Saturday, April 2, 2011

Family Not so Fun Day

Family Fun Saturday started this morning at 7:00 (for Daniel and Parker) and 8:20 for me (WOO HOO!). Man, has the end of the 3rd trimester hit me like a ton of bricks! Anyways, once I was up and moving, we put on what we THOUGHT were warm enough clothes and headed to Carowinds. Brr... windy! I don't have any pictures because we were only there long enough to watch other people ride the rides as our child sobbed hysterically in my arms. How my husband, the Marine, has a child who is afraid of life is beyond me but MAN was he terrified! I rode the carousel and Parker clung to Daniel like a koala bear standing next to me. Done and done. We left and went to the mall where Parker and Daniel played in the kiddie area while I shopped for a few items. We actually enjoyed that.

Next, on to Harris Teeter (chicken is on major sale, friends!) and then home for what we were hoping was a nice nap for Parker... didn't happen. SO we dressed him in obnoxiously bright plaid pants and a yellow top and took him to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. He stared at us like "someone spilled some colored eggs, mom." The concept of gathering them and putting them in his bucket seemed beneath him but Daniel finally convinced him to picked a few up... 3 to be exact. I don't think a career in Easter Egg Hunting is anywhere in his future. Here are some pictures of the event:

I believe these are the 3 eggs Parker collected :)

Doesn't Daniel look really excited to take a picture with the Easter Bunny? I'm just excited that we got a picture without Parker in hysterics like we did last year.
The tears were starting to well here.... The Easter Bunny touched him....and we were done!
Looking at the bunnies in a pen perched in the safety of Daniel's arms. You know 3 week old bunny rabbits can be super scary. haha.
OK, so if you can't tell by now. I'm in kinda a sour mood. I REALLY wanted our family fun day to go well! I know that our days of a family of 3 are numbered and I wanted so badly to do fun things with JUST Parker before Avery comes. You know, make memories... take videos, pictures etc. I want him to experience these things knowing we'll slow down here for a few weeks. Today just didn't go as planned.... Parker's fear was paralyzing today and he was just, in general, wimpy. He wouldn't ride any rides, he wouldn't collect Easter eggs, let the Easter bunny touch him, etc.... I'm not sure where all these fears came from but it really put a damper on the day! I'll get over it... but I'm bummed. I hope the rest of our last few "family of 3" days go better than today!


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