessing! I hope you'll join with me by commenting below or on the fb thread where I post my blog!

Ok... lets dive in....

1. As you may know, we're on a pretty strict new diet since Parker was diagnosed with food allergies. We're still trying to figure it all out and it's a big learning curve. I've definitely made some mistakes but I'm now working with a nutritionist to help me out. While we were on the phone with each other yesterday, she mentioned food I need to purge from my pantry to "heal our bodies" such as coffee.... which I was consuming while on the phone with her and alcohol.... which I enjoyed a glass (or 2) of when the kids went to bed.... so I'm off to a great start...

2. When Parker is in school, I consume a weeks worth of carbs. Today, Avery and I stopped by Qdoba for lunch and it was so good I took a picture of my burrito that weighed about as much as Avery. I believe the phrase "just smoother it in cheese sauce" may have been spoken while I was ordering. I ate every bite and regretted not adding chips and queso to my order.

3. I'm TERRIBLE at Elf on the Shelf.... he's currently riding our knife set. Totally appropriate, right?! I have also "tanned" him on the toaster, hung him upside down on the chandelier and made it look like he was stealing Parker's fruit snacks. The only problem is that I forget to do it most nights so I'm always telling Parker "looks like you've got a few more minutes to make a good impression on him before he goes and tells Santa!" Then, when P isnt looking, I move him.  I'm pretty sure I'm ruining the magic of this little game by constantly forgetting. BUT.... lets be honest... Parker is still totally uninterested in Santa. He thinks Santa is what you call the inflatables in people's yards. He thinks mommy and daddy give him presents on Christmas because it's Jesus' birthday and for some reason Jesus gives his birthday presents to Parker. He doesn't quite have the concept down yet but that's alright with me!

4. I don't floss... ever.... I went to the dentist this week and thanked her for my every 6 month flossing. I'm not sure she was amused but maybe she was charmed by my honesty.

5. Speaking of the dentist.... y'all know I'll befriend a brick wall so the hygienist and I were chatting since the TVs were down (ie.... the only good reason to go to the dentist.... 45 mins of non-cartoon TV!) and we discovered we're neighbors. She dropped by prom dresses for me to try on for a party I'm going to this weekend and we talked for an hour. I'm very pleased to have a new friend even if it does mean I feel pressure to floss... I've also discovered that I am no longer a "junior" and prom dresses and I aren't friends. I'd also like to add that brides are evil because I've been trying on my fair share of borrowed bridesmaids dresses in hopes that one won't be awful and it's just not the case. No, we won't be able to "wear them again!"  Where do you wear a satin lavender, floor length, side ruched dress, bride?  No where!

6. Back to our elf... we named him Lester... Lester Lester the Child Molester to be exact.... and I wish it hadn't "stuck" but it did. We had a very sweet moment on Thanksgiving where we read the book and explained the elf and asked the kids to name him. Avery so sweetly said "Jesus" which is what she calls every man. Parker said "no thanks!" because Christmas isn't his thing until he gets a present or Christmas cookie. Daniel announced that he looks like a pedophile which is sadly true... he's a creepy little thing and the concept of him staring at you all day is a little peeping Tomish. That spun off it's own conversation of calling him Chris Hanson (to catch a predator... remember that show?... "I'm just here to be a father figure and the beer and condoms are totally not for her.." Yeah right creepo...) Anyways... that spun into Lester Lester the child molester and then Parker picked up "Lester".... Whoops. Why couldn't we have named him something cute like "Jingle" or "Elvis" or "Buddy".... anything but LESTER!
 What did you name your elf? Do you have any good ideas other than sitting him on your knives because clearly I've got that one covered.

Your turn!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012!

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house in North Charlotte. It was GLORIOUS! The weather was perfect so we spent most of the day outside playing. The food was good and the company was better! My grandparents from Atlanta, aunt from Georgia, uncle from Fayetteville and sister from NYC all came. My parents needed a group picture for their Christmas card and despite the instant hives I felt start to surface due to group picture anxiety, they got 2 fairly usable ones. Hey, we're all in the photo even if only 1 kid is looking in each picture! Considering a 12 year old took these with my DSLR, it's a Thanksgiving miracle they came out this good!

