Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tigers go pee pee... in case you didn't know.

Parker's very favorite Barney episode is "Let's go to the Zoo." Lately he's become quite good at his animal sounds so we figured it was time to make a trip to the zoo before Avery comes and it gets hot! We risked the chance of rain and even drove through rain to get there but we had perfectly overcast skies without a drop of rain!  It was ideal weather for a Saturday because the chance of rain kept the crowds away! 

Daniel and my favorite part was the bird feeding. $2 VERY well spent! Parker's favorite part?.... oh goodness.... I can't tell you how many times Parker has told me today "ROAR go pee pee!" So I'm assuming his favorite part was watching the tiger (ROAR) go pee pee! Such a boy! We stopped at Hobby Lobby on the way home and Parker informed 2 ladies in the bathroom that "roar go pee pee." Precious boy!

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Riverbank's Zoo in random order since blogger uploads whichever it feels like it first:
Loving/slightly freaked out by the birds flying at my face
Parker was literally dry heaving by the flamingos. He LOVED them last year and this year he yelled "EWW" and started gagging. It got so bad I held him over the fence twice thinking he was going to puke!
His spirits rose when we saw the lions!
"Hey Parker, what does a monkey say?" PS- These monkeys were SOOO loud! It was kinda awesome, actually.
Me and my buddy!
I couldn't decide which was cuter so you get the viewing pleasure of both :)
Taylor "Don't get Parker too close to the bird. It may bite" Daniel waiving his finger in front of the bird's beak "Look, it doesn't bite!" This was true with fingers; however, they apparently love $6 Target sunglasses.
Parker was a bit apprehensive of the bird but so was I for a while! I'm just glad he didn't try to chase the bird or hit it!
This giraffe was pregnant and the ONLY one of the giraffes still eating at this point in the day. I feel ya, girl!
How cute is that face!? Parker's... not mine... I'm clearly in my own world.
Taylor, the bird whisperer. Don't judge the hair! I HAD to walk in sprinkles to get my SBUX... but it was worth it even if my hair paid the price.
Look, Avery... you were there too. I love how many people now comment like "Wow.. soon you'll have two!" like I'm not aware OR my favorite comment of the day from someone I saw at the zoo that I know but I haven't seen in years "Well look at you, you're just popping kids out, aren't you?!" Bahaha.... men.. they make it sound so simple! I'm kinda loving the belly this pregnancy and I'm totally cool with 99% of comments but some make me really laugh!
I wish I knew what was going on in his head. Preciousness probably.
Parker was totally captivated by the Tiger... who literally stood up, peed on a rock and laid back down.
"ROAR go pee pee!!!!!!!!!!"

Overall, a very successful trip to the zoo! I love doing these family outings! Today, I couldn't help but notice how many moms had babies in Baby Bjorns or strolling in their infant car seats. That will be us in just 2 months! I'm getting super excited and feeling more prepared in recent days for that to be our "new normal." 

Parker managed to stay awake the entire car ride home but crashed in my arms on the couch within 10 minutes of walking in the door. 3 hours later, Daniel woke me up and asked me what was for dinner.... to which I replied "Whatever you cook, dear." 1/2 an hour later, I was woken up with a plate of Totino's party pizza slices. Great way to wake up, if I do say so myself! Another successful Saturday in the Wise household!


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