Thursday, September 22, 2011

2 1/2 YEARS OLD!

Parker-man, you are 2 1/2 years old as of yesterday! Do you know what that means? You are half-way through the terrifically terrible twos! I like to call them that because some days you are terrifically wonderful... so fun... snuggly... preciously adorable. Other days are simply terrible; spent whining over frustrations, rolling on the floor, occasional tantrums, etc. I believe most of your whines/tantrums are because you're trying to express something to me and don't have the words (or I don't understand them at least!). HOWEVER, since you started preschool, I've noticed you saying a few new words everyday! I think we're well on our way to verbal freedom!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of school... you started preschool this month. You have gone for 4 days and each day has gotten better. You still cry every day when I drop you off but since sending in a picture of our family and packing Woody, you've done much better! Your teachers are Ms. Monique and Ms. DeeDee and I think they're both wonderful! When I ask you to point to your best school friend on your "I made new friends" picture, you always point to Noelle. She is the girl in the boy/boy/girl triplet set in your class. 

Lily, Logan, Zury, Brooklyn. Piper, Ana and Jett are probably your closest buddies. We have many play dates (including this morning!) and you guys play fairly well together. A few squabbles over toys but nothing too major. 

You are still the sweetest big brother. You adore Avery. She likes it when you play with her exersaucer toys. Now that she likes to play with toys, occasionally she'll get a hold of one of yours and as long as it isn't Woody, Buzz or Jessie, you share. You like knowing where she is at all times and your school teachers often have to reassure you that "mommy and Avery will come back." You still rarely hold her but multiple times a day you tell her that she's "cute." 

2 nights ago in the tub you said your longest strand of words to date. And in true boy fashion they were.... "Where did my pee pee go? It hides. Bye Bye pee pee. There it is. Boo. Hi pee pee." You played peek a boo with your little man for about 20 minutes in the tub. I've read that I'm not supposed to make a big deal out of that so I ignore it but it's SOO hard to ignore/not die laughing over. Your vocabulary is slowly getting better and I'm seeing the light at the end of our miss- communication tunnel that we've been in for a while. 

You still like to cuddle. Especially before bed times. Nana got you into the habit of reading books before naps/bedtime. At first I REALLY disliked it because it makes bed/nap time much more difficult for me, especially when Avery needs something. BUT you seem to like it (and now will NOT go to bed without books) so we read two books and sing a song or two. Currently, your favorite song is "Baa Baa Black Sheep." I have no idea why but you love it! You call it "baa baa blacks." You continue to sleep with weird things. Every night you collect things you have to sleep with. Currently you sleep with an empty box of fruit snacks, Buzz, Woody, Jessie, a duck and at least  books.

You also still like ducks (especially white ducks), thomas the train toys, cars, anything toy story, nana, bobby, Curious George. going fast in the car, singing songs, fruit snacks, cake without frosting and football. 

We adore you and are having so much fun watching you grow and become a little man!


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