Monday, September 12, 2011

Hilton Head Wrap Up

We're back from Hilton Head, unpacked and have successfully re-destroyed the house. There is something about coming back from vacation to a clean house that is just relaxing. Of course, the moment we brought all of the bags into the foyer and released the tornado Parker, it was a disaster once again in minutes. Parker got a bug at the beach so when he pooped and then proceeded to throw up on top of his blow out poop (on the carpet in the den) it was a QUICK reminder that we were back to reality!!!! Welcome home, right!?!

I'm betting tomorrow's mail will include our CD full of Alicia Sutton's photos from our family (+Woody) beach session. Despite a fussy baby, whiny toddler and insane wind she got some GREAT shots! All things considered, from the 19 pictures I've seen so far, I'm thrilled. I'll make sure to do a post with some of those soon!

I think I did the 1st post mid week so here are some pictures from the 2nd part of the week. Parker was fairly wiped out at this point but he did rally a few hours a day. He's been pretty anti-camera lately unlike Avery who smiles when I pull it out. Parker did that at this age too so I'm sure in 2 years all of my pictures of Avery will be of the back of her head too!

Parker and Woody on a bike ride
I L-O-V-E this hat that Tabitha made Avery. I clipped her 6.5 inch bow to it and it was perfection!

Avery was allowed to "babysit" Woody while Parker was in the pool

I love holding both of them! I know I won't be able to do it long!

Oh to be in the mind of a 2 year old.

I wish I had gotten video of Parker playing golf. Anytime he got the ball in the hole he'd say "in da hole!" haha PRECIOUS!

We found a pond of vacation ducks! Parker was thrilled! The ducks actually ate out of our hands! This picture doesn't show the ducks... but I think my husband is handsome.

This photo makes me laugh. It looks like Avery is basking in the sun... she's actually gearing up to scream. Love bug wasn't a fan of the ocean breeze.

Don't you just love good action shots!?! I love capturing moments when I'm playing with the kids and they're happy!

Nana love!
It's always so fun to go on vacation but we were ready to come home. THEN when Parker pooped and puked on the floor, I was ready to go back again! Check back soon (aka... whenever the kids nap at the same time or go to bed at a decent time) for the professional pics! Can't wait to share them!

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