Friday, September 28, 2012

Rompers and Ruffles Giveaway Winner!

It took 2 takes but we FINALLY have a winner!

First, I wrote everyone's names barely legibly on some snazzy yellow construction paper.
Not the best photo but if you look closely, you may see your name there if you entered! 1 entry for commenting, 1 for following the blog, 1 for "liking" Rompers and Ruffles on facebook.
On Take #2.... we found a winner!

Congratulations, Lauren H (Lauren Malcolm). I'll email you to get your order!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! Once I'm done with all these fall orders, maybe I"ll feel generous and do a Christmas giveaway! 

If you do ever want to purchase a shirt or onesie, please feel free to contact me at OR visit the Rompers and Ruffles facebook page! :)

*Side note.... The powdery white substance on Avery's shirt and face is leftover Sweet Sixteen goodness. Avery and Parker both slept through the night and a well rested mama was feeling extra generous at the grocery store this morning. If I thought bribing them with daily powdered doughnuts would buy me restful sleep, they would be in my cart every visit.

** Side Note #2... Parker doesn't always look like he's never met a hair brush. He's having a lazy, "slightly under the weather day" so he gets a pass.

Happy Friday!


  1. so sad i didn't win =( lol. PLEASE do lots of giveaways, as i might have a slight addiction....

    1. haha! Well apparently so do other people because suddenly I have 24 orders! AHHH! I feel a panic attack setting in!

  2. Ahhh! I'm so so excited! I literally made my husband watch this too! My niece will be too cute in one of your designs!!!