Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Glee or Not To Glee?

Picture this. There's a largely pregnant girl sitting... no propped up awkwardly... on the couch with her feet up. She has a bowl of coffee ice cream with sprinkles, rainbow of course, and her maternity jeans unbuttoned and she's a little ashamed of that. Her left foot is getting a Charlie Horse within the minute the previous one lets up and her baby is apparently trying to escape or is taking cardio funk inside of me. I'm betting by now, you've guessed that's me.

I have nothing of merit to discuss tonight other than the fact that I need to be sewing but instead I'm watching Pretty Little Liars and Glee until Daniel is done talking to "George Michael" from India (I'm lovin' the "American name" this dude picked!) Pretty Little Liars was, as usual, awesome and my teenage guilty pleasure (although I feel like it's better suited for people in their 20's)! Glee, on the other hand, I'm struggling with!

I can't decide if I'm being a prude or if my feelings that this show has recently made a point to idolize teen sex/drinking... A LOT...  is wrong. I love the songs and many of the story lines but tonight's episode is killing me! Morally, I know right from wrong when it comes to these topics Biblically so I guess there's my answer, right? So then why do I find this show entertaining and continue to watch it?! If I cut out every show that included teen sex/drinking that would basically leave me 19 Kids and Counting and PBS. Half of the Disney channel and Nickelodeon shows would even be out. Don't even think about ABC Family! Ideally, I wish Glee could still sing and dance to fun songs without making Christianity look uncool (grilled cheesus), promote teaching teens to be sexy and idealize teen drinking. Is that too much to ask?! Then I wouldn't have this moral struggle to DVR or not to DVR!

I've been watching MUCH less TV since I've started sewing and I'm loving it! I feel better about what I'm doing with my time, more productive and definitely less filled with trashy facts about reality TV starts! I've basically wrangled my weekly TV viewing habits (excluding Barney and Thomas) to just Pretty Little Liars, Glee, CSI, Bones, the Office and Parks and Rec. WOW. That's still a lot when you write it down.

So, am I being a prude or do I have a valid moral dilemma here?


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