My parents live across from a park. Avery loves the slides and swings but they weren't so good to her on this day!
This didn't end so well....
You may see a mulch pit barrier.... Parker sees train tracks!
Parker had SO much fun this Thanksgiving. He was feeling better and had so much energy! He created a game called "crash and bash" where the rules were very simple..... ride a small firetruck down a hill and crash. This game entertained him for at least an hour. 
Seeing my sister was definitely one of the highlights of my Thanksgiving!
I love this picture of my parents! If only Peyton would sit!
Avie's face had a rough Thanksgiving after 3 separate falls but she sure loved the extra attention and constant hip surfing! 

If every Thanksgiving could be as relaxing and fun as this one, I'd be one happy mama!

The list of things I am thankful for is longer than Santa's "nice list." It would start with the obvious answers like "God, my marriage, my kids, my parents, our home" and would end with something like "International Delight iced coffee, Cottonelle, Shutterfly and squeaky shoes." What I'm most thankful for recently are answers and solutions for Parker's tummy problems. He's a totally different kid and I couldn't be more thrilled to have my happy, healthy 3 year old buddy back! We let him splurge at Thanksgiving with a few bites of things he shouldn't have and he immediately broke into a full body rash and his stomach became distended, just confirming what we now know: Our little man has allergies and in order for him to feel best we've committed to removing eggs, dairy, wheat and soy from his (and mostly our) diets. It's TOUGH but I'm thankful for an answer to prayer for Parkerman. Thank you, Jesus! Amen!

Onto Christmas!


After Parker's Thanksgiving feast at school, we rushed home to host a play date. Our buddies Anna, Lily and Shiloh who moved to Texas were back in the Carolina's visiting family so we stole them away for a few hours of fun! Brandi, Logan, Landon, Amber and Zury also joined us. The weather was BEAUTIFUL so we spent a good portion of it in the sunshine, playing on the swing set. It was SO wonderful watching these 4 play again!
When the Alls family moved to Texas, Shiloh wasn't walking yet. I couldn't believe how grown up and beautiful she's become!
Landon is also now a walker... and sand monster!

Avie hogged the swing, as usual!

This photo was taken in August of 2011 when they were SO tiny!!!
From youngest to oldest: Landon, Shiloh, Marshall, Jonah and Avery. Avery looks like a GIANT. She's 3 months older than the youngest (Landon) who was only about 2 weeks old in this picture.
Parker, Zury, Logan and Lily enjoyed twirling around on the tire swing. 

It was as if they had never been apart! I love these sweet kids and wish we got to see each other more frequently!

Parker's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Parker's preschool class hosted a Thanksgiving feast the Tuesday before turkey day. It was the perfect excuse to try to get a picture of all the kids in his class so I didn't feel like I had to purchase the obligatory $20 "official class photo."  Of course, it takes me 30 pictures to get one usable shot of JUST Parker so getting a picture of all 10 kids was going to be pretty much impossible but I gave it my best shot....27 of them to be exact! How cute are they?!?!

Starting with Parker and going to the right: Parker, James, Colby, Ellery, Micah, Alex, Pierce, Bode, Mackenzie and Ian

Parker and Ian
Dressed as pilgrims and indians

Parker and James playing with their stick turkeys
Me and my buddy who is much more interested in his lunch than photography!
I love love love Parker's preschool and feel so blessed to have him there! Happy turkey day!

Friday, November 16, 2012


You know how God meets you sometimes in the strangest of places? Avery was in a dancing mood today so I went to YouTube to give her a little background music to bop to. I'm slightly ashamed to admit her favorite is the "Gangnum Style" song. It's probably a filthy song but it's got a catchy beat and who doesn't love that dance? PLUS.... lets be honest, I've got NO CLUE what he's saying other than "Hey sexy lady." Anyways, I digress... after a dance party in the kitchen, they ate lunch and were off to the play room. I switched the music to Hillsong while I washed the lunch dishes.

God met me while washing up the rice, almost dairy free mac n cheese and strawberries Parker toyed around with for lunch. He calmed my spirit and turned my eyes to Him. I have been overwhelmed and frustrated lately. I feel like I'm raising a child right now that I don't know. He feels crummy, acts different and is WAY overusing the phrase "I don't want to." That's a fun one....

