Sunday, October 14, 2012

Disney, Company and Crib Climbing

I've got a lot to catch up on! Tabitha, Dean and Makenna spent Wednesday-Sunday with us while they picked out everything for their new home 2 doors down from me! I'm so excited I just grin at the thought of being neighbors.... and dropping the kids off so I can grocery shop alone... or better yet visit the dreaded post office alone! Seeing them pick out all the fun things like granite, hardwoods and brick makes me want to demolish our spec home and rebuild the same floor plan with my own taste... alas... I love my home and that will never happen but a girl can dream of dark hardwoods, vintage white cabinets and sparkly, new granite, right?

Parker has fall school pictures tomorrow and I'm excited to jump up and down behind the photographer to make the kids smile for 4 hours volunteer. I love helping out at Parker's school and I am happy to help capture precious toddler smiles even at the expense of looking silly! Of course school pictures = HAIR CUT! Parker used to totally meltdown and no amount of bribery helped... even the cupcake store next door. Tell me that wasn't the smartest location ever?! Thankfully, we've now gone from tears to this:
His facial expressions are classic.

Friday was such a fun day! I took Parker to Disney on Ice with Jonathan and his mom, Nicola. We took the train to uptown and the boys had the BEST time!
Parker insisted he wear his Buzz Lightyear costume and I have to admit, I thought it was the CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!! The show was wonderful! I was very impressed and really enjoyed it myself! What I saw of The Little Mermaid was my favorite. Parker needed a potty break and it's quite an endeavor to take him potty in that costume so we missed a bit of TLM. Parker's favorite was definitely Toy Story.  I know this is going to sound terrible but I REALLY wanted to see someone fall... like bad...  Tinkerbell bobbled and I thought that might be the extent of it but by the end of the show my wish came true and I got to see 2 falls and a missed partner connection.... I was sadly pleased. It's like NASCAR... you wanna see a wreck... I wanted to see an ice skater fall.... SO successful morning for everyone.
Avery stayed with Tabitha and they had a great morning playing with Makenna and Makenna's cousin, Chase. That night, Tabitha and I went out for a drink, appetizers and shopping while the men stayed home with the kids. It was SO fun and I FINALLY finished figuring out what our family will wear for our fall pictures in 2 weeks. I've literally lost sleep over this. Sad but true. I've got a groupon for a BIG canvas and I want that elusive family photo so the attire has gotta be right! Other than finding Avery some gold flats and a hair piece, we're set. Huzzah!

Saturday we went to Daniel's company family picnic in Greenville, SC. It started out FR-EE-Z-ING. I was miserable but after it warmed up a bit and I defrosted I had a nice time. Parker enjoyed the playground and Avie enjoyed being held while her daddy played kick ball. We decided it was time to go when Parker refused to potty in the GROSS bathroom and pooped in his pants in panic... I was OK with it though because I was ready to hit the road. We stopped at Sonic for happy hour slushies. A certain little miss enjoyed her 1st Sonic experience!
That night at bed time Avery was fighting going to sleep. She was crying and then we heard THUD and a lounder scream followed by a knock at her door. Girlfriend climbed out of her crib. It's on the toddler bed setting so I had no idea how she did it until I put her back in bed and turned all the lights off. I sat in the dark watching her cry then sure enough with only her little arm strength she pulled herself up and over the crib head first before I could stop her. That perfect little noggin in the above picture is now adorned with a large blue egg :/  I'm not sure what I'm going to do. It's on the lowest setting already and we're not ready for a toddler bed and sorry mama's who use them but I just don't think I can use that net thing. Tonight I tried putting her to bed with some toys in attempts to get her to play herself to sleep and forget trying to climb out again. It worked so we'll roll with that for a few days. Man, motherhood can be complicated....

Finally, today was glorious. We hung out as a family of 4 all day. We watched football, snuggled, ate junk food and played trains. The only downer was that my computer DIED. It's OLD and it's been on it's last leg for a while. My techie hubby has now assured me it's a goner. He may be able to salvage some pictures which is all I really care about but I know that's time consuming and free time is something he doesn't have a ton of. On the plus, I can only imagine how many cool gadgets a new computer has and how fast it would run compared to my old netbook.... on the down side... I'm pretty sure this now counts as my Christmas present.

Overall, a wonderful week filled with lots of fun activities, family time and friends! Looking forward to another busy but wonderful week at the Wise's!

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  1. What a fun weekend! I love that you wanted to see thrice dancers fall- hilarious!