Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Take that sock eating dryer monster!

I have a sock eating dryer monster. I believe I have mentioned him before. I counted how many singletons I had hanging out in my piled high "it doesn't have a partner" sock box tonight when Daniel complained that he couldn't find matching socks this morning...  47.... yes... you read that correctly... 47 random socks. A few COULD be put together and you'd have to really look hard to notice but, at the end of the day... they do not, in fact, match. And if you know me.... you know I have an obsession with matching. I think I cried the day I learned matchy-matchy was out and it was ok to wear red color shoes with just about anything or that your purse doesn't have to match your shoes... I could go on. I prefer to stick with the classic, belt matches the shoes which also matches the purse and coordinates with the outfit kinda look. I digress.... back to socks.........

SO... what to do with all these socks? I stumbled across the cutest idea tonight while blog stalking!
SOCK SCARVES!  Check out this cute blog! (Well, don't.. read mine 1st and then go to hers and see how to make them!) She originally made glove extension thingys but in the South, it's just not a need I have. A cute scarf; however, I'm all about!

My mind ran wild... Daniel's random brown dress socks would look super cute with a cream or white shirt, dark skinny jeans tucked into brown leather flat boots with the side buckle. Brown pom poms on the end of the scarf would make it complete! (are you envisioning it?) My fun, random, striped and polka dot socks would be really cute for Avery (when she's 3ish like the girl below)! The athletic socks... should probably just be trashed as they are stained, holey and ugly. Parker socks could make a hamster scarf but that seems like a waste of my dwindling free time so we'll skip that idea. BUT if your hamster is in need of a scarf, you are so welcome for that idea. .. OK... having problems envisioning a sock scarf... check out this cutie (I stole this picture... sorry!)
It doens't take a genius to see that the pink and orange argyle socks match and totally could have been saved but I have a feeling these were purchased in the dollar section of Target for the tutorial because who really wants to show their dirty socks to the world in up close pictures online?

Take that, sock eating dryer monster! When I'm done making what seems like a million appliqued and monogrammed hooded towels, this little project will definitely be added to my list!


  1. To prevent all the mismatched socks in the future, use a basic lingerie bag. I use one (or a few) for my socks and since it zips up, they don't "disappear" into the dryer, piping or lint filter.

  2. Love this, Taylor! Thanks! Maybe you could make some of Parker's socks into hair bow scrunchies?