Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mental Notes

Today my mind is completely jumbled. I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with getting up with Avery 9 .... yes 9.... times last night. I have NO idea what was up but lets just say if it starts to happen again tonight I might accidentally miss place the monitor and sleep with my door closed and a sound machine running. I say that but you know I can't... God gave me these freakish mom ears to make up for my horrible eyesight. A blessing by day... a curse by night.

Is your mind ever so busy that you can't actually accomplish anything until you write it down? Yep. That's me. Since typing is quicker than writing (and who keeps pens lying around these days with the handiness of iPhone "notes") I thought I might share my mind. Prepare yourself.

1. I'm pretty sure Parker is close to being kicked out of school. He's doubled the amount of potty accidents they're allowed for the year.... in the 1st month. I really need to start sending cuter accident shorts since he seems to be wearing them daily. I'm beyond frustrated. Close to tears. He KNOWS to pee in the potty but he's too reserved to ask to go. That has to be mortifying for him and I feel like the BIGGEST mom failure! If he's kicked out, I'll totally understand... I'm a pool rule follower. It was in "the handbook!" He NEEDS school. I need school for him and I feel like he'll be SO far behind if he has to sit this year out. AHH! Major source of mom anxiety...... that I know the answer to yet still stress about. Give it to God. If he's kicked out, then he's kicked out. It won't be the end of the world. I'll find a preschool circulum or pinterest loads of educational games and workbooks until he's ready to go back. I'll  be SO sad at first but I know God's got it. Who knows... maybe privately funding the school treasure box will buy him some extra accidents.

2. I called my husband to vent.... He offered solutions.... when will men learn we just want to hear "I'm sorry. I know that must be frustrating for you. I love and appreciate all you do." Done. Problem solved. Confidence boosted. Maybe my question should be "When will I learn to just call a girlfriend instead?!" Moving on....

Notes to Self:

3. Find new chicken recipes. Limit said pinterest search to 10 minutes and DO NOT meander into "DIY crafts section..." It is the death of me and my productivity.

4. Find a new place to store deodorant. Avery has eaten chucks out of it 3 mornings in a row.

5. Buy more tampons. Avery shot them off like rockets all over the bathroom and you're out of rockets... I mean tampons. Also add to grocery list that will be promptly emailed to hubby: Spot Shot and "clicker." Can you tell I've been doing some accident clean up and fall candle burning?

6. Call Otterbox and Neato Customer Service... maybe after a glass of wine.

7. Discipline Avery more.... she's running you ragged. No means NO even though she's cute.

8. Remind everyone of the Rompers & Ruffles GIVEAWAY! Which you've probably scared everyone away from entering because now they all know you're a loon.

I promise I'm not a crazy person... just a busy mama whose head is usually in 10 places at once.You can probably relate... or maybe not.. and if not... please share your secrets.

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  1. You are not a crazy person. Every mom goes threw the same dilemma that your going threw, more than once. You are a great mamma and and your appreciated. If you need anymore more people to vent on please let me know. I will be most likely going threw the same thing.

  2. After reading this, I thought, "how the heck does Taylor know me so well? Oh wait, she is talking about her life, not mine." LoL. What is funny, is that just 2 hours ago I called a girlfriend and said "I do not know why I call my husband when I am stressed about something. He always tries to "fix" the problem or tell me how I can "fix" it. Doesn't he know he just needs to say 'Gosh babe, you deal with so much. I do not know how you do it but I am so grateful you do!' " What we need is a break! Isn't there a pageant coming up or something?! Or maybe just a "girls dinner out" - oh wait, we would actually need to have time for that. LoL. Maybe we could just meet at HT for a Starbucks (don't we all usually need to pick up something there anyways)?? :)

  3. GIRL! bella is no where NEAR being potty trained, and she will be 3 in december. i have felt like the biggest failure ever. and we are friends with a girl (who has no kids) and she's like, "well, why don't you....." and i wanna throat punch her. my husbnad? he's all "well why don't you...." GAH! so i hear you. i can't even put the kid in preschool because of it, so we are continuing another year at home. i don't know what's going to happen when cora comes along. i'll probably have tampon rockets and half eaten deodorant too. drink some wine. and then drink some for me =)

  4. Tampon rockets! Oh the things I have to look forward to! :) (and I always tell John, "just listen to me; don't try to fix me!")