Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tumbling Class

Yesterday was Avery's 1st day of toddler tumbling at the YMCA. While brother was getting his picture taken before his 1st day of 3 year old preschool, Avery sat patiently waiting her turn.
Yes, I made Avery a gymnastics shirt for the occasion. Parker got a new one for school and she got a new one for tumbling class :)
After dropping Parker off at school, we headed to the YMCA and waited outside of the gym until our class started.
Avery didn't exactly follow the obstacle course as it was laid out but she had a good time doing her own course!
Loving the tunnel
Up the wedge...
...Down the wedge
Bouncin' Baby
Our friend's Kristin and Bo! Today was his 1st birthday!!!

Relocating the cones.
Bo LOVED tumbling class! Check out that grin!
Balance beam fun!
Bo got hungry and Kristin didn't have a spoon. You do what ya gotta do, right?!

Precious Isabella is in our class too! We love our buddies!
I'm so glad to have Avery in a class of her own. I did gymboree and MyGym with Parker so its only fair Avery gets an activity too! :) Hopefully in the coming weeks she'll be a bit better about doing the class activities and not so much her own thang!


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