Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blogging while Embroidering = Failure

Parker and I are heading to Atlanta tomorrow after my doctor's appointment so we are down to the wire on his 2nd birthday party preparations. I know I'm paying to have it at Splash Planet so that I don't have to worry about bringing all the extras but I can't help it! The closer I get to Avery's birth, the more I want to do special things JUST for Parker (even though he'll never remember it or care!) I think I'm basically doing it for myself with him in mind. How fun does this place look? We go a lot on tot Mondays and Parker loves it! I don't so much enjoy getting my hair wet or being cold (it's a bit chilly) but I do it because I love the little booger.
Splash Planet
I wasn't thrilled with Parker's shirt I made him because I was silly and did it in red and turquoise instead of red and royal blue.... what was I thinking, I know. But I'm currently up (past my bedtime) making him a new one... because silly things matter to me. Food, on the other hand.... ehh... whatever.... haha. I bought a GIGANTIC box of goldfish, pretzels, ELFudge cookies (we'll see if they make it to the party... I think that was more of a pregnancy purchase), bottles of water, capri suns and I'll make (more likely buy) a fruit tray Monday morning. My girlfriends and I will bake cupcakes Sunday morning (funfetti of course). Since the kids don't actually care about my polka dot bucket, pinwheel centerpieces, I bought them each a $.99 beach ball, markers and a poster board to color while we wait for everyone to arrive.... VIOLA.... 2nd birthday party success. Pics to come after his party on Monday!

In other WAY less exciting to you but SUPER exciting to me news.... we filed out taxes today and boy did that feel good. Regardless of whether you pay or get back, just having them DONE is SOOO nice! 2 years ago, we were stupid and waited too long and we had to do them while Parker was in the NICU... we rushed through them.. made mistakes... the IRS apparently had a bit more critical eye than we did and made sure to let us know. Thankfully, since then, with me not working our taxes have been easy breezy with a nice little present at the end in our bank account! WOO HOO! Thank you, Jesus! PS- When did I become old? Discussing taxes and insurance makes me feel like such an adult when I really just think I'm still young and playing house.

Ehh... I just made a mistake on Parker's birthday shirt because I was trying to multitask and blog. Hmm.... Let's see if I can cover and it and maybe no one will notice. Nope... definitely not fixable. I suppose I should pay attention now except I'm tired so I guess he'll just wear his bathing suit to his pool party.... duh... appropriate and easy. Until next week, blogger buddies!
OH WAIT... one last piece of exciting news... I'm getting a new embroidery machine next week! WOO HOO! It's big and pretty and nicer. SO now I can supersize the designs and make l...o...n....g names (ah hmmm... Holly C.) not so tiny! All that to say, now I can do larger shirt sizes, bigger designs and longer names so don't forget to put in your orders prior to mid-late April as I'll be taking a little time off when Avery comes. All Easter designs are currently on SALE in my etsy store and the full product line can be found on Rompers & Ruffles! (Don't forget Wednesday night's R&R mystery sale on facebook!)


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