Songs of encouragement were laid on my heart one after another and I feel so full of peace and hope. It's as if He said "I've got it."  That's not to say life isn't a bit harder right now but I feel more equipped to manage knowing that in my weakness, He is strong. Though I feel a bit drained in the patience department, I'm finding a constant stream of praise music filling the house to be a source of strength.... which I just mustered to clean the explosive diarrhea off the couch...with compassion nontheless.  (a sign the detox/clean out is working?! PRAISES!)

"For NOTHING is impossible for YOU! You hold my world in YOUR hands!" is my all time favorite song line (Healer by Hillsongs and also done by Planetshakers and Kari Jobe) which is from Luke 1:37. It was my anthem through cancer and continues to be comforting in tough times. Lately I've really held onto "I may be weak but Your spirit's strong in me. My flesh may fail but my God you NEVER will!" from "Give me Faith" by Elevation Worship, a church right down the road from me! I'm jealous of the people who get to go to Lakewood Church in TX and yet I have my very own little "Lakewood" down the road that I don't go to.... gotta fix that. No more using the kid's dislike of church nursery as an excuse!

I know I must not be the ONLY one feeling a bit depleted. I wanted to share some songs on my heart today that I'm finding to be the greatest source of encouragement and peace. I've created a YouTube playlist that's on repeat and SO blessing my spirit today. Here's my list:

"Give me Faith" by Elevation Worship

"Healer" by Hillsong

"Oh Praise Him" by David Crowder Band

"How He loves us" by David Crowder Band

"Come Thou Fount" David Crowder Band Version

"God of this City" Chris Tomlin

"Hosanna" by Hillsong

"Mighty to Save" by Laura Story

"Redeemed" by Big Daddy Weave

"Blessings" by Laura Story

I'd love to add more to it so PLEASE comment below any Praise and Worship song that you find encouragement and peace in. 

While we're at it, I suppose I should also start a list of more kid appropriate dance party songs too!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Egg, Dairy, Soy and Wheat Allergies

I've started this post 3 times and deleted it. The first seemed like I was about to host a pity party, party of 1, the 2nd overly chippy and fake and the 3rd just too dramatic. So on attempt #4, I'll just go with the truth and facts.

Parker has been "off" lately. He's constantly bloated, his belly is hard as a rock and distended. He's been irritable and not the most fun to be around even though we still love him to pieces. He's so bloated sometimes it's actually causing him to have pee accidents because of the pressure on his bladder. 4 times today.... Fact.

We've had poop problems with Parker since the day he was born. So much so that the neonatologist thought he had NEC. Come to find out, things I was eating wasn't settling well with him so I went on a bland diet but with lots of coffee to help his insides if you know what I mean. When we switched 100% to formula at 8 months, the problem seemed to fix itself. Fast forward 3 years later when we potty trained... It wasn't easy but he finally pee potty trained. Poop was a different story. He either poops little bits all day long (like 7-8 times a day) or doesn't poop for days until we take drastic measures to make him if you know what I mean. We've noticed the last few weeks he wasn't acting like himself. His eczema is worse, he lays around and whines, he's bloated, always tired and wasn't pooping for 5 days in a row almost religiously. That's when we finally put our foot down and decided to figure out what's going on with our buddy.

We headed to the doctor's office to have blood drawn and talk to Dr. Smolen which is where I was given this lovely diagram:

Something about eating food, it's consistency and how it forms poop? Not so helpful but a funny memento.

We got the results of the blood test yesterday and I'm SO thankful that he doesn't have a serious problem. He does; however, have an inconvenient issue. Poor kiddo is allergic to eggs, wheat, soy, and dairy which is pretty much 95% of his diet. A light went off in my head.... why hadn't I thought earlier that he might have more than just a chili pepper allergy?! He's a highly allergic child... we know that. He has seasonal allergies and the weirdest food allergy ever in chili pepper so it only makes since that he would be allergic to the majority of the things on the "most common food allergies in children" list! I am SO thankful that he isn't allergic to peanuts and tree nuts or I'd have to figure out a way for him to eat lentil beans or something for protein!

