Thursday, March 3, 2011

Park Days!

Parker and I spent Wednesday up at my parent's house about 45 minutes north or where we live. I don't think we were there for 10 minutes before Parker b-lined to the park across the street. He's SUCH as outside boy! We literally spent ALL DAY at the park and didn't even stop for a nap (bad mom, I know!)
It's amazing to see how much he's grown physically in the last few months but also in his ability to scale the entire jungle gym by himself!
He went down all of the slides but preferred the corkscrew slide. I think he likes to play peek a boo coming around the corner!
 Hey, cute shirt, right? You can pick one up for your son/daughter at!
 There's not much more precious than a boy and a dog (even if it is my parent's dog and not technically his). Parker tried so hard to get that frisbee from Peyton but Peyton wasn't too thrilled to give it up!
 I think this is Peyton begging an adult to throw the frisbee further than 3 feet.
Good try, Parkerman!
This picture was taken pre-chalk! He found rainbow sherbet colored chalk and boy was he a sight! His shirt was just lovely and looked like a Tide commercial. Thankfully, it washed right away!

This picture cracks me up. 1. Because I look like a boat 2. Clearly non maternity shirts just look like "Hey, she's pregnant and trying to squeeze herself into a non maternity shirt"... and it isn't working for me. and 3. Because Parker looks like he's about to head dive out of the swing.  He really wasn't, I swear. 

We had a blast up at nana and poppi's and can't wait for more warm, park days! I kept thinking, I could do this with a newborn. Some days seem like I have no clue how I'd manage and other days seem like Avery would fit so seamlessly into. Today and yesterday were days I felt like I'd love to have her with me. She's made sure to remind me multiple times of her immanent arrival with lots of Braxton Hicks and movement. I've loved watching my belly roll from one side to the other. I think she's head down, feet up and little butt is right at my belly button. I can feel her shift from one side to the other and watch it too. It's crazy.

Well Parkerman is FINALLY stirring from his 3 1/2 hour nap (which I spent ironing... yuck!) and I have a feeling we're going to have to head back outside to "wee" before it gets dark!

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  1. Parker is SO cute! And you definitely don't look like a boat! :)