Monday, November 5, 2012

18 Months! ... A Half Birthday!

Avery Madison, you are 1 1/2 years old... 18 months.... no longer a baby! You are our sunshine and bring us all so much joy!

Everyone who meets you is instantly charmed by your smile, red hair and southern drawl. You have started speaking much more lately and speak very clearly. Your favorite phrases are "bye bye," "thank you,""I'm stuck,"  "all done," "all gone," "Yes, Jesus," "bad dog" and "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

You're OBSESSED with dogs, particularly Luna, our neighbor's new rescue dog. You also like trains, baby dolls, slides, wagon rides, shape sorters, shoes, being outside, water and playing on the iPad,

Your favorite song is "Jesus Loves Me. I sing it to you before each nap and bedtime. You rock back and forth and sing "Yes! Jesus! Me! Yes! Jesus! Me!" Singing this song is one way to get you to smile for pictures! You also LOVE to pray. Every time you sit in your booster seat you rock back and forth and sing song "God! God!" then yell "YAY" and clap for yourself when you finish. It's ADORABLE!

You pretty much eat anything. This month you found a love for asparagus, pickles (gag), sub sandwiches and CANDY. Baby girl, you've got a sweet tooth! You climbed chairs to get to the Halloween candy bucket so I moved it to the counter and then I found you on top of the kitchen island. You shimmied straight up the barstools and self served M&Ms! You do not discriminate when it comes to candy or chocolate.... you like it all. On the other hand, you eat freakishly healthy for a child your age. Apples, grapes, peas, asparagus, grilled chicken, salsa.... you eat it all!

You have become quite a daddy's girl. Yesterday you sat in his lap for extended periods of time and played with the iPad. I'm pretty sure he would have bought you a pony had you asked. Your new love for pickles and sub sandwiches is really sealing the deal for him. You got in trouble for jumping on the dishwasher door so you ran to your daddy's office and beat on the door until he opened it as if he was going to OK you jumping on the dishwasher. You're a smart cookie! Lately, if daddy runs an errand in the afternoon, you'll choose to go with him instead of stay home with me! I'm SO glad you love your daddy but I hope I'm not loosing my buddy!

You've become a MUCH better sleeper. You either sleep from 7:30-6:00 or you'll sleep from 7:30-3:30 and 3:35-6:45ish. Getting up once a night is SO much more tolerable than the 6-7 times a night you used to wake up. You also consistently nap 2 hours at 12:30/1pm. I feel like a new woman so THANK YOU!

You're still a peanut. You wear size 12 months but lately I've been buying you 18 months just so they last longer. We went down a size on the diapers since the bigger ones were falling off so now you wear a 3. We went to the doctor today for your 18 month check up and you weight 19.2lbs (.76%). You are 30 1/2 tall (15%) and your head width is 18 inches (32%). You are a perfectly healthy, peanut! When the doctor showed me the front of your chart, it was blank. No allergies. No concerns. No health problems. Not so much as an ear infection.  I teared up. I wish that so much for your brother! Don't ever take your health for granted, baby girl! I pray for you guy's health daily. You are beyond blessed!

Today, we dropped Parker off at school and then did some Christmas shopping. You ALWAYS have to stop and play with the Old Navy dog. Today you tried to ride him. After shopping, we went to the pediatrician for your 18 month well check. We had to wait an hour so you occupied your time by coloring on your development survey. You were amazing.... no tears! You didn't even acknowledge that you got a shot. I was SO proud of you! After the appointment, you napped for over 3 hours! After dinner, we celebrated your half birthday with an "Ice Cream Sundae Cupcake" and "Happy Birthday" song. You ate the cherry on top but not much else. Maybe next time I'll cover a cupcake with pickles, reese cups and peas... I know you'd eat it then! 
Avery Madison, you are SUCH a joy! You are busy, loud, fast, passionate and sassy... we wouldn't have it any other way. You are the "red headed little girl" that I prayed to God for and thank Him for EVERY single day. You and your brother are daddy and my heartbeats. We love you more than you'll ever know but will strive to show you every day, sweet girl!


  1. OH! I saw your comment about your Avery on E, Myself and I's diaper bag post. I have an Avery who turned 18 months on 10/25!!! She is Avery Margaret (after my mom and grandmother and a few great grand mothers)So glad to happen upon your blog! Your Avery is adorable!