After a few calls back and forth to the doctor, we decided to focus on his main 2 allergies: eggs and dairy. Originally I was planning to 100% cut EVERYTHING and then realized that pretty much leaves him eating rice cakes and apple slices. I went to the grocery store twice yesterday and left in tears. I knew it would be hard but I didn't know HOW hard... and expensive! We're still planning to cut soy and wheat as much as possible, especially this 1st month or so to make him feel better as soon as possible but I'm so thankful we don't have to be as strict as I originally thought we would. 

This will be a big lifestyle change for us but I know it's not only going to be great for Parker but eating healthier surely isn't going to kill Daniel and I either. But this will...

Daniel tried to make a "mean green" smoothie last night and we were dry heaving trying to drink it. Kale, Celery, Green Apples, Cucumbers and water.... GAG.

For snacks I made rice cakes with PB, local honey and raisins. Avery loved it and Parker tried one bite before declaring it was dirty and he needed a clean one (without PB, honey and raisins.... so the good stuff). This is going to rock his world but my hope is once he starts feeling better, he'll learn to enjoy eating these foods and return to a happier, healthier, less irritable and bloated Parkerman.  

We appreciate your prayers and any advice you have on raising kids with food allergies.  I'd also love any toddler friendly, egg and dairy free (and mostly soy and wheat free) recipes you may have! We could use all the help we can get!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Pictures Reveal!

Last night I spent hours going through our pictures from the "Old Navy photoshoot"  with Alicia Sutton Photography to create the 2012 Wise Family Christmas Card. I finally finished around 1:30am and I am feeling that late night this morning!
You'll have to remember that Parker was so misbehaved that day that I spent most of the photoshoot close to tears.... so all things considered I am pleased with the outcome. I wish Parker had worn his vest I scoured the city for but it just wasn't gonna happen! 

We got a great shot of the kids individually and a nice family picture to adorn the Christmas card with. I'm saving posting those until after everyone has received their cards but I'm happy to share the rest.
I brought a football for Parker and Daniel to play around with. I had visions of boyish actions shots dancing in my head but little Miss was much more interested in the deflated football than her brother was.
Daniel eventually grabbed Parker, the football and announced "here is your football shot..." It turned out surprisingly cute!

The light was so pretty with Avery's bright coat and grey/blue eyes

We got a canvas worthy picture of Parker and I was elated! It's on the Christmas card so I can't show it yet but here are two others of the most handsome little boy who hates having his picture made!

See the tree above? Climbing it in was the only way to keep Parker still and smiling so the majority of our Christmas card worthy photos are in the tree. The only problem is it looks like 2 legs spread open and we're all coming out of it. I giggle at the thought of being worried about our Christmas card looking like an Old Navy ad because now I've renamed it something infinitely worse.... "The Happy Vagina Tree Christmas Card" which I realize is totally inappropriate but when you see the full uncropped picture, you'll know why!

Avery got in on the tree climbing as well.

After a quick change in the parking lot, the kids were ready for Christmas! Well.... Avery was... Parker was ready for time out and a nap.

Now that I've got these photos back, I was able to finish up a lot of Christmas presents. Thank you Shutterfly! I'm feeling good about where I am on my Christmas list, cards are ordered and the Christmas decorations are beckoning me from the shed. Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in the Wise household!

Monday, November 12, 2012

What's goin' on?

Sorry for dropping off the blog world again! I have no good excuse other than I have been busy playing trains.... lots and lots of trains. I saved the Diesel Works today... it was a pretty big deal to a certain 3 year old. 

"So what's going on in your life, Taylor?" I hear you asking....

I've got enough sewing orders to keep my machine running for the next week straight. While I enjoy doing them, I get anxious about having such a long list! Parker and I went shopping today to restock my shirt stash and found a whole 7 shirts but we had a good time just the 2 of us.

