Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012!

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house in North Charlotte. It was GLORIOUS! The weather was perfect so we spent most of the day outside playing. The food was good and the company was better! My grandparents from Atlanta, aunt from Georgia, uncle from Fayetteville and sister from NYC all came. My parents needed a group picture for their Christmas card and despite the instant hives I felt start to surface due to group picture anxiety, they got 2 fairly usable ones. Hey, we're all in the photo even if only 1 kid is looking in each picture! Considering a 12 year old took these with my DSLR, it's a Thanksgiving miracle they came out this good!

My parents live across from a park. Avery loves the slides and swings but they weren't so good to her on this day!
This didn't end so well....
You may see a mulch pit barrier.... Parker sees train tracks!
Parker had SO much fun this Thanksgiving. He was feeling better and had so much energy! He created a game called "crash and bash" where the rules were very simple..... ride a small firetruck down a hill and crash. This game entertained him for at least an hour. 
Seeing my sister was definitely one of the highlights of my Thanksgiving!
I love this picture of my parents! If only Peyton would sit!
Avie's face had a rough Thanksgiving after 3 separate falls but she sure loved the extra attention and constant hip surfing! 

If every Thanksgiving could be as relaxing and fun as this one, I'd be one happy mama!

The list of things I am thankful for is longer than Santa's "nice list." It would start with the obvious answers like "God, my marriage, my kids, my parents, our home" and would end with something like "International Delight iced coffee, Cottonelle, Shutterfly and squeaky shoes." What I'm most thankful for recently are answers and solutions for Parker's tummy problems. He's a totally different kid and I couldn't be more thrilled to have my happy, healthy 3 year old buddy back! We let him splurge at Thanksgiving with a few bites of things he shouldn't have and he immediately broke into a full body rash and his stomach became distended, just confirming what we now know: Our little man has allergies and in order for him to feel best we've committed to removing eggs, dairy, wheat and soy from his (and mostly our) diets. It's TOUGH but I'm thankful for an answer to prayer for Parkerman. Thank you, Jesus! Amen!

Onto Christmas!


  1. Great pics! I love the one of you and your sister. :)

  2. Just came across your blog.... My son, who is almost 11 months, has allergies too. We tested him at 4 months, came back positive for peanuts. But we know he's allergic to oats, and possibly carrots and corn. He's not even one yet, hasn't tried most food that people have tried. I'm so nervous to give him anything. When did you find out your son had allergies? Have you gotten him tested? Does he also have Eczema, because a lot of kids with allergies tend to have Eczema too (poor babies). As he gets close to 1, I am scared because I know I have to introduce him to new foods. I'm behind in giving him foods, because of this fear. Any advise? PS. Your Kids are beautiful!

    1. Thank you! We found out our son was allergic to chili pepper the hard way at a Mexican restaurant when he was a little under 2. That was easy to cut. We went to an allergist and did a scratch test. He has had severe eczema since he was probably 6 months old. Only recently did we discover the other allergies via blood test. Introducing new foods isn't scary if his only reactions are rashes and stuff. I'd introduce one new food every 4 days or so and keep records of what you feed him and if he's had reactions. If he has reactions like breathing problems then I would be much more cautious. Do you have an epi pen? I would recommend having one on hand just in case. Good luck!