Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Musings from the bathroom floor

Parker brought me the big poster board I let him color on but REALLY wanted markers instead of crayons. I'm in the "pick your battles" stage with him right now so possibly against my better judgment I put them on the tile floor, striped him to his diaper and let him go at it. Well... he also went at himself and thus, he's in the tub and I'm blogging from the bathroom floor. I took pictures of his body art with my crappy point n shoot Canon but my computer isn't reading that SD card right now so you're out of luck on those precious pics! BUT because I know how much you're DYING to see pictures of Parker in the tub and me blogging from the bathroom floor, here you go... pics taken still from the same crappy Canon BUT with a functioning SD card :)
My 2nd fur baby, Moses the pug playing lifeguard. Parker fed Ellie a sour patch kid right before I put him in the tub so I'm pretty sure she's still hanging around the water bowl!
Hello cutest boy in the world! I was so excited to get a picture of him looking at something other than his pee pee. We're having a little "pee pee love" problem lately. This picture was followed with "Mommy, say hi pee pee!" while waiving at it. According to google and parents forums, this is normal and I'm supposed to ignore it... kinda tough but okie dokie.

This picture is in response to the question I get multiple times a day, "How do you feel?" haha. Well... other than fat, tired, bloated, crampy and nauseous... fabulous!  Seriously, I don't know if I have a stomach bug or this is normal for the end of pregnancy (I wouldn't know!) but I want to throw up constantly and I have no desire to eat anything. Do I have the yucks or is this normal?
While Parker is obsessing over "pee pee"... I am obsessed with the song "Glorious Day" by Casting Crowns. Parker and I are jamming out to it now via You Tube.
Meanwhile, it's an excellent time to design appliques. Here's a sneak peak of one I'm doing tonight. Yes, it's upside down because this is the way I plan to hoop it.... it will be right side up on the garment.  A tiara for a special little lady... obviously named Zury (this is probably ruining the "birthday surprise" I'm delivering tomorrow. Oh well, act surprised!)

Well... Parker has declared "Out, all done!" So I guess it's time to wrap this up, jammie up the little man and get him to bed... albeit an hour late. Can you tell today has been a fly by the seat of our pants, laid back day?! Not usually my forte as I'm a lover of schedules and plans but somedays ya just gotta let loose, right!?!