Avery is still anti-clothing and spends most days in a diaper and t shirt. Her new favorite phrase is "NO ANTS!" (pants). I feel like the worst mom EVER because I know she's got to be cold but she takes her pants right off and socks are a waste of time! She yanks one off while you're putting the other on! Little booger.
This is Avery right now... laying on the kitchen floor with the iPad while I type on the kitchen island

Parker FINALLY goes to the bathroom without me prompting him every 2 hours or so. Of course he strips from the bottom down to do it but I suppose it's a step in the right direction! Speaking of P-man, I took him to the doctor for blood work on Friday. It took multiple times to get the blood drawn but he was SUCH a trooper! Oh it broke my mommy heart but I knew it was the right thing to do. TCBY afterwards miraculously healed him. Praying for answers. I'll expound more when we know more :)

I had a complete meltdown yesterday over a doughnut. It rivaled the nutty bar incident when I was pregnant with Avery but no tears were shed and I didn't make Daniel sleep on the couch. I don't even really like doughnuts but when your husband goes to Krispy Kreme and brings home a dozen doughnuts, you expect at least 1 to be an original glazed (the only kind I eat!), right?! WRONG! All nasty creme filled... all 12. I was mad that "he hadn't thought of me".... I wasn't "I'm divorcing you mad" or even "you're sleeping on the couch mad" but I was "I'm going to make you feel bad about this for most of the night mad." I tend to think of myself as fairly level headed but sometimes you just want a damn, hot original glazed KK. (you know what I mean, ladies?)

I got photoshop CS6.... I also got over 30 hours of tutorials on how to use it. Holy guacamole it's overwhelming! I now know how to use curves and levels... doesn't that sound impressive?! Don't be too impressed.... I can't figure out how to save my work!

It's been SO nice here the last few days that we've really enjoyed taking family walks. The camera came along on Sunday!
Watching the dogs do their business


Avie walked the pug the ENTIRE walk!
That just about sums it up. A long list of sewing orders... a mountain of laundry.... don't even get me started on my ironing pile..... but the kids are happy, fairly healthy and well fed sooooo..... success ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teaching my Kids to Vote Biblically

My mommy heart is so heavy tonight. I swayed Avery back and forth before bed with tears streaming down my checks. This election was so different from any election in the past for me. I have kids now. I have their futures to consider.

I've always taken my political decisions seriously. I do my research. I don't vote straight ticket. I vote in more elections than just presidential. I took my kids to vote even though they didn't understand much more than the reward of a sticker. 

They'll understand one day because I'll teach them. They'll  learn that it's their civic duty. Avery will understand the sacrifice many people made so SHE could have the right to vote. They'll learn that their 1 vote may not sway an election but if each person who thought that way voted, it may. I'll teach them to do their research and above all to consider their decisions with prayer. 

Sometimes their candidate will win and sometimes they'll loose but in the end, I'll teach them that God is over all earthy men in authority.

"He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding" Daniel 2:21

They are free to make their own decisions based on their convictions but I pray they consider the Bible as their greatest resource of direction. 

"All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness" 2 Timothy 3:16

I voted. I don't LOVE either candidate but I understood my choices, their platforms and what the Bible says about my "big ticket items." 

"There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood" Proverbs 6:16-17

I believe that women have the right to make decisions on behalf of their own bodies up until the point she's growing another life who is unable to speak for him/herself.

"Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer." Romans 13 2-4

I am a pool rules reader. I've never liked the phrase "life isn't fair" although I know it to be true. I do; however, still believe in rewarding good and punishing evil.

"The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender." Proverbs 22:7

It's no secret our nation is in a heap of debt. Someone has to pay it and it weighs heavy on my heart that my children will be paying for it. We need a balanced budget and plan for debt reduction.... yesterday.

 "For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat" 2 Thessalonians 3:10

I know this verse sounds harsh but it speaks to my beliefs on job creation, disability and welfare reform. 

Those are some of my "big ticket items" and how I feel the Bible speaks to them. They may be controversial and my intentions are not to offend but to offer my perspective and conviction, politically. You can still be my friend if we disagree. I agree to disagree.

As I sit here and type this post, I've been listening to praise songs, in particular "God of this City" by Chris Tomlin. Whether Obama or Romney wins, the lyrics are my prayer tonight for our nation:

"You're the God of this City
You're the King of these people
You're the Lord of this nation
You are

You're the Light in this darkness

You're the Hope to the hopeless
You're the Peace to the restless
You are

There is no one like our God

There is no one like our God

For greater things have yet to come

And greater things are still to be done in this City
Greater thing have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done in this City "

Monday, November 5, 2012

18 Months! ... A Half Birthday!

Avery Madison, you are 1 1/2 years old... 18 months.... no longer a baby! You are our sunshine and bring us all so much joy!

