Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Crazy week, people! Avery's upcoming arrival has been more and more top of mind recently! I've been in nesting mode. Not so much "cleaning the house" nesting but finishing her room, buying last minute stuff, putting up Parker's winter clothes (which this week I'm regretting!)... that sort of nesting. If she came today, I'd be ready. Her bag is packed, mine is out but not yet packed and I have plans for Parker if she were to make her arrival. It feels good to be prepared this time around since Parker's birth was such a surprise! Have I ever told you I drove myself to Parker's birth, I hadn't showered and my leg hair was close to braidable? No? A different story for a different day!

Ahh.. Parker is stirring... shortest nap ever... ok.... hypertyping time!

Sewing has been overwhelming. I think I'm going to have to close my etsy store for a bit. I have so many projects which I'm SOO thankful for but I want to make sure I'm not overdoing it. I also need to make sure I get them all done before Miss A comes and there are some personal projects I'd like to get done before she comes as well. I've taken a lot of custom orders via facebook and email and I've really enjoyed sewing for friends/family but it's time to scale back a bit so I can make sure I get it all done before Avery is here. My new, larger machine came in and it was broken which set me back a few days. The new one should be in soon and I'm excited to get it set up so I can knock these projects out!

My new addiction to the show Army Wives hasn't exactly helped my sewing along but hey, a girl needs a break! Doctor's orders actually..... gotta prop the feet up and rest at least 1 hour a day but since I'm an overachiever, most days I "allow myself" 2. haha

Lastly, have you ever actually eaten one of those lunchables that you probably feed your kids? OMG... if you haven't, try one..... and you'll NEVER GIVE THEM TO YOUR KIDS AGAIN! I haven't gone grocery shopping in FOREVER. We had food, I just didn't want to eat any of it so I'd buy more. Well, this week, I threw out a garbage bag full of expired food and I felt TERRIBLE about it. SO I committed to eating everything that made a meal before buying more. I basically ate absolutely nothing that was appetizing to me for 1 week and officially ran out of edible food today at lunch time. I resorted to eating a pizza lunchable. I gave half to Parker and ate half myself. Poor kid had one bite and asked for a waffle. I couldn't blame him. We made an immediate run to the HT and I bought apples, strawberries and stuff that was actually edible. P and I shared a whole carton of strawberries when we got home and I felt that negated our lunch of nitrates and preservatives. Of course, the bag of cooler ranch Doritos and fridge pack of Dr. Pepper I also purchased (and subsequently consumed some of) probably put me back in the "red" on my "trying to eat decent for the baby" meter. It's a good thing my friend, Jamie is bringing me salmon for dinner.... baby needs those Omega Fatty Acids. Question is.... to eat or not eat the molten lava cake dessert? One of those tough life decisions......  


  1. 1. Eat the cake. You don't even have to ask!
    2. I was actually laying in bed a couple nights ago with my head swirling with thoughts from my busy day and I had this random thought: how in the world does Taylor have the time/energy to make all those pretty things AND be a wife and mom and pregnant woman? She is superwoman! I'm too busy to sew and too tired to do my homework and I don't even have kids or a fetus! Glad you're taking a baby sabbatical from the store. Your customers will miss you, but I'm SURE they will understand! Enjoy your little ones! Praying you have a healthy, happy birth that brings a gorgeous, healthy baby girl!

  2. Thanks Holly! I am certainly not superwoman but I do try to be productive and raise Parker doing lots of fun stuff but sometimes we've all just got to slow down a bit, right!