Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Pictures Reveal!

Last night I spent hours going through our pictures from the "Old Navy photoshoot"  with Alicia Sutton Photography to create the 2012 Wise Family Christmas Card. I finally finished around 1:30am and I am feeling that late night this morning!
You'll have to remember that Parker was so misbehaved that day that I spent most of the photoshoot close to tears.... so all things considered I am pleased with the outcome. I wish Parker had worn his vest I scoured the city for but it just wasn't gonna happen! 

We got a great shot of the kids individually and a nice family picture to adorn the Christmas card with. I'm saving posting those until after everyone has received their cards but I'm happy to share the rest.
I brought a football for Parker and Daniel to play around with. I had visions of boyish actions shots dancing in my head but little Miss was much more interested in the deflated football than her brother was.
Daniel eventually grabbed Parker, the football and announced "here is your football shot..." It turned out surprisingly cute!

The light was so pretty with Avery's bright coat and grey/blue eyes

We got a canvas worthy picture of Parker and I was elated! It's on the Christmas card so I can't show it yet but here are two others of the most handsome little boy who hates having his picture made!

See the tree above? Climbing it in was the only way to keep Parker still and smiling so the majority of our Christmas card worthy photos are in the tree. The only problem is it looks like 2 legs spread open and we're all coming out of it. I giggle at the thought of being worried about our Christmas card looking like an Old Navy ad because now I've renamed it something infinitely worse.... "The Happy Vagina Tree Christmas Card" which I realize is totally inappropriate but when you see the full uncropped picture, you'll know why!

Avery got in on the tree climbing as well.

After a quick change in the parking lot, the kids were ready for Christmas! Well.... Avery was... Parker was ready for time out and a nap.

Now that I've got these photos back, I was able to finish up a lot of Christmas presents. Thank you Shutterfly! I'm feeling good about where I am on my Christmas list, cards are ordered and the Christmas decorations are beckoning me from the shed. Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in the Wise household!

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  1. oh these are precious! You'd never know Parker wasn't cooperating. What a beautiful family!