Everyone who meets you is instantly charmed by your smile, red hair and southern drawl. You have started speaking much more lately and speak very clearly. Your favorite phrases are "bye bye," "thank you,""I'm stuck,"  "all done," "all gone," "Yes, Jesus," "bad dog" and "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

You're OBSESSED with dogs, particularly Luna, our neighbor's new rescue dog. You also like trains, baby dolls, slides, wagon rides, shape sorters, shoes, being outside, water and playing on the iPad,

Your favorite song is "Jesus Loves Me. I sing it to you before each nap and bedtime. You rock back and forth and sing "Yes! Jesus! Me! Yes! Jesus! Me!" Singing this song is one way to get you to smile for pictures! You also LOVE to pray. Every time you sit in your booster seat you rock back and forth and sing song "God! God!" then yell "YAY" and clap for yourself when you finish. It's ADORABLE!

You pretty much eat anything. This month you found a love for asparagus, pickles (gag), sub sandwiches and CANDY. Baby girl, you've got a sweet tooth! You climbed chairs to get to the Halloween candy bucket so I moved it to the counter and then I found you on top of the kitchen island. You shimmied straight up the barstools and self served M&Ms! You do not discriminate when it comes to candy or chocolate.... you like it all. On the other hand, you eat freakishly healthy for a child your age. Apples, grapes, peas, asparagus, grilled chicken, salsa.... you eat it all!

You have become quite a daddy's girl. Yesterday you sat in his lap for extended periods of time and played with the iPad. I'm pretty sure he would have bought you a pony had you asked. Your new love for pickles and sub sandwiches is really sealing the deal for him. You got in trouble for jumping on the dishwasher door so you ran to your daddy's office and beat on the door until he opened it as if he was going to OK you jumping on the dishwasher. You're a smart cookie! Lately, if daddy runs an errand in the afternoon, you'll choose to go with him instead of stay home with me! I'm SO glad you love your daddy but I hope I'm not loosing my buddy!

You've become a MUCH better sleeper. You either sleep from 7:30-6:00 or you'll sleep from 7:30-3:30 and 3:35-6:45ish. Getting up once a night is SO much more tolerable than the 6-7 times a night you used to wake up. You also consistently nap 2 hours at 12:30/1pm. I feel like a new woman so THANK YOU!

You're still a peanut. You wear size 12 months but lately I've been buying you 18 months just so they last longer. We went down a size on the diapers since the bigger ones were falling off so now you wear a 3. We went to the doctor today for your 18 month check up and you weight 19.2lbs (.76%). You are 30 1/2 tall (15%) and your head width is 18 inches (32%). You are a perfectly healthy, peanut! When the doctor showed me the front of your chart, it was blank. No allergies. No concerns. No health problems. Not so much as an ear infection.  I teared up. I wish that so much for your brother! Don't ever take your health for granted, baby girl! I pray for you guy's health daily. You are beyond blessed!

Today, we dropped Parker off at school and then did some Christmas shopping. You ALWAYS have to stop and play with the Old Navy dog. Today you tried to ride him. After shopping, we went to the pediatrician for your 18 month well check. We had to wait an hour so you occupied your time by coloring on your development survey. You were amazing.... no tears! You didn't even acknowledge that you got a shot. I was SO proud of you! After the appointment, you napped for over 3 hours! After dinner, we celebrated your half birthday with an "Ice Cream Sundae Cupcake" and "Happy Birthday" song. You ate the cherry on top but not much else. Maybe next time I'll cover a cupcake with pickles, reese cups and peas... I know you'd eat it then! 
Avery Madison, you are SUCH a joy! You are busy, loud, fast, passionate and sassy... we wouldn't have it any other way. You are the "red headed little girl" that I prayed to God for and thank Him for EVERY single day. You and your brother are daddy and my heartbeats. We love you more than you'll ever know but will strive to show you every day, sweet girl!