Thursday, September 13, 2012

Midweek Confessional!

I'm SO glad some of y'all participated in the confessional last week! It's therapeutic, right!?! I'm expecting to see some more juicy confessions in the comments section here and on facebook! You know you have some you want to share! Let's jump on in!

- I ran out of body wash so I used my husband's shampoo that morning instead... gross? Piece of advice... do NOT use head and shoulders if you run out of body wash. You will burn... in places it is not enjoyable to burn... for days.

- As you know, Avery has some sleep issues. I finally got to a point where I was D-O-N-E so I took matters into my own hands after months of debating it and drugged her with melatonin. No one at Earth Fare was able to help me figure out the correct dosage and I was too embarrassed to call the pediatrician so I googled it. I couldn't find toddler dosages (probably means I shouldn't give it to her, right?!) but I did find doggie dosages. Yes... I drugged my daughter based off dog breeds. Night #1 I went with "Yorkie" since she's little and she was up 3 times (better than 6 times the night before). Night #2 I bumped it up to "Jack Russell Terrier" and she was up 2 times. Last night I forgot to give it to her and she only woke up once which leaves me debating.... did it work? Is it a coincidence?

- Avery has sleep issues, Parker has poop issues... so he's a skid marker. He holds it in ALL day until he can't anymore and runs in a corner and poops in his pants almost every day... since April. All day long he skid marks... like 5 pairs of underwear a day. It's becoming an issue at preschool so I decided to mix miralax in his milk on non-school days to clean him out and to make it softer so it doesn't hurt/scare him to poop. (TMI, y'all... I'm sorry but this is important to my point so hang in there) Today was day #1.... I gave it to him, he walked away with the cup, I did dishes and then Avery walks past me drinking it. My child who poops 4-5 times a day normally drank miralax.... tomorrow will be a long day. Apparently Parker did, in fact, drink some.... because he did the unthinkable in the tub tonight and I gagged.... he's 3 1/2.... sigh. That stuff works... I'm just sayin'

- I LOVE shutterfly photo books! I got a promo code for a free book and decided to make one of my iPhone pics. I quickly discovered that I have WAY too many inappropriate pictures.  Half are of my kids naked, in the tub, peeing on shrubs, etc. Lets hope my iPhone is never stolen because whoever steals it might turn me into social services for the amount of nude baby pictures on it. I can't resist taking pictures of baby tushies!!!

- This weekend my BFF ironed my entire laundry pile. It took her hours and I was mortified but I got over that really fast... I hate ironing THAT much. She's a blessing... and I'm now taking applications for friends who like to sweep.

Well that's enough dirt for today! Your turn! Get confessin'!


  1. where is the like button for this post? seriously. thank you. it makes me feel so much better about my inadequacies.

    1-i am eating 3 slices of cheese and a cup of coke (i don't even LIKE soda!) for lunch today. my kitchen is COVERED in packing paper, empty boxes and kitchen stuff that has no place to go and i haven't been to the grocery store for this week yet, so this is the only thing relatively close to food that doesn't require cooking.

    2-i posted about bella and her potty issues today. the girl is a hot mess. which means, so are my floors.

    3-i only have about 6 boxes left, none of which look remotely close to being marked "coffee pot" or "sewing machine" and i am quite possibly on the verge of a mental breakdown, thanks to that.

    i hope that makes you feel better =) that's not all i got, but it's all i am allowed to share, according to my shrink, aka my sense of pride! gah.

  2. I ate a brownie for breakfast!! And may have one for lunch.

    My Avery is teething 5-6 teeth at once and I am about to go craaaaaazy. Yesterday, I intentionally sat her in front of our DVD collection and even pulled a few out, just so I could have five minutes of peace. She isn't usually allowed to touch them so it kept her occupied for a few minutes!

  3. Oh dear . .. my son just turned 5 and we're NOW coming to the end of the poop issues that started with potty training. He would hold it so much that it would become so painful for him to go, but with the miralax he wouldn't make it to the bathroom in time.

    It took a year or so, but we're now to the point where we don't have to force him to sit on the toilet after every meal. He goes himself.

    Yes, probably TMI from someone you don't know, but I just wanted to let you know that I've been in your shoes!