Monday, October 29, 2012

Good Customer Service Experiences

I feel many people are quick to complain about poor customer service (myself included!) but slow to praise great customer service experiences so today I thought I'd share some with you! Who knows.... maybe it will sway you to use their products/services and that would reward their friendliness/conflict resolution skills and CLEARLY spark a customer service revolution. Well.. we can dream...

I may be a bit obsessed with their clothes.... particularly their smocked bubbles that Avery wore all summer. They have great knits, play wear and church clothes. Their smocked goodness is my weakness! Recently I ordered an Owl Romper that I was DYING to have! Unfortunately, it took FOREVER to get to me and by the time it did, it was torn and too small :/ I've NEVER had quality problems with Smockadot until this. They sent me a new romper before I could even request they do it but it was still too small. I sent an email with some concerns I had about sizing, shipping and quality of this item and received the nicest email back from the head of production and another (bigger) owl romper. I was more than pleased with my experience and the resolution was better than I expected. While shipping is still 2-4 weeks, I still love their clothes, quality and now customer service!

My love for my vacuum runs deep. The day I opened my first neato, I promise I saw rainbows and sprinkles shoot out of the box. It's the BEST vacuum I've EVER had.... when it works. Unfortunately, every issue that can happen to the robot, has.... so I'm on my 5th. I've had fatal wiring problems, wheels stuck, fans stuck, one was stuck in Japanese mode.... I even had one melt to the charger. All freak issues that make me leery to recommend the product BUT their product (when it works right) is incredible and saves me at least 30 minutes a day of vacuuming 3500 sq feet of carpet myself. Their customer service is easy to get ahold of, they're open late and send you a new robot pretty much no questions asked for free since all of these items are under warranty. They also let you keep all the extra filters and brushes. SCORE one for Neato.

This is a chain of kid's hair cutting salons. I went to the one in Blakney (Charlotte, NC) so I can only speak for that salon. You be be thinking I'm about to tell you about how Parker got a great hair cut.... he did... a few weeks ago... today was mama's turn. How genius is this? I needed a hair cut, Daniel's schedule was too crazy for me to commit to an appointment anywhere I could go kid-less, the kids would terrorize Great Clips in a fit of boredom or walk out the door while I'm getting my shampoo on... what's a mom to do?! Well.... you get your hair cut in a kid's salon while the little ones play on the train table collecting other kid's snot as they suck on community trains and watch a movie. I fought the urge to get my cut while riding in a firetruck and sat in the normal chair. The lady that usually sweeps hair and blows bubbles for crying kids watched my kids play so I could enjoy my hair cut. I was nervous I'd look 6 but I'm really happy. I mean, I'm no Kate Beckinsale like the picture I brought in, but what did I expect for $23? Overall, great experience and I'm slightly ashamed to admit I'm pretty sure I just became a frequent client of a kid's hair salon.

This is the photo I took in to the salon as my inspiration... I'll have to give you "my version" tomorrow since she only half blow dried it so I could leave in a jiffy when a mom walked in and announced "I think my daughter has lice. It's going around her school." I'm pretty sure I threw $30 at the stylist, grabbed the kids and RAN!

Have you had any great customer service experiences lately that you'd like to give a shout out to?!

*I wasn't paid to write this or given any incentive. In fact, I paid for the romper, vacuum and hair cut so quite the opposite! I just genuinely enjoyed my product/experience and thought I'd share!

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  1. I think Neato Robotics really did a great job! Even though you had a lot of issues to settle, they took it seriously and replaced the broken one you had. Well, if businesses really value their customers, they should tend to their concerns ASAP.

    @Ruby Chelmsford